Perelandra Question Forum
March 19, 2011

As part of today's Virtual Open House, we offered an Online Question Forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

That's it folks! We've answered all the questions that have come in today. Hope the answers helped all of you.

– Machaelle

lottdd's Question: Is the Cottage Team helping to stabilize the government transitions that are happening, and do they have any involvement in protecting our democracy from the corporate coup d'état we are experiencing? Confirmation that they are on the job would be welcome news.

Machaelle's Answer: The Cottage Team's job is to provide options and move a situation forward. Our job is to apply common sense, intelligence, good will and courage to do the right thing, and choose options that move a situation forward. The Cottage team does not remove free will or individual responsibility. You have your confirmation that they have not suddenly turned into a bunch of irresponsible n'er-do-wells.

tipsmcc's Question: I live in New York, and when the weather is good, the men in the neighborhood congregate on my corner. Underneath my window. It is the place where they gather to blow off steam, as they did last night until 3:00 in the morning. Occasionally fight. They tie their dogs up to the fence and let them bark. In general it is disruptive, intrusive and sometimes dangerous. This is not my building, but I feel like there must be something I can do to shift this energy. All I feel right now is pissed off and that doesn't really work. It is part of my environment that I feel helpless to address.

Machaelle's Answer: The obvious response that pops into mind is, "Why don't you move to an area that is nurturing to your health and well being?" We could expand on your comments and picture you in the Antarctic, very upset that it's not 80 degrees Farenheit. At which point, I would say, "Move to the tropics." There are many ways to shift energy. One is to remove yourself from the environment and find an environment that best suits you. To quote that wise sage Kenny Rogers — You gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. But I must say to you, having lived in the city before, I know what it's like to feel like I'm living in the middle of Grand Central Station at 3 in the morning.

mmacnicol2008's Question: As I've been rereading "Dancing," I have 2 questions: Do you publish the Garden Workbooks and the MAP book anywhere but here? Like on the Cottage level. It looks like all the processes would work other places, too. Where's the name of the book come from? Murphy's Law, it'll be right in front of me, but I just haven't seen any mention of moonshadows or dancing except in the title. And thank you for blowing my world apart every time I reread your books. Those definitions I found so boring at first are really outrageous when I actually think about them. It truly is a wild ride, as many others have said! Thanks for taking the wildest seat in it.

Machaelle's Answer: Your questions have overwhelmed me with a question of my own. What the hell are you going to do with the information you're asking for? You've rendered me speechless. And I'm only 3 questions in on this forum!

reillykathie's Question: Will these changes on earth stimulate reconnection with the greater cosmos?

Machaelle's Answer: When did we become disconnected from the greater cosmos?! Are we hanging out there by ourselves?!

cathy6's Question: Hi! What items are helpful for pancreas & low blood sugar stabilization? Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: You could use any or all of the Perelandra health tools to address any health issue. But if you want to start simply, a great way to start are the MBP Balancing Solutions. Particularly, those for the Immune, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Cardiovascular, Disgestive and Urinary Systems.

tipsmcc's Question: Well, other than moving do you have any other suggestions?

Machaelle's Answer: Wow, you're just dyin' for me to override common sense here? Here's something you can do, but it's going to require some work. Get Perelandra Garden Workbooks I & II plus the Soil-less Garden Companion. Activate a soil-less garden for your apartment with the focus on creating your apartment environment with more balance that would include less noise. But understand that this is going to just impact your home and your immediately surrounding neighbors, and not a bunch of people congregating on the street.

mmacnicol2008's Question: woops, sorry and thanks for the directness I so benefit from! When I need to ask permission to share your books somewhere else, I'll write the Permissions Dept, as listed on the website. I forgot about the Information Policy and, yes, it's a sanity saver. I think THAT's the real question I needed an answer to today.

Machaelle's Answer: Okay, glad I helped.

lottdm's Question: Re: The Cottage Team "You have your confirmation that they have not suddenly turned into a bunch of irresponsible n'er-do-wells." Good to know they're still in there pitching. Of course, what they do on their personal time is none of my business. : )

Machaelle's Answer: Okay . . . whatever!

cathy6's Question: Can the nature spirits, EOP or essences assist us in attracting money? My car just died! Any suggestions? Thank u :)

Machaelle's Answer: You can set up a soil-less garden for acquiring a new car that would include the money to pay for that new car.

2kids2luv's Question: Why is the Earth round?

Machaelle's Answer: Aw, honey. Go ask your 3-year-old. She'll tell you!

camino21's Question: [Thank you for all you continue to do to help us.] Unable to get thru to Wed.'s HotLine regarding last minute root canal surgery. Mouth Balancing booklet, under Other Uses section, says: ...then telegraph a second each hard-to-reach area. Without the MBP Guide, solutions, etc. and unable to reach the HotLine, is there a 'gut telegraph' process as there is for 'gut gardening'? If so, what is it, please. Yes, the situation is past, yet it would be good to know the answer.

Machaelle's Answer: The telegraph process really is very simple. I'm sorry that you got confused with it. Try again this Wednesday to get the Question Hot Line so that they can straighten this out with you. Telegraphing is so simple, it's obvious that there's some little glitch in what you're understanding that should be easy to clear up. And I thoroughly agree — it's good to clear this up now, before the next situation pops up.

darkburgundi's Question: hello miss Machaelle, what type of things tick you off? i absolutely love your sense of humor! thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: Really, really, really stupid questions. I'm Jewish. We use humor to get us through the worst things. It keeps us from jumping off a cliff!

Have I just made everybody nervous? Be brave! Ask your questions.

chakrasong's Question: Hello, are there any insights that would be appropriate to share about the Cottage Level and the current changes going on? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: If I'm reading your question right, you're looking for some higher reasoning for the current changes. When in fact, the current changes are an exceptional demonstration of our unwillingness to do the right thing, our unwillingness to spend the money in the right places in order to move forward, and our unwillingness to be smart about how we make decisions in life. And I'm not talking about the Japanese people, or the people in the Middle East who are putting their lives on the line to do the right thing. I am referring to all of us. Our unwillingness to act on climate change, our unwillingness to produce and use energy responsibly. . . . When you put it all together, the current changes really show what happens when a whole bunch of people really like living with their heads in the sand.

Laura's Question: I've been using MAP, SLGs and Flower Essences for a few months now but I'm getting more confused. When in a coning I'm never sure where the answer is coming from: Am I allowing my coning partners to answer or am I/my mind manipulating the answer? (It looks like I create my own nightmares here!) so now I've stopped cheking their answer with Kin test, I still ask my questions and then wait to see their answer in life. Do you have any suggestion? Much, much, much love from Italy!

Machaelle's Answer: Hey Italy! Firenze's one of my favorite cities in the whole world.

When you're in a coning, the answer is coming from the partners in the coning, and that includes your higher self. One of the wonderful things about us humans is that we're capable of manipulating anything. Aren't we talented? I suggest you stop double checking because that's just confusing everthing. Act on the answer you're getting and how the thing works out will tell you if you're overriding the coning. The other thing you can do since you're using MAP — you can take your concerns to your MAP team and ask them to help you clean up how you receive the information from the coning.

otisjackmd's Question: 3 years and one month ago I did my first professional MAP coning. Since then, we, my professional MAP team, have brought my patients healing that I struggled for the previous 50 years to provide but never could. Now, four of every five new patients leave my consulting room feeling definitely better. This is totally unprecedented in any medical practice know about. Please know, Machaelle and staff, that I am warmly and deeply grateful. My observation about physical pain is that some patients respond better to ETS and some to EoP. It appears that the ETS responders have more emotional-spiritual issues and the EoP responders more physical-structural issues. Do you think this is a valid observation? If so, what might account for it?

Machaelle's Answer: I just want to send you one great big wet juicy kiss! I applaud you for your courage to expand your practice. I know your obvservations are valid. But I am reluctant to explain why this is happening — except to say that the pattern of the patients drawn to you tend to respond to ETS Plus and EoP in this particular manner, at this particular time. Perhaps in 3 or 5 years, that pattern can change and even reverse who needs ETS Plus and who needs EoP. I don't think you need any encouragement, but if it helps to know you have a cheerleader on the sidelines — I encourage you to continue giving each patient whatever they need, no matter what it might mean. Both ETS Plus and EoP address humans on all four PEMS levels, but they come at it from slightly different angles. That may be the thing that could explain the different reponses you're picking up.

robertson4460's Question: Hi Machaelle I was thinking of asking you the most awkward and stupid question imaginable but it looks like your hands full already so I will give you a break and just say well done and keep up the good work.

Machaelle's Answer: Okay, but you managed to give me one hell of a good laugh!

Rose's Question: Thank you for Health Watch to help in addressing human health re: nuclear radiation. For the land itself -- energy cleansing process and atmospheric balancing, yes? Other suggestions please. Thanks to everyone at Perelandra!

Machaelle's Answer: I just checked the Health Watch and for land it includes Energy Cleansing and Battle Energy Release on the Maroon Level, or the Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process on the Blue Level. All the suggestions for land that is exposed to radiation are in that Health Watch.

partartist's Question: Am 55, started period last month and turned into hemorrhaging blood...receded uterine arteries and veins.....ended up in hospital being pumped full of intravenous estrogen to cap the flow. Now what? How do you 'strengthen' the uterus? Which MBS should I stock up on? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: The MBP Solutions build the body gradually over a period of time. For the situation you're dealing with, you need something more fast-acting. So, I recommend the Perelandra Essences. For the MBPs, include Immune, Lymphatic, Endocrine and Reproductive-Female. If you need any further help, call the Question Hot Line.

nkida's Question: Can the Energy Cleansing Process or the Battle Energy Release Process be used independently for a specific emotional issue or do they have to be used in conjunction with the MBP Program or the SLG?

Machaelle's Answer: When a person is dealing with a specific emotional issue, I recommend that they start MAP and take the issue to their MAP team. The Energy Cleansing and Battle Energy Release Processes are environmental and set up specifically to address problems that are environmental. Because we humans have MAP available to us, there is no reason to use an environmental process for personal health.

aurora's Question: I have a relative that is reading and learning all she can about Perelandra, she is asking me what is an expancion de why you talk about in your books? Thank you, for your help Aurora

Machaelle's Answer: Are you referring to the expansion process? I include a good definition of that in Chapter 1 of Dancing which she can look at online here if she doesn't already have that book. Unfortunately, it's just in English. And trust me, you don't want me doing the translation to Spanish!

cathy6's Question: Do you feel that Feng Shui is a valuable practice? It seems to me to be connected with your work. I wonder your thoughts on this. Thank u.

Machaelle's Answer: I hate this type of question because my opinion isn't the issue here. The question is, do you feel Feng Shui is valuable for you in your life. And if so, go for it. I don't think that Feng Shui and working with nature in the Perelandra process are mutually exclusive.

Rose's Question: Re: MBPs and radiation. They strengthen the body systems so not as impacted by radiation vs. 'protecting against' radiation. Yes, no? Trying to get loved ones to take them.

Machaelle's Answer: They are raising the body's strength in order to be able to better handle exposure to radiation. Nothing is going to prevent that exposure.

irena_art's Question: Can you reveal what is in the Natural Aging formula, what specific flowers?

Machaelle's Answer: Right after the CocaCola company reveals their secret formula to you, I'll be glad to do that. Let me know when you get that. But I will tell you that it's not just flowers.

rortman's Question: Hi Machaelle! I wrote in during the October open house looking for further information about things I could implement to continue healing. I was diagnosed with Lyme, lymph congestion (breast area) hypothyroidism, and severe candida last summer. At the time of the October open house I was on the following MBPs: Immune, Lymph, Digestive, and Cell and EoP. You recommended I take the MBPs twice daily and that I add Endocrine, Reproductive Female, Respiratory, and Cardiovascular. I also added ETS to my routine. I was taking everything preserved in vinegar (per a kinesiology test that a friend did for me) but after several months of consistently taking them twice daily I believe they are preventing my candida from improving. I’m seeing improvements in all other areas of my health but this candida is proving very difficult to get under control. I’ve read mixed reviews about vinegar and its impacts on candida over the past months. I’ve been diligent about cutting out sugar, starches and carbs. I’ve seen no improvement in the thrush on my tongue and each morning it is much worse than it was at night. Should I switch to the brandy-preserved MBPs? Thanks for all you do! Roxane

Machaelle's Answer: We have had customers switch from vinegar to brandy, and I think it's certainly worth a try for you. Make sure you take only the number of drops you need. Since the October Virtual Open House, I've come out with Mouth Balancing that might help you with the thrush.

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Okay We're back. Let's keep going!

undermaple's Question: I recently found mention of ETS plus for a bath. I've used the EOP bath to great benefit. How do they compare and which is best when?

Machaelle's Answer: If you are dealing with something from trauma or a shock or a long-term serious illness or injury, ETS Plus would be better. The EoP I guess you could say would be for times of general balancing and strengthening, and the overly deep need to relax. It's providing a new level of balance where ETS Plus is addressing damage caused by shock. Sometimes you just have to go with what you feel you need. They can be interchangeable — but not mixed.

26.'s Question: Our yard is overtaken by honeysuckle. How can we grow other things when it is so invasive? Is there someway we can move it to let it do its thing?

Machaelle's Answer: You could send it to the lady in New York who's having the noise problem — it could help buffer her from the noise! But seriously — if your yard is being overtaken by honeysuckle, I would say it's found the perfect environment for doing its thing. How about moving your lawn? Or you could do soil testing and see if a different nutrient balance is needed. Or you could do a Perelandra Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process for the environment as explained in Garden Workbook II.

ark's Question: Hi Machaelle, I am doing a cocreative project for my beekeeping work. From the perspective of the various processes and solutions that are available, would you consider bees animals? I have set up an SLG project, but I always wonder which ETS to offer them, and whether the nature healing coning would be appropriate. Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, consider them animals. Insects fall under the animal category. And yes, the Nature Healing Coning is appropriate. Address the members of each hive as "one animal" so that you don't have to do 20,000 individual Nature Healing Conings.

donnafairy's Question: Hi Machaelle, It seems that for every question that I can think of today, I can find an answer within the books and products that you've provided. At the last forum, you suggested that I use the Organizing Process to address a health issue and I want to thank you for this terrific tool. It is so helpful, especially for a somewhat nervous worrier-type like me. It is a great systematic way to address issues. Also, since the last forum, I read Dancing and wow - that pretty much knocked my socks off! I really appreciate your sharing that experience. I look forward to reading Mount Shasta next. So... this is just a big THANK YOU for all you're doing. You rock!

Machaelle's Answer: Cool. And thanks for the really nice words!

katrin's Question: Hi Machaelle, recently I was confronted with a miasm that needed to be treated. I reread the paper and prepared for the steps ... but soon got lost. I think it was in the Flower Essences book that I read that I had to use the Essences Telegraph Test Checklist. But when I wanted to start I could not figure out what to do with that checklist. I knew the symptoms of the miasm, and I knew I had to test each symptom ... but what did I have to do with that checklist? I got quite confused with that, but it came into my mind to open a coning and ask for some help. And they moved my attention away from this checklist. It worked fine, after all. And I am comfortable now, but I am just curious and would like to ask you what this checklist is about. (?) Is the statement to use this checklist for the miasm still up-to-date?

Machaelle's Answer: I'm sorry, I don't know where you got the Checklist information. It wasn't in the Flower Essences book or the Miasms Process Paper. But I think it's great how you worked yourself out of the corner. Again, I'm not sure where you found this statement. Just ignore the checklist when working with a miasm.

cathy6's Question: I don't believe anyone here is intentionally trying to ask "stupid" questions. That comment made me feel very uncomfortable and a little demeaned. I see this as an exciting opportunity to participate in Q&A with someone I greatly respect and admire. I don't want to be scared & intimidated that I may inadvertently ask something "stupid."

Machaelle's Answer: First, I recommend you take EoP to strengthen your self-esteem. Then, gather your courage and go for it! If your hesitation makes you ask a question that is actually meaningful and important to you rather than a question that has no purpose in your life, then I will have accomplished my goal!

girija2's Question: Putting my attn on the news depresses me. Knowing I won't act (in the field of politics) to change what I'm hearing I stopped listening. I figure the best way I can help the planet is to keep myself balanced and do the work I feel I'm here to do, yet I worry that I'm deluding myself and abdicating responsibility. Appreciate hearing whatever you care to offer on the topic.

Machaelle's Answer: If you've decided you won't act to change what you're hearing, there's really nothing I can do to help you. I just happen to believe that humans are capable of more than they give themselves credit for and that includes informing yourself without getting depressed. I go back to my answer about large groups of people with their heads stuck in the sand (Question #13). I also happen to think that making the decision to not be informed is making the decision to go through life lazy.

martink's Question: Dare I ask? Can the ESSENCES RESTABILIZING PROCESS ( X-RAY EXPOSURE ) be used/adapted on radiation contaminated food, materials (people?)? Let's hope it won't come to it that we need it.... AND I think you are very hard on people about "head in sand...": We are all doing our best. There are interest groups who have tons of money and power who suppress many a great idea and suggest many a crap idea and make it sound attractive... (e.g. atomic power). We and even politicians are just puppets most of the time. Please correct me. Regards from bonny Scotland!

Machaelle's Answer: First of all, if we were all doing our best, we wouldn't be in the situation we're in. And I'm tired of people who have their heads in the sand trying to convince us that they don't have their heads in the sand and they're just special. Yes, we have problems with interest groups with tons of money and power. And the legion of people with their heads in sand are responsible for allowing the interest groups with money and power, politicians and other puppets to take control unchallenged. We are not victims and we need to learn to take responsibility. Speaking of which, if I wanted the Essences Restabilizing Process to be used for humans and food, I would have titled it differently. The information you're looking for is in Health Watch 9. People probably think I'm being hard because unforunately we've gone through several generations where being constantly patted on our poo poo has been revered and we have lost our ability to face reality and clear feedback without going into an emotional meltdown.

Martin — Beth just told me who you are and I nearly threw the computer across the room. How can you ask such stupid questions? Do you actually sit there and think of the most obnoxious questions you can ask? Please Martin, next time actually ask a question that will be helpful to you and how you live your life. Don't make me come over there and hit you!

To everyone else reading this who has now cowered in a corner — Martin is a long-time customer and friend and deliberately does this to me at every forum.

ambujamev's Question: I'm excited to begin my first project with co-creative gardening, the property has a huge problem with gophers and so the gardening area has been very defined (and years in gardening in this space) with chicken wire dug under ground to prevent them from getting into the garden this a detail to include when I'm first establishing my partnership?

Machaelle's Answer: Oh, ambujamev, after dealing with Martin, I'm so happy to have your question. Thank you!
I would recommend that you leave the chicken wire in place, establish your partnership and then find out at some point if any adjustments need to be made with the chicken wire or if you need to do anything additional to address the gopher issue. But for now, assume that this is part of your garden.

isnicola's Question: I muscle test NO for taking Repro-Female and Endocrine. My Nurse Practitioner also tested no for me taking them. Do you have any idea why that would be? Does it mean my systems don't need them and why would that be. I am on BioSynthetic Thyroid medication. I ran out of Digestive MBP solution earlier this week and since then my bowel movements seem more normal - could that be related somehow? I feel confident taking the solutions for my various systems and want to understand what is going on. Thanks for any insight you may have. I am 65 years old.

Machaelle's Answer: I'm 65 also, and all I can say is, the human body is a mystery at age 65 isn't it? I don't know why you're testing to not take Repro-Female and Endocrine. That's a bit of a mystery too. But as long as you're doing the testing the correctly, I would trust the testing. But be sure to periodically muscle test whether you should include Repro-Female and Endocrine with your other MBP Solutions. Don't assume you're never to take them again. I'm suspecting that your bowel movements seem more normal not because you stopped taking Digestive, but because this is a positive result of your having taken Digestive over a period of time, and these positive effects kicked in even though you had run out of the Solution.

mmmstars's Question: Thanks for your incredible life work across the spectrum! I live in a rural area (garden route, South Africa), and have a "bats and rats" problem in my roof - intermittently for years now. It's a "double volume" pitched home - so I can't reach up, bang on the ceiling and say "move out folks"! I've done all the "sweet talk" and practical stuff you can imagine... it's limited. Please advise.

Machaelle's Answer: I've been a member of international bat conservation for years and the main thing they recommend for this problem is to watch where the bats are exiting and entering and get somebody to plug it up. It's as simple as that. That may also take care of your rat problem. I understand you may have a logistical problem because of your roof design, but hopefully you can get somebody with a big ladder to help you. You can get some cooperation from the bats and rats if 24 hours before you plug the hole, you let them know that's what you're going to do. It will take them a little while to pack up their tv, stereo, blu-ray player, barca-lounger and lamp. Over the years, many people have written about just this problem in the bat conservation magazine. Simple though this may be, it seems to be the best solution. The key is making sure you plug up all the entrances and exits. Or, just charge them an outrageous rent and they'll probably move on in protest!

katherinez's Question: My elderly mother has worsening osteoporosis, I tested for mbp for her and got lymphatic, endocrine, digestive, immune and skeletal which I sent her. Just in case, can you recommend anything else? Sometimes one doubts the objectivity of ones results for a loved one. Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: I agree that testing for a loved one can be a little tricky. It looks like your testing was accurate. Based on experience, I would add Urinary to that group. Urinary seems to be the magic MBP Solution for all things, so I would toss that one into the mix.

angelaw's Question: Need help to refine MBP Program coning for parasites. Unable to clear problem even after many conings. Reg testing, m. triangulation process used.

Machaelle's Answer: This is a pretty complex question to answer without talking to you. We need to hear how you're setting this up. The Question Hot Line is open until 5 p.m. today (540-937-3679). And if you can't get through today, please try again this Wednesday.

katherinez's Question: Just wanna say thanks for the confirmation that sometimes moving is the best thing. We lived for 10 years on a corner with lots of night noise and trash and tried everything: visualizing peace, cleaning up trash, planting flowers on vacant lots, asking politely, calling the police, ear plugs, new insulated windows - nothing. Finally we moved to a peaceful spot - should have done it years earlier!

Machaelle's Answer: Way to go! That's great. You know, sometimes the thing to do is for us to adjust to the world and not make the world adjust to us. Really, way to go! Thanks for writing in. Hope this gives a little support for the sleep-deprived woman in NYC.

Irena_art's Question: Regarding your answer to my question what's in the Nature Aging. Well, I don't drink coke and but there is only one secret ingredient in coke. In taking responsibility for my health make every effort to not take anything without knowledge of what's in it, considering that I am sure you can appreciate me wanting to know. Further I don't know why you would not reveal what the ingredients are, it can't be fear of competition; many companies make the same flower essence, I find that xyz company essence maybe the same flower as abc company but the energy is quite different, so there is room for many. We are all at different levels in our growth energetically so one person may find the same flower essence from xyz company more right for them than from abc company.

Machaelle's Answer: It's not the fear of competition, it's the fear of hacks trying to make a fast buck. I have no problem with someone going to the ABC or the XYZ company. And it says right on our labels, there is Natural Aging pattern, water and brandy or vinegar preservative in Natural Aging. (The Natural Aging pattern is an electrical pattern.) That's all that's in it. The ratio of the ingredients and what the contents of the bottle are, are right on the label. It's the electrical pattern I'm not going to discuss because it would take a book to explain it.

njemile's Question: I'm discovering that for me, MAP and MBP Solutions can work well together. I take the MBP Solutions regularly, and have MAP sessions only occasionally now. I felt the MBPs were managing day to day imbalances and that I didn't have to consult with my team too often. But usually after taking MBPs daily for a month to 6 weeks, some health imbalance shows up, especially inflammation. I tend to back away from the MBPs when that happens. But I realize that I can open a coning and ask my MAP team for help getting through the physical crisis. Correct? I feel like flower essences would be helpful when these crises come up. I'm trying to understand when essences are most appropriate, when using MBPs regularly. Thank you for your consistent help, innovation and support.

Machaelle's Answer: I agree that MAP and the MBP Solutions do work well together. When your health imbalances show up, I recommend that you continue taking the MBPs and not step back from them. You can combine working with MAP and testing essences during these anomalies. When you're sick, you don't back away from the MBPs. You double-down on these and take them twice a day while also working with MAP and testing essences.

cathy6's Question: Wow, this is my first time interacting here. I didn't expect to feel sarcasm and hostility from you. I know it is sometimes hard to determine one's tone via text with a stranger. Perhaps you are just joking and I am misreading. I hope so. Anyway, thank you for your help.

Machaelle's Answer: You may be missing some of the joking, but not all of my responses are jokes. And sarcasm and hostility for some is just strong reaction for others. So much of what is written / said is in the eye of the beholder. I agree with you that no one is asking intentionally stupid questions. Maybe the better word is "useless" questions rather than "stupid" question. I try to encourage people to ask questions about things that matter in their lives and not useless questions designed to take up time and air space. As for your comments: I don't think you need to protect people who insist on not thinking and I still think some EoP would be helpful for you. I'm not being hostile or sarcastic. I'm just saying something to you that you don't want to hear.

sfarlobird's Question: In conjunction with While doing Guided Self Healing sessions, my practitioner introduced me to Perelandra Essences, which have been an important part of the clearing and healing process. I have purchased the Perelandra Garden Essence, and have taken it daily for about 3 weeks. I can feel the changes it is initiating. I feel that I am beginning to be more deeply in my physical body than ever in my life, and my emotions are more pronounced (I feel them resonating more) as this happens. I am a very sensitive intuitive already, and I feel more and more like a resonating tuning fork. This is all good, but I sense that I need more Perelandra Essences to help me adjust to these inner evolutions, and to help me as I learn to strengthen my boundaries so I do not take on other people's energy during this transition. It is really easy for me to get buffered around by the emotions and energy of others at this point, due to my vulnerability, which has not been true in the past. Is there one, or perhaps two, Essences which you might recommend to use initially, until I can afford to buy boxes or whole sets? I am a bit overwhelmed by all the possible combinations of products, so I am trying to keep it simple and clear. Thank you. And thank you for these wonderful, beautiful tools.

Machaelle's Answer: Since you're testing the Garden Essences Set daily, you'll test for the best possible combination of essences from that set each day. When you're ready to work with more essences, test the remaining four sets to determine which set to include next. If you'd like something simple to help manage the "overwhelm" I would recommend ETS Plus for Humans.

theresew2003's Question: I just have to tell you that I got up and started whooping and cheering when I read answer 31. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being so truthful and seeming so matter-of-fact about it. It's inspiring. You really do rock!!!

Machaelle's Answer: I really appreciate this. It's been a little bit challenging on the forum today. I've had to rescue my computer from being slammed against the wall several times today, and you really gave me a life-line here.

joanne's Question: Hi Machaelle Greetings from sunny and cold England. Lovely to chat to you like this. I did a SLG for my work and career. I foolishly asked for it to happen as quickly as possible. Yes stupid stupid stupid me! Exactly 3 days later I had a massive fall and hurt myself. Landed on my chin. Very shaken for days. Do I go back and change my DDP or leave it now? Thank you for everything. - Joanne

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, definitely go back and change that DDP before you have another fall! I suggest that you add the words "fun, comfortable, good-pacing for me, and safe" into your DDP. On top of this, how do I tell you that it's beautiful, sunny and 62 degrees Farenheit here? With everything that's happened to you, I feel like I should tell you it's -6 degrees and snowing with a wind-chill factor of -82 just to make you feel a little better! So ... Good luck. Write back at the next forum to let me know how it went and if you survived your soil-less garden.

glenlight's Question: Hi, with my sister's full permission I was wondering if you have any recommendations. She has ovarian, thyroid, breast and bakers cysts, which is mainly what concerns me. Also arthritis, of elbow and knee and serious low back pain, which is her primary complaint. I recommended Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic for the back and colonics, liver cleanse and better nutritional and emotional life choices for the cysts. She also has gas, I think from the foods that she eats, and lactose intolerance, which is less of an issue I believe. She is reluctant to spend money to go see a chiropractor, and lifestyle choices might be a daunting task for her despite possible outcomes if she is not proactive. I feel like I'm leading a horse to water and wondering if you have any advice. Thank you as always!

Machaelle's Answer: The thing we have to remember about helping others is that they actually have to want our help. She's got her own timing, her own journey and apparently sometimes her own stubbornness. And that's okay. I recommend that you continue offering options knowing that she'll pick the ones that mean the most to her and back away when you feel she's not going in the direction you'd like her to go in. She's your sister and this is stressful for you. So, consider taking ETS Plus for humans 2 or 3 times daily just to keep yourself from going under with this constant barrage of worry and concern about your sister. So that you'll be able to participate effectively and properly.

martink's Question: Re number 2 question, the New York boys that cause noise in the night. It gets to me! We are impacted by other people's crap and what can we do? Move? (I'd love to move.... to another planet perhaps...) Here so much nonsense is being bombarded towards us, it is hard. How can we enjoy more power to bring about positive change. They/the systems around us impact us - how to best impact them? Where is our power (with nature) in that relationship. [I know I am ranting. Thanks for listening.]

Machaelle's Answer: Oh Martin, you're trying so hard to redeem yourself here! I don't know what to say to you here. You've got yourself in such a position of victim-hood. You're just going to have to keep plugging along. I feel certain at some point you'll get insight into understanding your own power and how it relates to the world around you.

girija2's Question: Thanks Machaelle. What I'm hearing you say is that although I perceive that I have a limited amount of time and energy (and therefore can't physically go and address every problem I see/hear about on the planet) there is an advantage to paying attention to what is happening in the world [providing I find a way to stay neutral rather than being flattened by what I hear]. I already make responsible choices about food, energy and resource management, but maybe I could also give a little time to pray & send energetic support to those who are on the front lines working for change in their respective fields (I'm already doing all I can on that front within my own field). Is that what you were referring to?

Machaelle's Answer: Excellent — 25 people just stood up and cheered for you! Not only am I saying paying attention is good if we learn how to do it without being flattened, I am actually saying that we humans are very capable of participating in life without going under should we choose. If you'd like to join in the positive awareness of what's going on around us right now, think about the 80 Japanese men who have voluntarily chosen to work in the nuclear plants to restore the coolant capability so that you and I don't have to experience massive doses of radiation. They deserve our best wishes and our most positive thoughts, and they deserve to be recognized and acknowledged. They deserve for us to do it now because they're all probably going to die and they know it. They have sacrificed themselves for you, me and everyone else on the planet.

ambujamev's Question: When doing MAP sessions is it best to focus on one issue at time, sometimes it feels that I have many things to work on at once, sometimes related, sometimes this something to ask the MAP team how to organize?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, sometimes you may address many things at once, sometimes you may address one thing. You can ask your MAP team how to prioritize as the issues come up.

lottdm's Question: Thank you, Machaelle, for taking the time to talk with us, and answer our questions. Your work, and your time, are appreciated.

Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for your nice words.

bell.ruth's Question: I planted tulips, hyacynth, daffodils today! The gophers opened up some tough ground for me - bless their little hearts! Grandchild number 4 will be here in about a week. Baby's bag includes cauliflower essense. I am not oblivious to what is going on around us, but don't feel like commenting on it. Thanks for all the great tools Machaelle! Happy Spring to you!

Machaelle's Answer: Oh Ruth, dear. When I think of people with their heads in the sand, you never come to mind! Congratulations on grandchild #4. I'm really glad to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to check in with us.

hnt77's Question: I have several dishes of water placed around my yard for the birds, wildlife, reptiles, and bugs that may want a sip. Since I moved here and have been providing this water, I have noticed the vibes outside have mellowed out now that the animals know water is always available. Would there be a benefit for me to include some drops of ETS+ for animals in this water?

Machaelle's Answer: I think it's a great idea, but it's best to test with nature to see if they need ETS Plus. Let nature be the source of your answer on this. If you're not sure who to connect with, call the Question Hot Line.

bsmpson's Question: OK With support of Perelandra processes I have changed my career from Financial services went to Seminary was ordained, got a Doctorate. Past 6 years I work as Pastoral Counsellor in hospice, I love the work but am having a hard time seeing my next steps.

Machaelle's Answer: And I'm having a hard time seeing your question. Why don't you just relax and let the next step come to you? Or another question — why do you think there's a next step? These questions are rhetorical and you can answer them for yourself.

concrdfarm's Question: as a holistic veterinarian I have lots of concerns about our animals and their environment-do you offer any further training other than what is already in your books? and what would you recommend for further study? thanks so much

Machaelle's Answer: As a vet, I wish you would include ETS Plus for Animals in your practice, and testing the Perelandra Essences for your animal clients. Because you don't own everybody's property, you really can't do anything for the environment, it would be unethical. They'll have to do that for themselves. If you added these two things plus MBP Immune & Lymphatic Solutions for flea and tick resistance, I think it would have an amazing positive impact on your practice. Thank you for your questions. I appreciate hearing from you.

jerseytomato's Question: Hi Machaelle, Is the Telegraph process outlined in one of your books? Thank you... these question forums are very thought provoking, and always seem to extend my knowledge of how to use the Perelandra tools.

Machaelle's Answer: There are different telegraph processes, and I'm not sure which one you're referring to. I think the best thing would be for you to call the Question Hot Line on Wednesday so we can refer you to the right information.

SLG = "soil-less garden"
MBP = "Microbial Balancing Program"
MBPs = "MBP Balancing Solutions"
Solutions = "MBP Balancing Solutions"
EoP = "Essence of Perelandra"
DDP = "definition, direction, purpose"