Perelandra Question Forum
June 25, 2011

As part of today's Virtual Open House, we offered an Online Question Forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

That's it folks! Good questions. See you at the next forum. Over & out. (You can beam me up now Scottie.) — Machaelle

Shirley's Question: I know you've never met Peter D'Adamo, but do you think you might have any influence in helping us Non-Secretors get a food chart from him. The ones in his books don't pertain to us. I tested positive with his test, but now I'm left hanging.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I've never met him and I have no influence. My suggestion is that you contact the D'Adamo people directly -- call and talk to them and state your case.

Anastasia's Question: Hi Machaelle, i am new to the MAP process and curious about setting 'deadlines' for the team -- are they open to working under pressure? That is, can i set a timeline for resolving a specific issue in my conings? thank you

MACHAELLE'S Answer: They can work under your deadline. The question is, can you survive your deadline? Putting a situation under a deadline is going to add an intensity unlike anything you've ever known. You put a deadline on something, and you change the natural rhythm. The MAP teams are into natural healing and not artificial deadline healing.

Cathy's Question: Awesome garden! Awesome photos showing progression from March to now! Gratitude for all your work! You recommend the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet. Out of the plethora of healthy diet/eating plans that are possible, why do you promote this particular diet over others? I assume one reason would be that it has nature’s stamp of approval?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It's because of the quality of D'Adamo's research and the approach.

evonberg's Question: Hello Machaelle, thank you for taking the time to do this Q&A. I’m reading your new book “The Perelandra Essences”. I would like to clarify your instructions re the calibration process. Does the Basic Telegraph Test for Emotional and Mental Issues (page 214/215 in the book “The Perelandra Essences”) completely replace the calibration process? So I would no longer do the calibration process as you described it in the MAP book (open a coning and ask to get the appropriate link with the WB for a calibration process and then allow half an hour to moved through the stages of insight, release, understanding and resolution)?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Correct. The telegraph test for emotions and mental issues completely replaces the Calibration Process and refines the focus for emotional and mental issues. And the MAP teams no longer need for you to do it within MAP. And Thank You! for reading my new book!!!

d_macpherson's Question: Do you have an associated research going on in the NW area?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: No, all the research is done here at Perelandra.

cedubs's Question: Does taking the MBP Solutions in a glass of water reduce their effectiveness? I have problems with both the brandy and the vinegar and I believe it I dilute the solutions it will resolve the issues. If it is OK to take them in water, can I put multiple solutions in one glass? Thanks.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If you dilute them all together into one glass of water, you've neutralized all of the Solution patterns and all you're drinking is straight water with some preservative in. It's best not to dilute the Solutions. If you insist on diluting them, you must follow the guidelines in the MBP Solutions Brochure. You cannot combine several in the same glass at any time. They are to be taken separately, waiting 5 seconds between each.

Jack's Question: I'm taking some of the MBP solutions regularly, but if I want to address a specific health concern, should I be using the Flower Essences & MAP & Calibration?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If you want to address a specific issue, use the Perelandra Essences. You can combine that with MAP. The Calibration Process has been put out to pasture and the Basic Telegraph Test for emotional and mental issues as outlined in The Perelandra Essences. I think you'll be pleased with the approach and the results.

Donna's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have been using the processes (MAP and MBP, including TT and Garden Workbooks) and products for several years. I have read several of your books. But I still struggle with doubts about whether I am truly connecting with Nature and whether I am actually seeing results of my work with Nature. My symptoms seem to come and go over time, but have slowly improved overall. Still, I don't experience the dramatic results that others report. (Of course, I am also basically a healthy, active person dealing with rather minor symptoms like skin rashes and toe nail fungus.) I want to believe that I am connecting with Nature intelligence, but I often lose focus and get sleepy when I work in a coning. When this happens, I feel ashamed and I apologize to my coning partners for zoning out. In the MAP book, you talked about sleepiness, and said that sometimes Nature intends that a person fall asleep in a MAP session, but I get sleepy doing MBP work, too. Recently, I asked Nature, "How can I better understand and deal with my sleepiness?" and I pulled two Nature program cards: Flexible Responsiveness and Woven Oneness. Do you have any thoughts about this? Do you think that my lingering doubts and skepticism are contributing to my inability to focus and stay awake when doing the work? Do you have any suggestions for how I might approach these issues? Thank you for all your help!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: My first thoughts, based solely on your questions is that you're way too mental about all of this and you need to relax. You also need to stop comparing yourself and your experience with the experiences of others. I just feel like you're tripping all over yourself here. So drop back and punt. What I recommend is pick one focus with one goal, whether it's a health issue or an environmental issue, and just concentrate on that until you build your self-confidence. To be honest with you, if this question is an example of what's going on in your head, I'm not sure you've left enough space for nature or your MAP team to do something special and nice to confirm the work if it fell on top of your head. So, I recommend to just sit back, relax and concentrate on one thing.

iabattle's Question: I have several questions around the theme of large scale Earth healing projects. 1. Are you still doing this work yourself? ( Mt.Shasta project) 2. What do you think about a very large group of us ( i.e. your mailing list) working with the energetic cleansing protocol on the Gulf of Mexico. Or... 3. If you were to design a collective healing process for the Gulf what would it look like? Thank you! Lindsay

      1. Yes, the Cottage team is still functioning and I am still part of the team.
      2 & 3. If you read The Mount Shasta Mission carefully and paid attention to the Foot People, you'll understand why I've just broken out in a bad case of hives at just the idea of a group of people imposing their opinion as a protocol on anything in nature, let alone the Gulf of Mexico. Quite frankly, the Gulf has had enough. Sit back and let it do its job.

waxhwdpatt's Question: After using your program to help my migraines some 15 years ago I became an sporadic user. I now have another issue I'd like to work with. Should I reinvest or are the "antique" essences still active?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If you're going to invest in anything, get the new book, The Perelandra Essences. The antique Essences you have are going to be fine, but they may taste like rubber. You might want to replace the droppers so that the taste doesn't get any stronger.

concrdfarm's Question: hi there I have been using my Essence of Perelandra to work on the project of being able to physically experience your farm and the spirits of the animals there as well as to spend time learning from you on animal healing. As I drive a Prius, and live less than an hour a way, how many drops and what frequency should I be dosing in order to manifest that experience? :) Or is this something that will always be virtual?? thanks for all your efforts to transfer your knowledge to benefit the world-It is appreciated and valued-

MACHAELLE'S Answer: We have no plans to have an old-fashioned Open House. For now, we're going to keep it virtual.

Victoria's Question: No Question, just continuing and complete aprreciation and awe at the processes offered by Machaelle -- the Perelandra Essences hit at just the right time for me, especially the points about Focus --I had been trying to work out some things that have been clarified by the new book. But, where's the actual Decoder ring? I want one ! Thank you so much for everything, Victoria

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Thank you very much. I really think The Perelandra Essences is hitting at the right time as well. We're all busy eating box after box after box of Cracker Jacks looking for the decoder rings. We'll let you know as soon as we find them. Right now we have 3 toy soldiers, 1 unusable car and a ripped parasol. But we're still eating, so there's still hope!

hollandf's Question: I am a feng shui practitioner specializing in EMF issues, I see a lot of plants being adversely affected by wireless technology. What's the best way to help plants and the rest of nature, recover from and be protected from this influence? Many thanks!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The easy, short answer is to work with ETS Plus for Plants and apply that to the plants. But that would have to be done probably daily unless you're removing the plants from the field. For a more long-term and sustained assistance, read the Perelandra Garden Workbook and Workbook II.

tridaf2's Question: Can the nature cards be used for questions that are not garden or soiless garden related? For example in Professional MAP sessions or personal MAP sessions.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: This quote from the brochure that comes with the Nature Cards covers that: "For those of you who use MAP, the cards are not an effective tool for communicating with your MAP team. These are humans, and the cards are designed to function as a communication tool between you and nature — not you and other humans."

evonberg's Question: Hello Machaelle, thank you for your answer to my previous question (your new book is brilliant!). I have a condition that affects the left side of my body causing muscle tightness/spasms, compressed nerves, etc. I’m already taking MBP Solutions (which are wonderful by the way, thank you) including skeletal and muscular but I would also like to address the condition with essences (rebalancing those pesky electric circuits). I’m assuming that I would not just test for the entire left side of my body wholesale, I would focus on different areas. Any suggestions how I would break up my testing? By area (for example hip, lower back, upper legs, lower legs etc) or by ligaments, tendons, etc? Apologies in advance if this is a really stupid thing to ask.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Do a Basic Essence Test each day, once a day. That will address your whole electric system. It sounds like your condition is a chronic condition, so use the steps in the chapter on Telegraph Testing Chronic Illness. In this case, 'illness' includes 'condition.' Set up the checklist for chronic illness exactly as outlined. Put every symptom that you are experiencing on the checklist and if it doesn't apply, you won't need any Essences for that symptom. If it tests clear for seven days, then you can drop it from the list. And by the way, no apology needed. You are moving forward and using the Perelandra Essences in a whole new way and I congratulate you!

Victoria's Question: Is it still OK to do Calibration with Pan AND do it the new way as well? I enjoy Pan. vb

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It's okay, but it's a little silly. The new way is much more effective and you could spend time just talking to Pan if you'd like.

elestialhealing's Question: At this time with all the competing and dynamic energies that seem to be coming into the planet, I am finding myself easily overwhelmed. I test for essences and use EoP and ETS plus, oh and MAP of course. I am wondering if you have any other suggestions on how to stay grounded and FOCUSED

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Try to remember that all the competing and dynamic energies that you seem to feel are overwhelming you are actually manmade (person-made). Just concentrate on your own health and balance and you'll do fine. If you're working with Essences, there is information on testing the Essences for focus in the new book, The Perelandra Essences.

dartez's Question: I have introduced many, many people to the essences and MAP work and the response is wonderful and win/win all around. However, I have a valued friend, through her own wisdom, has gone all out and overdosed on everything, basically 24hrs p/day. Now there has been a serious repercussion to these choices. I will not interfere because it is not my responsibility, however, my guess is that she needs to stop everything immediately and allow her "bodies" to become grounded and get back into balance. She ignited a Kundalini experience that has been just one of the repercussions of her choices. There is GREAT appreciation for your work in Australia. In gratitude....

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Kudos for staying out of it. And that's where I think I'm going to stay. Let her have her own journey.

Ann's Question: I have been doing the energy processes on my property for several years at two to three week intervals. When asking if a Geopathic Zone Balancing is needed, the answer is "Yes" nearly every time. I am curious as to why this is.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The geopathic zone keeps re-energizing. It's a sink hole and it's a good thing you're being diligent about the process. Set up a Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process/Chart from Workbook II with the goal to "close down and neutralize the geopathic zone(s)" and see if you get a modified protocol that will close off the geopathic zone(s).

Dave's Question: Using MAP and flower essences I prepared for a scary operation. Instead of about 4 hours I was under only 2 1/2 hrs. Thank-you so much Machaelle for your life's work and for all who work with and aide you!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: That's very nice. If you ever need surgery again, we've got a whole updated section in The Perelandra Essences on using the Essences on preparing for and recovering from surgery. And thanks for the kind words. I'm glad we could help.

mshepardus's Question: I'm curious about the capital "V" (or roman numeral 5) on the Perelandra essences bottles. What is its significance?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The capital V stands for vinegar. It helps to keep things straight in the mail room and it verifies to you that you got the preservative you ordered.

hmci's Question: Much thanks to you and your loving staff. May I have a word of encouragement in usings the flower essences as I assist our adult daughter with advanced cancer. I have ordered your new book. Thank you, mk

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Since you're on the question forum, I assume you have a computer. I recommend you download the e-book version of The Perelandra Essences right away. I think if you read the set-up in chapters 1 through 4, you're going to get a lot of encouragement. You're going to understand why you would use Essences to address your daughter's advanced cancer. If you have any questions, call the Question Line and we can help you help her as she moves through this and to use the Essences well. You're not alone in this, we're here to help.

Toni's Question: I am a new user. I have 2 bottles of ETS Plus. Should I use it everyday or ONLY WHEN TRAUMA OCCURS? I have been using the Immune and Lymphatic daily. How long should I continue and what kind of results should I expect? Thank you. Toni

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Did you receive a brochure with your order? It answers all of your questions. If not, we apologize for the oversight and we'll be happy to send one along. Just let us know (you can all our order line today until 5 p.m. at 1-800-960-8806). Or, you can view the brochure online here. By using Immune & Lymphatic daily, you can expect that your general health will strengthen and improve. But precisely how differs from person to person. You use it for however long you would like to experience that improvement.

robertson's Question: Good afternoon Machaelle I see the flat earth society have yet to contact you with a question so I will. Only joking. I have a couple of questions first with the Genesa crystal does the size matter and can you place in any where i.e. garden, house or both . It's my next project to make one or two . My other question is with the balancing solutions for pets do I still need to use a vet supplied flea tick and worm medication or can we eliminate this . I should say she already takes immune and lymphatic.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Let me take the pet question first. The Immune & Lymphatic Solutions usually eliminate the need for flea and tick medication. At the very least, it lessens the flea and tick activity dramatically. As for worms, by strengthening the animal it will lessen the activity of the worms. But you'll probably need to augment with worm medication but at a lower dose. And really, all of this depends on how she responds to Immune and Lymphatic. You're going to have to observe the level of her improvement and respond accordingly.
On the Genesa crystal — Size does matter, but a 3-foot in diameter Genesa crystal impacts a 3 mile in circumference area. Most people can cover their needs with an 8" diameter or 12" diameter Genesa crystal. I haven't had a "size matter" question in some time. I think I'm doing well keeping my focus on the matter at hand.
"The flat earth society" comment reminded me that you're the one who made me laugh out loud at the last forum. Are you sure they haven't contacted me so far?! Thanks for the question.

fhs's Question: Is there a certain amount of time that you would recommend leaving between taking ETS Plus when taking Microbial Balancing solutions and/or flower essences? Thank you

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You cover everything by waiting 15 minutes.

serinahsu's Question: Hi Machaelle, I’m rather new to MAP. Since starting to use it I’ve had some wonderful experiences. My question to you is this, if you have a chronic illness that the team is working on and then you have another issue come up can you ask the team to work on both issues in the same session or is it best to set up separate sessions one for the chronic issue and then another for the new problem. And if you are to set up two sessions can they be one right after the one or do they need to be spaced out? I have been using the muscle testing but I don’t always trust it sometimes I’ll ask the same question and I’ll get different answers.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You need to ask your team about whether to combine or to separate, and go with the test result you get. You'll get into trouble if you double check it. Your confirmation will come from following through on the result of your testing.

Agustin's Question: hello Machaelle Thanks for your and your team work. The new book of Essences, is bound and stitched in double sheet (like soil-less g. P. companion) or bound in simple sheet and stuck? (like F. essences, S. Co-creative and Spanish MAP). Continue waiting for more spanish translations, do you think a subtitled video is easier than a translated book? good health Agustin (from Spain)

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Yes, the new book is stitched like the Soil-less Garden Companion. Whenever we're contacted by publishers who wish to translate, we are very open to these translations.
Kudos for being willing to go through the process of translating my fracture American, which isn't even English. So, hat's off to you! Best of health back to you.

mljack's Question: I would like to establish a SLG coning team for a book project I am writing. I am lousy with muscle testing and would like to use a proxy to establish my SLG. What should I be aware of in using a proxy in this situation? Aside from preparing a solid DDP what else might I do/be to establish a coherent SLG?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: When using a proxy in this situation, you need to be aware of erroneous and mistaken test results. Aside from preparing a solid DDP, I suggest you adhere to the guidelines as outlined in the book, Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion. Personally, I think using a proxy leaves you open to more problems than if you applied a little patience to learning to muscle test for yourself. When using a proxy, you don't know if the person is translating your questions and your words exactly as you would like them to, or if they're applying their own ideas or opinion. A proxy is not a direction I recommend.

Vicki's Question: My real concern is how to help my animal patients detoxify safely and quickly from all (radiation, chemicals etc) that is being thrown their way-?? can you direct me to any of your writings that could offer an approach in addition to the Lymph and Immune drops? thanks so much-can't wait for the book! Vicki

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If you're not going to include Essence testing, which would be a direct way of repairing their electric system, then I suggest you include daily doses of ETS Plus for Animals along with the Immune and Lymphatic Solutions. But I think once you read The Perelandra Essences book, you're going to want to include Essence testing. I have a short chapter on professionals applying Essences, as well, that would include vets even though it's worded toward physicians involved in human health. But how I tell you to set up would apply to your practice as well.

Teichert's Question: I downloaded your new book and am in the middle of reading it, love it!!! Two health related questions: - Have you heard of people being able to regrow knee cartilage with the help of FE? - Which Perelandra process would be most appropriate for ear wax build up which does not drain naturally? Or is this an issue that needs to be dealt with physically (i.e. pumped out) and then supported with the processes?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The ear wax build up is a symptom. I think you would best address it with Essence testing. Probably a Basic Telegraph Test. I don't know if you're going to need to get it pumped out at this point, but I would try the Essence testing first.
As for the knee cartilage, when you repair the electric system and circuits that are the underlying issue, who knows what can happen. Thank you for the nice words about the new book.

Otis's Question: Machaelle, you have done something wonderful: you have just published the best book by far that I have seen in 53 years on how people can take charge of and improve their health and happiness. I started reading the e-book last night. This morning I fell down a steep bank and landed on my right shoulder in gravel. I felt shocked, diizzy, disoreinted, and my shoulder hurt. Remembering what I had read, I quickly started ETS+ and took four doses, five minutes apart. After the third dose, the shock was beginning to fade and the pain was down to an occasional twinge. By the fourth dose all symptoms were gone and I went on with my day thinking; "The Perelandra Essences: WOW! ETS+: WOW! Machaelle, Thanks!" Now, my quesion: I'm doing the Extended Trauma Time Frame (ETTF) protocol, ETS+ 1 dropper 5 times a day. I also open and close two different conings each day. When time for a dose of ETS+ for ETTF coincides with opening or closing a coning, do I need to take a dose for each purpose or will one dose serve both purposes? Thanks, and may The Perelandra Essencesquickly appear amongst the NYT bestsellers!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Oh, thank you Otis. This is very sweet. I'm very sorry you had your fall, and I'm very happy ETS Plus got things back under control for you. When your coning activity coincides with your ETTF, you need to take two separate doses of ETS Plus. Focus one on the coning and one on the ETTF. And one final few words – Way to go Otis!

Deborah's Question: Thanks Machaelle, love all your books and products. I have been taking the Mouth Balancing Solution, (since it was first offered) will it address and possibly reverse receding gums and erosion of teeth along the gum line? Can I resubmit more questions? Thanks Deborah

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If they're good questions like this, yes. ;-)
Mouth Balancing is more of a daily, generalized oral balancer. For specific issues such as receding gums and erosion of teeth along the gumline, include Essence telegraph testing, which is well outlined in the new book. You might also consider the Microbial Balancing Program.

cedubs's Question: OK, next question regarding MBP: how soon before or after taking MBP's can I drink water? I would prefer to stay with the brandy and the problem I am having is headaches if I take more than about 4 solutions. I get headaches with alcohol, even small amounts (except for vodka) although making sure I've had lots of water seems to mitigate the problem. So I'm thinking - maybe if I drink water before or after taking the Solutions, rather than during the process, it will help. I don't want to drink it too close to dosing and eliminate the benefits. Thanks for your patience with this.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: From what you're describing, I'm not sure you're taking the Balancing Solutions correctly. Why don't you call the Question Hot Line (540-937-3679). If you can't get through today, you can call the Question Line on any Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Chakrasong's Question: My question is regarding the cottage level, the shift to the Aquarian dynamic and the U.S. Is there any good news on whether the current administration is in touch, whether consciously unconsciously, with the cottage level and actually working to bring the country into sync with the Aquarian dynamic? I know this stuff takes time, but it's frustrating to feel on the outside. Thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The Cottage continues to do its job well. What's important is that the individuals living in the country get into sync within the Aquarian dynamic. So the real question is, "What kind of active pressure are we putting on the government to function better?" Or do we expect it to function as a parent giving everything to its children. You're right, it does take time, but that's usually because we're so slow.

hnt's Question: In July, I will have been 'steeped' in Perelandra stuff for 1 year. Happy to have found you. I test for essences 3-4x a week and do MBPs at night and a.m.(for brain trauma)and MAP and MAP/CAL. Once a month I receive manual therapy (delicate and precise) for nerve and artery function (MAP coning is open during this). I usually test for all essences and often require ETS+ and EoP along with them. This has been going on the whole year. Is this normal? I'm concerned my PEMS is in terrible shape.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: As long as you are testing that this is the protocol you need, I highly recommend that you continue with everything. Except, The Perelandra Essences (book) fine-tunes and updates your approach. I feel if you set it up as Telegraph Testing a Chronic Illness, you're going to have stronger, more clear and more timely response. Don't worry about judging the shape of your PEMS, just continue with repairing the PEMS. I feel certain at some point you're going to realize you've come out the other end.

pawsandlaws's Question: I have been using ETS+ at steps 1 & 9 of the MPB Program instead of checking for essences. Is this o.k.?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I think you would get better results if use the Basic Essence Test steps as they're outlined in the MBP Manual.

b.hess's Question: I have been living and studying in Zurich for five years. I wonder what you would recommend to keep my body (and soul) healthy as I make the transition back to the states. I am 62 and basically healthy. Thank you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If you use the Perelandra Essences, I would recommend a daily Basic Essence Test. If you don't use the Perelandra Essences, I would recommend daily doses of ETS Plus and Essence of Perelandra (EoP). If none of that works, I recommend moving back to Switzerland. (And could you take me with you? I loved Zurich.)

Anastasia's Question: hi again thank you for the response. the reason i am setting a 'deadline' is because i had to take time off work to address my current health concern, and hence am very focused on speeding up the natural healing rhythm a bit in order to be able to come back to the office within the allotted timeframe (as ego-driven as this may sound). i am shamelessly setting timelines for my team and so far, they have been co-operating. just wanted to make sure i wasn't pushing my boundaries with them :)

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I just want you to understand that there are ramifications for speading up a healing time frame. You simply have to be willing to accept those ramifications.

Anouchka's Question: Dear Machaelle, I started a co-creative project in a part of the garden of the community I'm living in. Before I started I discussed my work with the owner and he responded enthousiastic, he had heard about Findhorn.I asked nature to teach me how to work togethet and let go of my ego influence. The deva of the garden told me to do a geopatic zone balancing and gave me a planting schedule, which I planted as told. The owners wife now has put something in this part of the garden Nature and I are working in. I asked her not to do so and tried to explain the work I was doing She started to cry that the deva's wouldn't mind here planting anything, because her mother worked in that garden with deva's and they were kind.I was mad, because she planted something, so it couldn't be with the deva's. A real dramaqueen, but I haven't been able to get on with my project and feel serious doubt working there at all. My fellow community members tell me it's my ego, that's in the way of going on. If I decide to end this work, can I just leave the plants and tell the deva of the garden to end our co-creative work? If you have any other suggestion(s), please let me know.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: First of all, you need to always keep it in your mind that you are not the owner of the land. And the person you got permission from is not the sole owner of the land. The wife is involved as well. You may feel she's a drama queen, but she's well within her right to act how she wishes. And I'm afraid I agree with your fellow community members, it is your ego. At this point, you have several options. One is to stomp off like a 3-year old. Two is to sit down with the husband and wife and see if you can smooth this over so that you can continue this work. And three, close it down responsibly with nature and turn your focus elsewhere. The ball's in your court now.

healingway's Question: No Questions As you have taken time to be available today, I too will take the time to say Hello, Hello and Thankyou Thankyou

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Well, this is nice! Hello hello back. And you're welcome you're welcome.

pwtalk's Question: Machaelle, I just used your revamped website to order and all I can say is WOW! that was easy!! I love that I did not have to reenter my credit card, it was already there. Thank you so much. Also after taking most of the MBP solutions for more than a year, my yearly checkup showed every test as normal and I needed nothing..Eat for your Blood type also helps. You and nature intelligence have changed my life, much love to all!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Thank you for the good words about the web site. we're pretty pleased about that, too. And I can't tell how pleased I am that your annual check-up showed such improvement. Kudos to you!

Lindinha's Question: Loved Donna's question because I can totally relate...both to question and answer!! It happens in meditation (falling asleep) think Im just tired! Ha! Am going to order the new book....thanks so much, Machaelle, for that! Sounds like it's just the ticket!...and should help the sleepiness too!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I'm sure you're really going to like the new book.

Rebecca's Question: No question. Just an ever present sense of gratitide for all that I have received and have been able to do so far through your hard work and research at Perelandra. When I feel hopeless at the way our world is going there is a small sense of hope in these processes that you have given each of us to unlock our responsibility to earth, to Nature and to the planet! I have found a rich and ever present creativity that I have longed for in being a responsible steward of the land, home and community where I live! Can't wait to get the new book-almost own all things Perelandra at this point. Thank you for everything.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Wow. Your kind words are heartwarming.

Donna's Question: Machaelle, Thank you for your answer to my question #8, which by the way, was the editted and abridged version of an original draft! There is a lot going on in my head and I have a lot of desire to achieve and accomplish things. But I often feel like I am going in a bunch of different directions. My mind wears me out, so I guess it is no wonder that I just want to lie down and go to sleep! I feel relieved to pick a single focus. Oh yeah, and RELAX! :) Thanks again for ALL you do. You are such an inspiration! Love, Donna

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Okay, you go girl!

elestialhealing's Question: I recently felt compelled to move to the other side of the country. Fortunately my husband was fully behind this "hit" that it was time to go. I have set up a soil-less garden to sell our house in the midwest. My husband is still there physically managing the process, and I am out here on my island "energetically" managing the SLG. Does this seem crazy to you? I figure the SLG should work no matter where I am. We have good communication and both get "hits". I suppose just packing my daughter into the car and driving across country on a hunch is the truly crazy part.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You can continue working the SLG as you've set it up, as long as you and your husband continue talking to one another and keeping yourselves up-to-date with the SLG.

sjha's Question: No question, just a public thank you to Machaelle and the Perelandra staff’s immediate support to those impacted by the May 22, Joplin, Missouri tornado. Co-creative practitioners were at work right away facilitating healing and balance where appropriate, and Perelandra’s donation of ETS+ for Humans and Animals were greatly appreciated. Our community is focused on healing our PEMS levels and working together to create a wonderful future. Thank you again.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Really pleased to hear from you. And glad to hear we were able to help. Let us know if you need more ETS Plus for Humans or Animals. And I'm very pleased to see that you have such a positive attitude. Know that we're behind you.

Katherine's Question: I'm looking forward to the new book. Any tips for traveling with Essences and Solutions? I end up rolling them up in socks and keep envisioning something handy like a cushioned holder with little padded slots, that rolls up. If I were clever with a needle and thread...

MACHAELLE'S Answer: We've never had complaints with the Essences boxes or the MBP Solutions travel kit. They all travel quite well. I think you can safely put away your needle and thread.

Lehmanh's Question: Hi Machaelle, Any suggestions for those of us who can't swallow or take things by mouth. I have a feeding tube for all intake of liquid food, supplements (crushed and dissolved) and medicines--liquid. Thank you for showing us how to work with Nature co-creatively.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You don't have to swallow the drops. You can just put them, one or two drops at a time, on your lips and the drops will seep into the mouth and mix with your saliva. If that doesn't work, send us an email ( We'll come up with Plan C.

Kecia's Question: I am a marine biologist who desires very much to work with the ocean deva's. I have a knowingness that part of my purpose is to commnicate natures wisdom to humanity. I meditate & MAP regularly but my connections to recieve this wisdom has been sporatic at best. Any advice or guidance? Thank you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The ocean is your garden. Set up and work with the ocean's nature intelligences using a coning. This will smooth out your communication. Set it up as a soil-less garden and work within the coning. To do this, you'll need the Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion and the DVD, Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens.

Sara's Question: I've applied for several jobs in the past two years, specifically ones that are in alignment with coning DDPs, but haven't gotten even an interview out of any of them. I do ETS plus for Soil-less Gardens for my cover letter, and I think I'm a great candidate and put together quality packages. So far, I've had another job, but we move in a month and this need to manifest will become very real. How does a SLG work in the context of so many applications for each job? I mean, maybe those people were either better suited to or needed the job more. I don't want to manipulate, but I do wish to manifest! Any suggestions?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: An SLG isn't going to override somebody else's free will decision, and that's what you're running up against. Your DDP may be too specific. Perhaps giving it a direction but making it a little bit more general will give you more flexibility in getting a job. It may not be your perfect job for life. But it could very well be the right job for now.

evonberg's Question: Hello Machaelle, no question, just a big thank you for doing this Q&A, your patience in answering our questions, and all your work. May the force be with you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Cheers!

mauimimi's Question: Regarding Lindsey (iabattle)'s question: It seems she was asking not about a group's opinion of a protocol, but of using the Energy Cleansing Process protocol with a large group to assist an ecological issue. Why is it not appropriate for humans to work as a group to address issues like the Gulf oil spill? Isn't the whole point to work co-creatively with Nature? You seem to be saying we are not capable of creating clear intention to be of support to nature's processes.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You seem to be one of these people who takes offense when I suggest that human beings not only aren't perfect, but become less perfect when they get together as a group. When working with the environment, if you don't do the hard work of changing how you think, you can do the Energy Cleansing Process all you want, but that flawed mind-set is going to constantly re-energize the problem so you've just managed to waste time. When you have large groups of people coming together for the purpose of jacking off the planet, which is exactly what they want to do, the effect of a process is going to last about 30 second because the same group and many more are going to immediately re-energize the problem and another Energy Cleansing is going to be needed. The problem is not the ability of a Perelandra process to do the work it was intended to do. The real problem is humans not wanting to do the hard work of changing their behavior to stop the problem in the first place. In these kinds of situations that you're suggesting, the Energy Cleansing Process becomes nothing more than an aspirin that people can take and then walk off pretending they did something. As a group, if we were "capable of creating clear intention," our environment wouldn't be in nearly the sorry condition it's in. It's not so much what I think people are capable of doing. It's simply a matter of looking at the evidence of what people have done.

plc's Question: I am new to the information on soil-less gardens but really want/need to work with it. Budget is an issue for now. What is the minimum I need to purchase to get started? Thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You could start with ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens. You'll get the brochure with information on how to use it. See if you can add to that, a damaged copy of the Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion which has a significant price reduction. That should get you started.

Janice's Question: The circuit of fore-fingers/pinkies just doesn't seem to work for me. I get inconsistent answers. I have tried a method taught to me - ask for my yes and my body leans that way. (same for no). This seems to give much clearer answers to me. Any thoughts on this? Thank you! Janice

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Patience. You're not setting up a clean connection with your electric circuit. That's critical for accurate answers. Call the Question Hot Line and let them help talk you through this.

Sara & Otis's Question: Hi Machaelle, Congratulations on your new book completion! We both can't wait to read it. We live in rural Oregon and on our way to the beach today to investigate the tide pools with our 13 year old nephew. We will search out a Staples to get more paper to finish printing your book. Then I will have a great excuse to rest from my planting schedule and read the book in the shade! Thanks for everything you and your great staff do! Sara and Otis Woodard (son of Otis MD)

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Hey -- hi! Dad's on his way! I seem to know you as Otis NIV! I think you and Sara are really going to like the book.

swillows's Question: Hi Machaelle, I live in Uruguay (a Spanish speaking country in South America) and have been using the MAP and other programs for years. I work with a Pro MAP team within my healing practice. Many friends here would like to also use the MAP program for personal healing work but are limited by language. Do you have any plans for a Spanish translation version of MAP and the Kinesiology Tool for testing brochure? If I organised a Spanish translation would you be willing to make it available for all Spanish speaking people? Blessings for the work you have been doing with the WB.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: We have the previous (second) edition of MAP translated into Spanish and available for purchase. But we would be very interested in having the current (third) edition translated. Call us if you have any ideas.

Patricia's Question: When you initially set up your DDP soiless garden for Perelandra, it was very general. I'm struggling with trying to figure out what I need to include to handle a particular circumstance but not adding so much that I'm controlling it.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Patricia — Call the Question Hot Line this Wednesday and run through your DDP with us. We'll help you figure it out. I don't have enough information to help you on the forum at this point.

lschwilling's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you for taking the time to answer questions. Mine is timing related. My grandmother passed on Wednesday morning, 3am MST. It's been a while (5+ yrs) since I've done a death release process, and I am traveling for work and only have a bottle of ETS plus with me. I remember there is a specifica frame after death with which to complete the process, but thats all. Is there any thing I can do with nature, and my bottle of ETS plus at this point. I feel like when I get home a few weeks from now is too late, and the same for next week when I visit her home.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Unfortunately, you have passed the time frame, which was 72 hours. Since she happens to be your grandmother, I feel certain she has passed on and moved on peacefully and successfully. And that she knows very well that had it been possible, you would have done the process for her. That's all she would have needed.

vfugit's Question: Contamination of air, water and food in the US from Japan"s disaster will likely continue for years. What can we do for Japan, the Pacific, the US, the planet, our own gardens and ourselves? Do we just continue with the radiation protocol forever, or is Nature actually healing this mess right now?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Nature is actually healing this mess right now, but it's probably going to be a slow and gradual process. In the mean time, it's going to be important that we remain well balanced on all PEMS levels, strong in our electric system, and that we each personally do the individual's tough work to change attitude so we don't just keep doing these stupid things over and over on the planet. After a while, the planet's going to throw its hands up and say, "I give up."

nowenb's Question: I just saw an MD yesterday questioning whether an infection that appeared behind my knee may be Lyme's disease. He decided to test for MRSA first, given the description. What do you suggest for remedies in either case. Our son, at college, had community acquired MRSA two years ago (He's a rower and spends hours daily in a gym) and Lyme's disease from the camp he counseled at in the NE last year. He and I would like to keep our foundations strong, so there is no return or further complication. Thanks for your great work.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Okay, this is a bit on the serious side. So, I would recommend that you start the MBP Solutions (the whole set of 13) right away. When you are finally diagnosed accurately, add to the Solutions the Perelandra Essences. Do a daily Basic Essence Test combined with Telegraph Testing for the disease, so that you can pull out of this and not have a recurrence. If you choose to include Essences in your protocol, you're going to need the book, The Perelandra Essences and follow the guidelines for testing Essences.

Sara's Question: Just got the Nature Cards. Wow. One question: I've drawn five and I have a question for another coning team. Do I need to start with a full deck? That is too funny. But I'd like to leave those I've drawn out during the integration to look at and think about (24-48 hrs.)

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Every time you draw a card, you need to draw from a full deck. Yes, I get the funny, but temporarily behaving so I won't say anything.

Maria's Question: Hi Machaelle, I'm a newcomer, my introduction to MAP and the processes was thanks to an injury to my index finger. I lost the feeling to the finger and recently started getting tingling that feels like the nerves coming back. I've recently started an SLG and feel like the sequential testing for essences needed is a bit off. Do I need to balance the electrical system in my hand or just put off working on the SLG until the nerves finish their healing?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I would put off working the SLG because the testing is going to interfere with the nerves healing. Just stay with MAP and continue that healing process.

littlebird's Question: I am a manual therapist and am in love with basically anything I can get my hands on from Perelandra! Is there a way to really integrate MAP etc into my practice? I know there is basic information but I wasn't sure how/where someone could take this to help others (within reason of course).

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It doesn't sound like you've read the book, MAP. If you do, there is a section on Professional MAP. That should answer all your questions.

kscott's Question: Which book has the information on Geopathic Zone Balancing, please?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Perelandra Garden Workbook II

Catherine's Question: On a previous forum you described a process for working with Nature to rebalance groceries after getting them back from the store. It came up again in relation to using EoP, I think, but I wasn't able to find it. 1) Can you please describe this process? 2) It would be great if the Q&A fora were included in the site search.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The Q&A Forum is included in the site search. If you didn't get any hits when searching "groceries," try searching the word "food." I would be more likely to use the word "food" in my answer.

bevschu's Question: Hi and thanks for the great work you do! I have a health question. I had surgery for cancer and radiation therapy about 2 years ago, and have been dealing with the after effects ever since. About a month or two ago I decided to start doing MAP again (after many years hiatus) and wondered if you have any suggestions on specific essences I should take or point me in a direction for people like me who are recovering from serious health issues?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Continue with MAP. Get the book, The Perelandra Essences. Learn how to test Essences. Once you read the book, you'll understand why I can't give you specific Essences to take. Finally, Telegraph Test for Chronic Illness. You might also want to check out Health Watch 14: Cancer Protocols.

Rona's Question: 2 years on I still have a crazy making mite infestation, done all possible processes and taking integumentary and others, asked them nicely, then ordered them to leave, desperate, very very grateful for any further suggestions.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: This is more complex than can be answered in the forum. Please call the Question Hot Line this Wednesday.

Shanimah's Question: When previously ordering essences, I requested priority mail because it is less costly than UPS. I was told that USPS irradiates the mail & I would need to re-stabilize the essences when I received them. Recently, I got the ETS+ for pets automatically through priority mail. Machaelle, what is the difference? Thank you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: There used to be a difference between how the Perelandra Essences and the rest of the Perelandra Solutions were affected by irradiation. Now, however, there is no difference. All of the bottled Perelandra product have been created to withstand the effects of x-ray and irradiation including the Essences. There's no need to do the Restabilizing Process any more! Read more here.

Peggy's Question: Just a heartfelt thank you to you and your wonderful staff. I have been using your essences and doing the processes for 10 years now and can't imagine my life without them. Thank you for the new Essences book as well.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Thank you!

Kay's Question: Relatively new here and I am way happy to have metup with you. I just got the Workbooks th other day and will be sitting with if my answer is within those pages...oops... If I have been essentially given some area to grow as I desire (he owns the land & property) as long as I do not go past those boundaries...may I ask for nature assistance? And...while I know one is to sit still...would it be ok to ask Pan to take a walk with me....I feel and practically "see" very strongly...esp. when asking Pan to shift forward. Thanks... Kay

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I'm sorry, I don't understand your question. Call the Question Hot Line on Wednesday.

gurushakti's Question: Hey Machaelle, do you have any ideas and recommendations for people living with HIV and AIDS and those who are caring for them? Do you think HIV can be cured with the processes developed with Nature?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The People living with HIV and AIDS and those who are caring for them are two completely different groups, with completely different issues. I do believe that nature can control and cure an HIV/AIDS imbalance. But if you're really serious about these questions, you need to call the Question Hot Line. It's much too complex to give you a comprehensive answer over the forum. If you call the Question Hot Line, we can break the different pieces apart for you and give you full information.

otterbe's Question: My cat runs away whenever I go near the Immune, Lymphatic or ETS for Animals. It is extremely difficult to get her to take these Solutions. Any ideas on how to get her to take them?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Try these tips first: Animal Care FAQ.

kmengesings's Question: What was the basis for the "Bowl" remedy? Is there a story there, or is it a plant?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It's an electric pattern put together by nature. There's not a story, nor is it a plant. I named it Bowl because that seemed to fit.

Bonnie's Question: I've used MAP, ETS, EoP & MPB solutions to combat 15 yrs of hot flashes related to the adrenals. No success, tho I've had great luck with other conditions. Any suggestions, short of reincarnating? =:-D

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You may need to get more specific, and that would mean testing Essences. And you set up Telegraph Testing a Chronic Condition.
You might want to consider following Eat Right 4 Your Type. It's possible that the foods that you're eating are aggravating and perpetuating the issue.

Ariela's Question: I am embarrassed to post this, but might as well swallow my pride. I started working with MAP about a week ago, after reading a bit on the web site. I probably should have waited until I knew more, but I had already been working with my higher self and others in this capacity and had a few emergencies come up and thought I might as well try it out. Whatever occurred during those sessions helped immediately (a sort of band-aid?) Well, I just got the MAP book and see that the MAP sessions should be much longer than I was doing, and of course there's a lot I didn't know. Since I have a small child, I'm definitely going to have to plan these sessions better. I'm wondering at this point if I messed myself up doing this. I'm feeling really exhausted, but this could be from the issues I'm trying to resolve. Any words of advice? Thanks!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Whatever you were doing before wasn't actually MAP. So, go ahead and open your MAP coning and tell them what you've just spend a week doing to yourself (you're giving them a "heads up"). Commit to setting up and working with MAP as it's outlined in the book. At least you recognized you made a mistake and that's good.

rknorth's Question: Great, a new book! My question's about the telegraph testing for emotional/mental issues. I'm not sure I always have words for my emotions during a MAP. I'm less articulate when I feel emotional. If I am to write them on a BTT checklist instead I'm worried that I'll miss something in the process or won't get right to the root. Do you think it will be as effective if I just test while feeling the emotion instead of having to find the words? Or is it that i'll just need to spend the time differently and take more time to consider my lists? Is it best to stick to the lists and processes in the book?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Use the process for assigning a symbol or a code word to what you're feeling so that you don't have to put yourself into that state every time you take a dose or do any follow-up testing. If you've missed something, you'll test positive for Factor X. And Y. And Z. . . . That's how everything gets included. Of course it's best to stick with the processes as they're written in the book. I set them up that way for a reason.

Helga's Question: My son (just turned 13) has hyper mobile joints. He has had a MAP team since he is 4 yrs old. We are utilizing all the processes. I feel like I have been beating my head against a closed door. Any suggestions ?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I know it sounds like I'm just harping here and constantly suggesting the new book. But honest to God, the new book has a lot of new information for how to use the Perelandra Essences for precisely the kind of situation you are dealing with. I think if you read the book, that door you're beating your head against will open. And your only urge at that point will be to rip the door off the hinges and beat me over the head with it for not getting the information out earlier. Sorry. ; )

sherbau's Question: Although I know how to muscle test I feel much more confident in using a pendulum to test. Do you see any reason not to use a pendulum for testing for essences?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Yes. It won't always give reliable answers. It's much easier to influence the results when using a pendulum. Please read the new chapter on muscle testing in The Perelandra Essences. I think that will answer your question.

Martin's Question: Hello Machelle, Congratulations to your new book. You should get a PhD for all that research and a Nobel Prize for all the help, relieve and evolution you consequently bring to people! (I am not a good reader, so can you please tell me which pages contain new material in the new book, so I do not have to make my way through the whole big book... Hope you do not think I am lazy --- just kidding you.) Well done to my favorite researcher on this planet. Looking forward to trying it all out! Scottish Summer Greetings from Forres - do you need some rain over there? Plenty spare here :-) No "real" question today, just wanting to congratulate you and to say "Hello!"

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It sounds like you haven't quite gotten over the last forum yet. Way to kiss up! And thanks for your nice words.

Shirley's Question: I read what you wrote in #32 about Mouth Balancing. For deep gum pockets I have been taking the regular dose of 8 drops and then telegraph testing with Mouth Balancing Solution to each pocket 2x/day as described in brochure. Is that enough or would it be good to also Essence telegraph test? Plus the latter might reveal cause of poor gums? Thank you, Machaelle.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: At this point, I would continue taking the regular dose of Mouth Balancing daily. And switch to Telegraph Testing the Essences. I think you'll get more pin-pointed results.

omshantima's Question: As a healer, I often pick up the energies that are being released on the planet for the purpose of transmuting them. Sometimes it is overwheming. What do you suggest?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: First of all I suggest you stop doing that. If you're really interested in offering quality transmuting, do the Battle Energy Release Process instead. You're not a human sieve, you don't have to move those energies through you. The Battle Energy Release Process lets nature do the job for you. And they're able to do a better and more balanced job.

Joanne's Question: Hi Machaelle- I was the one last time who did a soiless garden on work and asked for it as quick as possible and then had a terrible fall. I did change the wording and no more falls! However I must tell you and everyone that my work/career has improved dramatically and the soiless garden really works folks!!!Yay to Machaelle and her sharing and nature. Also last forum a therapist said that when he opened a coning with patients, results were much better. Well I do that now and not only are the results much better, my healing has improved dramatically and I can only say that it must be because i am not alone- I have a whole wonderful team with me now. Thank you Machaelle. Just ordered the book and can''t wait. Way to go !!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Okay, it's always helpful and encouraging for everyone to read how these things work for you!

Jo's Question: I have a question. Do you have anything to strengthen teeth. I am taking mouth essence. Anything else that you can recommend. I have a weakness in the family on mom's side and my diet is good, supplements, I do it all etc - thanks and love the forum. So useful in all ways- Jo

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I'm sounding like a broken record here, but I'm going to recommend that you add Essence Telegraph Testing for strengthening teeth.

crocus's Question: I don't feel I can afford buying all the essences right now but have a pet cat that seems to be absorbing all my physical issues. i feel kinda panicky and guilty about this. can you recommend a solution? thank you for all your good work.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You're just going to have to look at our web site and look at the products we have to offer, and decide what your budget can afford. I can't make that decision for you.

Deborah's Question: I do EoP nature shifts for balance on the house and property, for Myself, my Husband and two teenagers. I take EoP and flower essences to maintain a semblence of mental and emotional balance, it goes pretty well most of the time, but every now and then I lose it, or someone else does. Do I just accept this as part of the human condition, dust myself off and start over? I tried to be only positive for years and I think it almost made me crazy, and frustrated the children to no end. Thanks Deborah

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Oh Deborah, Deborah, Deborah. If I were one of your teenagers and you were trying to "be positive" all the time, I'd run away. Please try to be human. Being human involves all kinds of emotions. You don't have to walk around sounding like a Hallmark card. It's okay to come down into the mud and join the rest of us humans. We accept you with open arms.

Jyoti's Question: Thank you for teaching about the MAP sessions. I loved them and they helped so much. Thanks for making this forum available. Jyoti

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You're very welcome. I'm glad you appreciate it.

sbowie's Question: I am regularly involved with group strategic planning. For two years, I worked with a group open to being inside of a coning. The level of harmony, results, and ease was remarkable. What do you advise for group strategic planning when only one or two others are open to conings?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You cannot open a group coning under those circumstances. The people who are comfortable with conings open them for themselves as individual with the same goal: group strategic planning.

Claire's Question: Machaelle, thanks for everything...just bought the book. Living on some wild land here in NC and leaving that land in peace! But user of MAP and essences, big reader of Dancing, Mt. Shasta, and big supporter of your work. Recently was exposed to Laura Eisenhower, great granddaughter of David. Do you give credence to her work? Thanks so much, yet again. We can do it! Claire.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I'm not familiar with her work at all.

nbeety's Question: You took a stand on toxic sludge. Have you looked into the issues of wireless radiation, from Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, cell phones, cell towers?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: No. I'm kind of hoping other individuals will jump in and take up important causes so I don't have to address them all myself. It's all yours – go for it!


SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels