Perelandra Question Forum
September 17, 2011

As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered an Online Question Forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

That's it folks! We've answered all the questions that have come in today. Hope the answers helped all of you.
– Machaelle

Brigitte's Question: While telegraph testing every symptoms for a certain intent this morning, some symptoms needed essences but others did not. Dosages were not needed for any symptoms. Should I still do a 7 days follow-up for all the symptoms, even those who checked no essences needed? Also, may I add other symptoms that comes up during the follow up period? Thank you so much for everything.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Yes, for any Telegraph Test you should always do 7 days of follow-up for each symptom before considering each one clear. And yes, you may add other symptoms to your list, get a dosage and just put it in the mix.

revphilomena's Question: I have a 13 yr. old Shih Tzu who has skin problems especially in his right ear and I have tried many things and nothing seems to work. HELP

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Here is a page on our web site that lists all of the Perelandra tools you can use to address this and other health concerns for your Shih Tzu: Animal Care for Beginners. If you have any questions after reading that page, check back here or call our Question Hot Line.

gurushakti's Question: Hey Machaelle, Is it appropriate to activate a coning for a wedding ceremony, given the fact that it's probably one of the most important occasions of one's life and thus it is important and beneficial to include nature and the white brotherhood in it? I suppose a wedding (and subsequently, a marriage) can be seen as a soil-less garden, with the commitment vows acting as the DDP. Wouldn't it thus be wise to have nature as your "marriage therapist"? And if a wedding can be performed in a coning, and supposedly the guests have been briefed on what a coning is etc, how does one include the higher selves of everyone present without the risk of the guests either dozing off or running for the champagne counter? I've observed that you need to connect the higher selves of the people present one by one. That might not work in a large group situation. No, I'm not getting married anytime soon, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead :)

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The coning wasn't designed to work this way. It's not a group grope. I hate hypotheticals. I find mucking about in a hypothetical such a waste of time. When it's time for you to get married and it's actually time to do it, either call the Question Line or contact me on a forum again in the future. And instead of hypotheticals, talk reality to me.

elestialhealing's Question: HI Machaelle, We have been trying to sell our house since April. I set up a soil-less garden but we have not met our goals. I originally had a DDP saying "we would like to sell our house at ______ by aug 30, 2011 for as close to the asking price as possible". We came close to, but didn't achieve these deadlines. I changed the DDP to "We want to sell our house at ______ before Nov 1, 2011. I "work in the garden" several times a week and when anything comes up that needs tending. At one point in the process my husband had the realization that he was still incredibly attached the house, he worked through that. What I have found most remarkable about this garden is that it has been mostly about healing us and our entrenched behavior patterns and beliefs. It seems like WE are the soil, not the house and land it sits on. It has been an incredible journey and has actually strengthened our relationship. However, we still want to sell our house, we are currently living on different coasts and would love to be fully married again. Any suggestions?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Because of what the two of you are going through, I recommend that you restate the DDP to say that, "Your goal is to be together and fully married again. How do we do this?" It may not be that you sell the house, but that somebody changes a job. Open it up for a wider array of option and say that according to what you've written, your real goal is to be together and re-launch the marriage, not necessarily to sell the house. You think selling the house is the only answer, so you've limited yourself. Also, it's not just his attachment to the house that's the only issue here, your attachment to how you think the goal is going to be accomplished is at issue as well.

gurushakti's Question: Hey Machaelle, it's me again :) I've a 2nd question, can MAP help one with moving addiction patterns out of you? And other unhealthy behaviors such as procrastination, co-dependency etc? And a 3rd question: When you open a MAP coning, do you say MAP as in M. A. P in individual letters, or MAP as in "map". I've a tendency to call it "map" when I read the book, but i wasn't sure if that will properly translate to them. Thanks!!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Yes, you can address any health concern with MAP including addiction, procrastination, co-dependancy and any other behavioral issue. And yes, it's pronounced, "map."

jmpuder's Question: Gardens are on my mind today; my "garden crew" consists of just me, and I'm always looking for new and helpful ideas! I'm interested to know about the drainage system you designed for Perelandra Garden. Also, is the hoop/netting for sun protection something you put together, or can it be purchased? I like the look of those sturdy supports for plants - are those pounded into the ground or secured some other way? Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures through the year!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: From Perelandra's perspective, what's really important is that you institute ideas and information in your garden according to what your nature connected to that garden is saying. The things that work at Perelandra may not work for you because of all of the different variables. That said, the supports are pounded into the ground about a foot and a half. And the hoops and nets can be purchased from Gardener's Supply.

Barbara S.'s Question: How to work thru feeling so overwhelmed and inadequate with testing and all the time it seems to take, I get discouraged but do perservere.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It's easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning, and to feel inadequate with the testing. The best way through this is to start small. Limit what you're testing. Don't take everything on in the beginning. Start with a range of testing that makes you smile. If you're not smiling, your range is too big. And just be patient with yourself. You'll very quickly automatically expand your testing in a comfortable way.

Amy C.'s Question: For travel purposes, I've put the MBPs into 1/2 dram bottles. Are they as effective despite the smaller drop size?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: We're only familiar with dram bottles, and the drop in a dram dropper is the same as the size of drop in a 1/2-oz. bottle dropper. We're not familiar with 1/2 dram bottles.

Phyllis's Question: I have a cyst on my eyebrow and I've been particularly lazy about testing essences lately. OK to use ETS exclusively for a while?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: For this situation, using ETS Plus exclusively isn't going to give you what you want. So, I'm going to recommend that you go back to the essences. I'm not sure from your question that you've gotten the new book, The Perelandra Essences. That book will help you with your testing and enable you to do it more efficiently.

dancer4dreams's Question: Good afternoon Machaelle, I recently move to another state leaving behind my family, home, partner, work, etc. I believe this move was needed but at times is still hard to not look back and feel stricken by grief. Without interfering with the grieving process I would like to know what would be the best solutions that would help me move forward in creating a more harmonious life; including my own business. Thank you

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Take daily doses of ETS Plus for humans until you get through this challenging period. And see Soil-less Gardens for your business. Based on your question, I can't tell if you're familiar with Perelandra. So, if you're not, I suggest that you also look around on our web site and find what else might be helpful to you.

lizzygill's Question: Hello and thank you so much for this great treat today! I'm loving the Perelandra teachings and really enjoying the books. I'm working with three SLGs, and I'm just wondering whether to do general maintenance and say thank you to the team for the work thus far, do I follow the trouble-shooting sheet every time, or can I open a coning, share some thoughts and thanks and ask some questions? In other words, is working intuitively dangerous or inadvisable, and should I stick to the trouble-shooting script? Thanks so much for all your research, it has really changed my life!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If you "stick to the troubleshooting script" you'll ensure that you won't get yourself in trouble and get lost in the weeds. If you use only intuition, you don't have the safety net assurance of the troubleshooting that was set-up with nature.

ml's Question: I'm re-invigorating use of the essences for self-health care and have just recently found my original sets that date back about 8-10 years. They've been stored in cool dark places... just wondering if there is a concern about their potency and would I be better served by having a new batch of essences?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: No concern for potency, but taste them and see if they taste like rubber. The rubber taste doesn't harm the pattern, but it may harm your sense of taste. If it's the latter, you may want to get a new set. If you have no sense of smell and therefore no taste, it won't be a problem. I'm really glad to hear that you're getting back to the essences!

dancer4dreams's Question: I forgot to ask what solutions would be good for my cat. He moved with me to a household where there is a dog and many people come through. He was used to other animals, birds and fish. But he doesn't like the dog or his owner( friend I live with.) And spends most of his time hidden underneath bed. Unless I am with him then he gets out for a few moments. Even though he is doing much better and is taking flower essences I would like to provide all the assistance possible to make this living situation easier for him. Gracias

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Add ETS Plus for Animals daily, and check out other options on the Animal Care for Beginners page.

Mary C.'s Question: Re-reading "Dancing iSotM". I realize evolution is exponentially alive here, and the book was written some time ago, but I find myself wondering how people (like John, at The Cottage), can be so active on one dimension and not know in the other. It seems to me that that might be true for many (and I have often suspected may be true for me). And I wonder whether some of what is called "ADD" here is a kind of energetic split between dimensional existences... Can you say something about this, or isn't that appropriate for this forum?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I wouldn't mistake true ADD or a simple lack of focus for "other wordly activity." If it's important for you to be aware of expanded activity, you will be aware of it. John's life does not include ADD.

aojones's Question: Hello! I am a busy student and struggle with time management. This makes me nervous to begin a SLG as I am unsure about what time commitment I will be able to dedicate. Is there any MAP work I can do around this issue?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: In your DDP, state the amount of time you can honestly commit to this SLG. But, the kicker is that you will have to live up to your commitment because your SLG pattern is going to be laid out according to that commitment. If you find you can't do that, you're going to have to go back into your DDP and reset it with a new time commitment. Unless you're getting in your own way, more than just a time commitment, you don't need to take this to MAP. Just be honest in your DDP.

judiciao's Question: I love your work Machaelle, thanks for opening up co creative work and helping the rest of us get "right to it." My question is: If I am able to receive answers to my questions without using the PKTT and validate that they are correct may I bypass the circuit of the PKTT? And another question if I am allowed the time; in working with setting up a new homestead (land purchased, no structures yet) I would like to co create it all. your advice on first steps.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Even if you get answers through another method, you should still verify them using PKTT. You'd probably save time using PKTT from the very beginning, however. And for working co-creatively on your homestead, I suggest you read Perelandra Garden Workbooks I & II.

Amy C.'s Question: While preparing for Hurricane Irene, to arrive in North Jersey, I tested for "preparing our property for Irene" and "keeping our basement dry". All went amazingly well. Only a trickle of water into the basement for which we were prepared with a pile of old towels; we didn't lose power or have water sanitation issues and the neighbor's tree that partially uprooted and fell onto our yard stopped short of smashing onto our garage. Nature got lots of thanks from me! Do you have any suggestions about working with nature to prepare for big storms? BTW, the tree's departure has our backyard now sunny and less mushy. I kept checking on whether I needed to make changes in/for the backyard and always got a "no". Situation resolved. WOW! Thanks for everything you all do at Perelandra!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: With this kind of success, I'm not sure why you're asking this question. You already know what to do. Glad it turned out to be so successful for you.

Diana D.'s Question: If I do the post-death ETS plus process for someone whose native language is not English, will they understand what I am saying if I speak in English, or do I need to use their language?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Go ahead and use English. They'll understand.

Beth G.'s Question: Is this a good statement to open a soil-less garden with? I would like to learn as much as possible, gain insights about how to best teach 3 - 6 year olds in a Montessori environment and find new materials and activities to incorporate nature partnerships in the classroom during my training.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: This is a fine statement or DDP. My first reaction when reading it is that you have opened up a huge adventure for yourself. It's a wide-ranging DDP. Expect this soil-less garden and this classroom to remain active for years. It's bound to be an interesting journey.

lilibartes's Question: I second Barbara's question. Also if I don't have the means to purchase all the essences, this work can happen by energetically calling on the essences needed, correct?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I'm glad you're getting started with essences again! But no, that's not correct. You cannot apply the Perelandra Essences energetically. They are designed to be taken orally.

pureintentions's Question: Blessings Machaelle, which book or paper was it that I read your "interview" with White Light? Thank you and hope your Autumn Equinox Celebration is fabulous!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I think the information in Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon will answer your question.

Diana D.'s Question: Hi, it's me again. I just want to say that your book, The Perelandra Essences is fantastic and has greatly changed my life and the life of my family for the better. We have suffered from multiple health problems that are all on the mend, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much! I also want to thank your company for such easy ordering from and mailing to Serbia; very few companies mail products here.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I'm really pleased to hear that The Perelandra Essences book is giving you the road map through successfully addressing those multiple health problems. Thanks for letting me know this.

robertson4460's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thanks for having an open house. Today I have couple of questions the first is about working in a soilless garden. I work in a body shop and can work on many different cars over the span of the day and indeed over the week. My question is should I open an individual coning for each car I work on or should I open a collective coning for all the cars that I know I will work on for the duration of the repair. The second question is with regard to essences for pets, you have said that it is ok to use them on dogs etc can you and would you recommend using the Mouth Balancing Solution on dogs.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: That's an interesting question on that car thing. I could give you an answer, but it would just be my guess. My suggestion is that you open the soil-less garden and lay out the situation exactly as you've written here and ask them which is the better way to go. Yes, I do recommend the Mouth Balancing for dogs and cats, and probably any other animal with a mouth problem.

Rick's Question: Hi Thanks for this help! 2 things - One my help provider has me taking: Standard Process - Hypothalamus pgm 4825 - which has porcine hypothalymus pgm and calcium lactate cellulose and calcium stearate // so is there any generic or similar product that I can use if this is not available? AND There is a lot of mold around since the huricane- is there any good over the counter nasal spray that I might use to counter the affects? (Like Airinize?) Thanks Again :) Rick

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I think you've mistaken me for a pharmacist. Sorry I can't help.

cocreating's Question: Hi Machaelle, I'm loving the new Perelandra Essences book. What I don't see in it and wonder about is the Body Soul Fusion process. Is it somewhere in there and I just haven't seen it? Relatedly, it occurred to me to surrogat test someone as to whether she needed a Body Soul Fusion process. She tested positive which surprised me because I did this with her before - about 3 years ago. Is this common? She has gone through some trauma lately.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: See Chapter 8, page 108. It's been updated and is now called, Extreme-Trauma Repair Process. And as a process, it can be repeated for the same person as a result of different traumas.

theresew2003's Question: I just want to add my thanks for the garden photos. Not only do they lift my heart with their extraordinary beauty they sometimes give me a chuckle and they keep me connected with y'all at a surprisingly deep level--like a visual EoP, perhaps. Anyhow, I'm so grateful for them!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Well, thanks for your thanks! I'll be glad to pass this along to all of our photographers.

Barbara S.'s Question: Thank you for 1st answer. 2nd question: I have just started using essences about a month ago. I have exhaustion due to old chronic fatigue, lots of low back and hip pain, digestive issues. I am doing MBP solutions 2x daily, MAP, daily essence testing--anything else for now? I am very excited with the work and so want to feel better! Thanks so much. I love the books!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I recommend Telegraph Testing for Chronic Illness for perhaps the chronic fatigue, the Daily Symptom Sweep, or Telegraph Testing for the rest of the health issues — all described in the new book. You're going to have to read about these approaches and determine which approach will be best for which health issue. If you have any other questions, call our Question Hot Line on any Wednesday.

Driftin's Question: I have been having recurring herpes infections (between my buttocks) for the last year. Is there a flower remedy that can help? I am taking a homeopathic remedy when I feel them coming on & was told the virus could just wear itself out. But energy work has worked for me on so many levels, and I wonder if it couldn't help this.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: We have two things we can recommend. You can choose whichever attracts you most. One is to treat this as an infection and utilize the protocols as listed in Health Watch 5B. The other is to set up Essence Telegraph Testing for Chronic Illness and go through the testing protocol as listed in chapter 9 of the new book, The Perelandra Essences.

Judy's Question: I have a problem with electronics (my Blackberry, Wi-Fi, computer, etc) messing up my energy field. I need and want to use the electronics. How can I use them safely? Is this something for me to use a Soil-Less Garden process with, or what? Also, I want to protect my other essences from the same electronics. I understand your essences are OK, but I'm an essence practitioner and I have many, many others. Thanks! Judy

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Regarding using electronics — you can do an Essence Daily Symptom Sweep and add as one of your symptoms the impact of electronics that day on your electric system. And each day rebalance the circuits that are adversely impacted. For protecting essences other than the Perelandra Essences, you'll have to contact the producers of those essences and ask them what to do. I can't speak for them.

Judy's Question: Another question: I have a couple of titanium plates and a bunch of screws attached to my right femur, as a result of breaking said femur a couple of years ago. My body isn't happy with the metal still being in there when it's no longer needed, but the orthopedists don't want to remove it. How can I help my body come to terms with it? Is this about microbial balancing? Or is it a SLG process? Or a MAP process? Or what? Thanks, Judy

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I would take this to the MAP team and describe it as you've described it to me, adding precisely how your body is telling you it's unhappy with the situation. At some point, your MAP team may want you to kick in essences for rebalancing and stabilizing your system to include your plates and screws. But for now, I'd start with MAP.

happytr's Question: I own a home that I rent out. Is it appropriate to do an Energy Cleansing while the tenants are living there? Is it just as effective to do a Daily Symptom Sweep in the morning as it is evening? Many thanks!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You can do an Energy Cleansing with your building while the tenants are there. But they may feel the sheet moving through, so you might want to do it while they're away to avoid any confusion.
The Daily Symptom Sweep is just as effective in the morning as it is in the evening. But if you do the sweep in the evening, you clear out and balance the electric system before your night's sleep rather than going to bed with all of that.

Brigitte's Question: Just one more little thing.... Is it normal when it says no dosage? Thanks. Much love. P.S. I'm sure of my testing at 99.9% LOL

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It's common, but it's not something to expect all of the time.

knoell's Question: This isn't a question. And I don't need you to "answer" it in public and take away time (and your energy) from other people's inspiring questions. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the new book. Oh my goodness, that is good food. Thank you, thank you. I love it!!!!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Thank you for your kind words. Glad you liked the book.

ml's Question: Thanks Machaelle... I'm very happy to be embracing the essences again and feel your research to be some of the most valuable "out there". Another question... I'm Telegraph Testing for Chronic Illness and just completed my starting gate session this morning. What considerations determine when we would choose to go with MAP rather than (though maybe "rather than" is an erroneous way of putting it) the Basic and Telegraph Testing?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If you combine the two — the Essence Testing and MAP — you'll be moving the health issue along that much more quickly. They compliment one another and they work together well. But if you have a health situation you feel is a legitimate "either/or" just go to your MAP team and ask that question.

jfritz's Question: Hello Machaelle... I have been using your products and processes for many years. Right now I want to offer clearing and balancing of land, environments (any buildings, living spaces) Geopathic Zones etc. to others as a service, all within correct Perelandra procedure and ethics... Your thoughts on this please? ... thanks

MACHAELLE'S Answer: As long as you follow the bouncing ball as it's laid out with the processes, I think this would be a fine service to offer. It's important that they know that you're not certified or endorsed by Perelandra.

k80koch's Question: I have to have a blood test once a month and it's always a crap shoot to get a vein. I've tried opening a coning during the draw with limited success. Then I did a P. Essences test specific for an easy blood draw. It was touchy but we got it first try! I'm guessing this is the better way to go rather than a coning?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: What you could do is include Essence testing after the draw on the vein that was used so that the circuits that are damaged by the draw repair quickly. This approach may be just the ticket for easier monthly blood draws.

Helga's Question: Aloha Machaelle I am faced with "a mess": a job which I have outgrown, body is hurting, worries about finances etc I know that I just need to "step away" from it all in order to create something new. I am working with MAP and a SLG named "Carrier Change". Do you have another idea? Much love to you, you are doing such wonderful work!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The thing that pops to mind is to add ETS Extreme Trauma time frame and take ETS 5 times daily while you go through this period. Or add a Daily Symptom Sweep and pay attention to your physical, emotional and mental elements that pop up each day. These can serve as a block, so it's good to clear them out.

n2wellness's Question: Would it be approiate to ask for a ones Professional MAP team to attend new educational seminars of learning with you? Or would what you bring home from the seminar (the educator's printed information) be adequate for your team to help you begin to integrate the new information?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Just relax and attend the seminar. Once you get back home, discuss what you've learned with your Professional MAP team. They don't need to attend the seminar.

k80koch's Question: Related question: I get acupuncture treatments once a week and would open a coning for the duration of the treatment with ok results. I'm wondering if I'm misapplying the use of conings? I get great results when I use the Perelanda Essences beforehand with the focus on the acupuncture treatment (and save conings for when I'm home.)

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You've already answered your question. You get the better result with the Essences. Just focus on using your Essences. But I would also urge you to test the Essences again after the acupuncture treatment and see if you need a dosage for further stabilizing the acupuncture treatment. You'll get more bang for your buck.

Judith's Question: Our sump pump broke and sewage backed up into the downstairs toilet and tub. Repaired, cleaned, removed carpet, aired house, still smells musty/nasty. Out of ideas. Ask MAP? Other suggestion?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: No, you wouldn't ask MAP (the MAP teams are physicians, they don't do septic work), but you might consider doing a Microbial Balancing Program Environmental Troubleshooting.

lkermits's Question: Is it possible to perform Perelandra processes on one's "parallel" lives, other strands, etc?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You'll probably be taking care of anything that's needed if you just pay attention to the present life you see when you look in a mirror.

VB's Question: Hi and many thanks for all the work at Perelandra. I'm still working with Pan in MAP in the added time to the coning and for the same functions as before. Is it more efficient to work directly now with the Perelandra Essence testing rather than conversation with Pan? vb

MACHAELLE'S Answer: As I said in the book, it is more efficient to work with the upgrade. That's why it's an upgrade! (For everyone else — VB is referring to the Calibration Process in the 3rd Edition of MAP, and the upgrade I'm referring to is in The Perelandra Essences, beginning on page 214.)

zayzo's Question: Howdy, howdy -- I don't have a question, but I wanted to say thank you for everything. Perelandra processes and products have been part of my life for about 17 years now. Every time I'm ready to absorb the next bit, I find your practical, non-squishy approach to getting stuff done always inspires and encourages me as I work through the steps of transforming the unfamiliar and strange into just another element of a more balanced and functional life. You present everything with the calm and clarity of a really good plumbing textbook, and as a result the instructions are just as helpful. (I find I get a lot further with "start by turning off the water" than "let's begin by getting in touch with our love for the pipes.") So, thank you. For all you've done, and all you've given, and all the work behind each Perelandra offering. And thank you most of all for passing it on with the same amount of kerfluffle as you might say, "Here. This is the wrench you need. You can fix this. Just try."

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Dear Fellow Pipe-Fixer,
What a great thank you. You gave me a terrific laugh. About 32 years ago, I was getting ready to go into a room and do a group Energy Cleansing and I had been discussing what I was going to do with somebody, and when I walked into the room about 35 people were laughing and said it's because I sounded like a plumber about to fix a bunch of pipes. Apparently, I've kept the approach. Glad you're a fellow pipe-fixer. If I ever say, "Start by getting in touch with our love for the pipes," it's an indication that I've just gone over a cliff and it's time to put me in the rubber room.

undermaple's Question: I've been working with an SLG for my income and work for a while, and this has lead me to prepare for and get accepted to go back to grad school as part of developing work. I was trying to keep the SLG simple, working with my need to find a sustaining income and work. It has been a sweet process which has gone surprisingly smoothly with the SLG connection with nature. And now I begin in a couple weeks and am wondering if it is appropriate to set up another SLG for grad school itself with its own ddp, or as a subset/project under the current SLG with an intents list. It seems that this new stage will have many components and I'm not sure how to arrange and organize it all. The shift to using the essences for the calibration process has left me unsure how to work in a coning when I have more mental/emotional questions. Your guidance is most appreciated.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Set up a different SLG focused just on your grad work, but include the goals from your other SLG that led you to grad school. The timing and rhythm of grad school is going to be so different, it will facilitate things if you have a new SLG. The old SLG won't encumber the new one.
When you're working in an SLG coning and you feel you need a Calibration Process, just set it up as a regular telegragh test for those specific mental/emotional issues (see page 214 of The Perelandra Essences).
I'm really glad to see that your SLG work is producing such good results. Best of luck with grad school.

n2wellness's Question: In the video for MBP the sting was addressed by that program. Why was the MAP emergency team not the priority there? Just getting a bit confused as to what MBP is exactly for... Thanks...

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I used that example because I was teaching the Microbial Balancing Program workshop and not a MAP workshop. If you're still confused, you should probably call the Question Hot Line.

elestialhealing's Question: Wow Machaelle, Thank you! You have seen through all my emotional/mental fog. I am off to rewrite my DDP and looking forward to being fully married again. Thanks for making yourself available to us.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: That's good!

n.canestaro's Question: Help! I've read the Soil-less Companion, and spent a couple of days trying to write a DDP. (And, yes, I looked up the definition of Definition, Description, and Purpose.) Does this fit the bill? DEFINITION… I want to create a successful feng shui business for people who are seeking greater harmony and balance where they live and work. DIRECTION… I want to provide guidance through how-to-do-it books, online seminars, workshops, space clearings, and personal consultations PURPOSE… The purpose is to empower people to improve the quality of their home and work life. I'm working with a business coach who can't figure out why I'm not writing a Mission, Vision, and Goals!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: This is a perfectly fine DDP. And you can just as easily, if it makes your business coach happy, call it "Mission, Vision and Goals," even though you know it's a DDP. However, if your business coach is that tight-assed, and continues to insist on "mission, vision and goals," this inflexibility might be counter-productive to a soil-less garden and you may have more success if you step forward on your own without your business coach.

highesttruth's Question: Hi Machaelle, I've had experience working with MAP for physical & emotional symptoms & test for essences. I also have your new book, The Perelandra Essences, though not yet read it. I want to move to a different state & need help in identifying which place is right. I also want to start a new business that will give me more independence, but not sure what or how to combine my skills into something I will love & will also help others. I've been in this stuck place for a few years now. Within MAP, can I ask for career counseling & direction where to move? I do know after I identify what I want to grow I can use soil-less garden, but I'm still in the stage of trying to figure out what to grow. Thanks!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Figuring out what you want to grow can be your soil-less garden. However, my suggestion is that you unscrew your head from your shoulders, put it in a locked box somewhere and learn to follow your heart a little better. Probably in about a week you'll know what to do for that business. You're way over-thinking this one.

mauriziaferrari's Question: Hi Machaelle, thanks for all your work and this opportunity. I have set up a coning to sell my house, and it's going very slow. The DDP words are 'i want to sell my house and move to ____' it's been 4 months now and some people came to view it, gave positive feedback and then left and nothing happened. I read again the directions I gave and realised that my request had been promptly delivered by the team as I asked that the buyer would be able to see the potential of the house. Should I change it to 'i want to find a buyer for my house and move to ____ closer to my daughter' as this is the emotional issue that drives me to move there?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Your real goal is to move closer to your daughter. As crazy as this may seem, providing the answer to that goal may not include selling your house and moving. If you set up your DDP with just the goal to move closer to your daughter, you'll probably find that there are many definitions to the meaning of the word, "closer." I think the way you have it set-up now, you're trying to pre-determine the answer to that goal.

Janice's Question: Hi, I'm very new to MAP, reading the book and in Chapter 4. I just purchased ETS+ for myself and dog, Kayla. We had a very stressful situation at the vet yesterday that left Kayla unable to walk normally (rear end very weak). She is 12 yrs old and her sister (Sunny was also 12) just transitioned 6+ weeks ago. Kay is much better today through help of another vet with alternative therapy. I did administer half a dose of ETS+ yesterday AM to both of us. I want to start the program and am going out of town next Wednesday-Monday and won't be able to do a coning on either myself or Kay at that time. Should I wait until I get back to start the program on both of us or start now and wait to do more sessions when I get back from the trip? I really feel like MAP can and will help us both. Thank you for your help! Janice

MACHAELLE'S Answer: When you continue reading the book, you'll find that MAP is not appropriate for Kayla. I include in the book a chapter on the Nature Healing Coning which was set up exclusively for animals. I think you should wait until you get back from your trip to start MAP for yourself. That will give you time to finish reading the book while you're away. You'll also have time to read about the Nature Healing Coning for Kayla and can work with that when you return.
There's a reason why I have written that a dose of ETS Plus includes 10 to 12 drops. It's not appropriate for you to reduce that dosage by half and expect ETS Plus to work well for you, or for Kayla. I suggest that when taking ETS Plus for humans or administering ETS Plus for Animals, it be the full dose if you wish it to be effective.

We've stopped accepting new question submissions, but Machaelle will continue to answer every question we've received so far. . . .

mjhoma's Question: Yesterday I had gum surgery to assist my four front teeth #7, 8, 9, and 10. The reason I had the surgery was that a crown on tooth #7 popped off about a month ago. Any suggestions on helping the healing process?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: For this, I would set it up as a regular Perelandra Essence Telegraph Test. Be sure to do all of the follow-up testing that's required. The information for Basic Telegraph Testing is in chapter 7 of The Perelandra Essences.

vyhnak's Question: Dear Machaelle - I work mostly with the devas and nature spirits of the Earth, and not so much with human health. Would you please advise helping to heal the following: my sister with her multiple chemical sensitivities, my husband's brain and body trauma still being held in his body from an auto accident 20 years ago, and my progressing arthritis in my knees? Thank you for all you do. We love you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Really, you want me to give you advice for healing three major health conditions in a forum perhaps in 100 words or less? Really?! I suggest you get over reluctance to working with nature for addressing human health and that you introduce MAP to yourself, your husband and your sister. (MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program) If your husband and your sister don't wish this kind of help, don't push it. Use it for yourself. And I also recommend the book, The Perelandra Essences where you'll learn to use Essences to address all of these health concerns.

Trudy's Question: Hello Machaelle Thanks a lot for the new essence book. Very clear and easy and a pleasure to use. Do you now what essence you can use for someone with the syndrom of Gilles de la Tourette I give the ETS plus maybe do you know if there is more to give? greetings from Holland

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Hello Trudy from Holland! I suggest that you set up this syndrome as a chronic illness and to Telegraph Testing for Chronic Illness. I'm pleased to hear from someone who knows English as a second language that you feel the book is clear and easy to use.

aojones's Question: Thank you Machaelle for your reply! A quick follow up if I may, I suspect that I am getting in my own way when it comes to working with an SLG. There is a pattern of somewhat self-depreciating behavior that is coming to my attention as of late. I do struggle with time management, but also with episodes of depression. Should I begin a SLG around this? Thank you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I think taking the issue around the depression to MAP, or Essence Telegraph Testing depression as defined in the book, The Perelandra Essences, but don't set up an SLG around depression. That's unnecessary.

Sara's Question: When's the next special on essences? I didn't realize that I would be drinking them the last time you had a sale! Seriously I can get a sense for the depth of healing these new methods will bring and it is amazing. Question: If I miss a follow up day or two for my dog's fatty tumors (eg, liver related to fatty tumors) do I start back at day one and test for 6 more days? Or start over testing all systems related to the problem originally? Thank you again!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You need to do the follow-up testing within 48 hours. So if you miss a day, you're still within the right time frame. If you miss the 48-hour window, you will go back and restart addressing that symptom with a new Basic Telegraph Test.

Phyllis's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thanks for your response. Yes, I;ve got the new Essences book and am thrilled with it. Perhaps a MAP session will help me to move through this, too. All the Best to you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Glad to have helped.

vyhnak's Question: Machaelle, this question just 'popped' into my mind as I sent you my previous question. I'm thinking about joining together in community or starting a community here in Vermont, of people wanting to create conscious and active co-creative partnerships with nature,as a shared way of vital living. Are there such communities growing in or near Vermont or elsewhere, or can you offer consultation/advice in how to start such a community here? Thank you again. P.S. Are there any scientific think tanks yet, which embrace the co-creative methods, to create the new paradigm technologies? We can do this, and need to do it now, don't you think? Love you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I focus my efforts on passing the Perelandra information along to individuals. I pay no attention to communities. I know of no communities in Vermont. That doesn't mean there aren't any, I just don't know of any. And you don't want me to offer consultation or advice on how to start a community because I'd be way too snarky and un-community-like.
If there are any "scientific thinktanks" that embrace the co-creative methods, I don't know about them. They're not talking to me. That probably says something about the level of thinking they're engaged in.

mmmstars's Question: I don't understand the numbering system on the MBP Solutions... in all likelihood it's serious ignorance on my part - in which case I apologise in advance - but if there is a simple reason that I have quite honestly missed, I would appreciate an answer. E.g. why are there multiple solutions numbered "7" (respiratory, nervous). thanks for the ongoing great work! much appreciated.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The number on the side of the bottle is the number of drops you need for that Solution. We print it large on the side of the bottle so that people who normally wear glasses don't have to search for them in order to read the number of drops. Aren't we thoughtful?!

Susan's Question: Have not worked in two years secondary to extreme illness. Using essences for health, and feeling much better -- thank you, Perelandra! Must return to work now. Planted SLG called "Getting (myself) Hired Into A New Job". DDP="I want to serve in a (stated profession) job in (2 areas of expertise) that pays extremely well, has excellent benefits, requires minimal (particular kind here) skills, and has a reasonable commute to get to the job and back home". Have discussed fears with team. Much fear still around returning to work, ability to get hired after 2 year hiatus, etc. Have not even finished reworking my resume. Should I break this SLG down into smaller bites--like Write for Resume, Prep for Interview, Search for Jobs, etc? Thank you for all the help received through Perelandra books and products. Blessings, Susan

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Go ahead and keep your DDP as it's written. Don't bother breaking it down. The resume and the interview prep and the search are all part of this DDP and you'll be discussing that with your team as each of them come up. Should this not work for you after a reasonable amount of time, I suggest changing your DDP completely to "I want my next step in a paying job." The DDP as you've written it may not work out because you're controlling it too much with the list of specifics that you've made. Really, what you want if you want to step forward with some kind of contentment is the next step that is for you, and not the step that you think is for you.

camino21's Question: Machaelle, No question, just a HUGE Thank You for the temporary $5.00 shipping. With Gratitude for ALL you do and Congrats on 30 years!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Cheers!

pneitenbach's Question: I just started reading the Perelandra Soil-less garden Companion. I am currently working on my DDP. I have the ETS Plus for humans but was wondering if I can go without the ETS Plus for SLG for now due to money issues? Thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Do me a favor and call our Question Hot Line on Wednesday. Ask for Beth and let her go over the points you're making on the phone with you this Wednesday. I think you'll understand once you talk to her.

Kira's Question: hi, i have read the new essence book and want to work on symptoms related to menopause. i'm experiencing at least 40 symptoms and that feels like too many symptoms to work with for a BTT checklist. Can i break down the symptoms into menopause sub-topics like sleep, gyno, digestion, etc. If so, is the sub-topic the condition/topic for the BTT checklist or do i still list menopause and then the sub-topic for the BTT list? thanks

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Look, you need to test the way you need to test in order to have the desired outcome. When you are focused on the Basic Telegraph Test, ask the questions one question at a time. Start by listing all of the symptoms. And then asking, "Which set up is the best way for me to go? Do I break it down into subtopics? (Test.) Or do I commit to testing each symptom individually? (Test.) This is where you're going to have to commit to getting the answer that is really the best for you and not throwing the test in order to get the answer you want. If you test positive to treat the symptoms individually, then you have to look at that and decide if you're willing to proceed according to what works best for you or make yourself temporarily happy by half-assing the work. Re-read the section on Basic Telegraph Testing. I think you'll find it's not nearly as overwhelming the second time around. We have reports of people who are testing for over 40 symptoms and doing so successfully. You can do it!

Ruth's Question: Hi Machaelle! I have a rare day off work and here you are with an Open House! Congratulations on the new Perelandra Essences book! It's right here next to me and it is wonderful - well worth the wait :) The information is easy to follow and is helping me alot with this increased workload and "age creep". You hit another home run, my friend. Thank you for all of this.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Aw, Ruth, you made me smile. I love the term "age creep." I think I'll steal it from you and use it. Thanks for writing.

Julia's Question: Within sustainable agricultural circles, there's a lot of excitement about mycorrhizal fungi and it's importance to plant health & soil structure. I'm presuming you're familiar with mycorrhizal fungi, which consist of microscopic filaments called hyphae that grow from within & around the root cells of the host plants, spreading out into the surrounding soil, greatly increasing the surface area of the root system. In dense stands of plants with good mycorrhizal fungi populations, the horizontal network of fungi can be quite extensive. Tillage is known to have an adverse effect on populations of mycorrhizal fungi and within agricultural circles, no-till methods are encouraged. Some folks are also trying to apply this no-till approach to gardens in order to support healthy populations of mycorrhizae as well to protect soil structure. I'm curious about your thoughts on this given that the Perelandra garden is tilled. Thanks!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Well this is a very finely worded and detailed question. Unfortunately, I have nothing to add except to say to you that the Perelandra garden is tilled because nature told me to till it. If nature's telling you not to till your garden, don't till it. When I used to give nature workshops and people asked me questions like this I would say, "What the hell are you asking me for? Ask nature." The point is for humans to stop trying to predetermine and control how something is to be done in one's garden and allow nature instead to supply the matter, means and action for successfully addressing a human's goals in that garden.

We're taking a quick 5 minute break. We'll be back shortly to continue answering all of your questions.
Okay, we're back! Let's get going!

Kira's Question: hi, in Perelandra Essences you mention that the calibration process for mental-emotional issues has been replaced with a simple telegraph test process. i'm assuming that calibrating in a SLG is still done the old way since it's not a mental-emotional issue, or do we just test for essences when calibrating to a DDP or using the troubleshooting list?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Do the Basic Telegraph Test for a mental or emotional issue from The Perelandra Essences (page 214) in place of any Calibration Process for a human. You can do this within your soil-less garden coning, and you can address mental/emotional issues outside your soil-less garden coning.

UPDATE: September 20, 2011
When doing Calibrations to DDPs in Soil-less Gardens and Gardens, you have options. You can continue to do the Calibration exactly as it is written in the Soil-less Garden Companion or you can set it up as explained in The Perelandra Essences, as a BTT. If you use the new process, the dosage and follow-up testing will give you a deeper support and understanding of that ddp. For the supreme, premier calibration experience, you will need all five sets of Perelandra Essences. If you only have the Rose I and Rose II sets as required for SLGs, you can still use the new BTT process, but it won't be as comprehensive. You have a choice.

hnt77's Question: After a freeze in Feb, a pipe broke and flooded kitchen/dining/laundry rooms while I was gone. Wrecked floors/walls/cabinets. Insurance took a long time and we had to fire the initial contractor. So now, 7 mos later, I am still living with a barely functional 'heart of the home' in which nothing has been done except decrease chance of mold. Camping at home-I surmise you know the experience. I want to do SLG for the renovation. This will be my first SLG and the companion book says to be willing for the first SLG to fail because of learning curve. My draft DDP is too detailed and the hot line suggested DDP for 'what is the next best step'. I got no where with that. In light of your answer to elestialhealing above possibly I should have a different direction for this DDP other than floor/cabinet/wall/ type/color/workers/plan etc. What would your suggestion be?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: This is too complex and you have too much emotional investment in this project to make this your first SLG. Also, you can't afford for this SLG to fail. So step back and apply your common sense. You can use EoP daily to address your own balance and each piece of this project daily as it moves forward. If you want to do more, call the Question Hot Line and ask for Jeannette. She's got that camping experience under her belt and would be happy to help you.

bigshowev's Question: I know you've probably answered this a jillion times but here's a jillion and one. I'm having a terrible time with the muscle testing. Even asked my chiropractor who uses it extensively and well. Always end up somewhere in my head wondering and looking for the "real" response. I know it takes time. Any suggestions?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You're right, I have answered this a jillion times, in a jillion different ways. You're not going to be able to think your way out of this. You're going to have to just keep practicing using PKTT (kinesiology) and only with things you can act on. Essence testing daily is a great way of doing this, plus you get the health benefit of taking the Essences. You have to build a foundation of confidence and your head isn't going to give you that. Only experience will.

cocreating's Question: As I have understood from your writings, the White Brotherhood (WBH) contacted YOU (back around 1980) after noticing your work with Nature – interested in having you assist them in applying cocreative science to benefit their work. Is this correct? If so, I wonder how it was that they weren’t already doing this? My only guess is that yes, we all are evolving together, moving into the Aquarian dynamic, but they already were working multidimensionally. I can imagine that working with Nature has allowed for tremendous balance (and ultimately more sustainability/effectiveness) to be present in their work, yes? Are you going to be writing another book about your life and work – with the WBH any time soon? BTW – Herpes outbreaks are associated with eating legumes so whenever I eat beans and start to feel that numb, tingling of a possible herpes outbreak, I take L-lysine which one can get in any healthfood store.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I fully address this WBH issue in the book, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon.

Laura's Question: Howdy Mah-velous Machaelle! Thanks for being here today. I've been afflicted with ragweed allergies for the first time since moving to TN from D.C. 6 years ago. I'm administering all kinds of natural remedies including neti pot, nettle infusion, tsp of local honey and bee pollen and just ordered the Perelandra allergy kit combo. I've been taking the immune and lymphatic solutions nightly for 18 months now. My question(s): When I add the respiratory solution, does it matter what sequence I take the 3 mbs in? Should there be any time between taking them? Do you recommend taking the respiratory solution more than once a day during this terrible allergy season? Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It does not matter what sequence. Just wait 5 seconds between each. Take all three Solutions twice a day. And here is my "magic" message for ragweed this year, because we're having a drop-dead ragweed season as well — do an Essences Daily Symptoms Sweep for the ragweed allergy incorporating all of the different symptoms and taking the essences that test positive for each. Normally I struggle, but this year I'm sailing right through.

Sherry's Question: I am concerned about what I see and hear in the political arena these days -- esp. how it is affecting so many people in real terms and creating so much divisiveness. Yes, I have a bias as to how I want it to go...but mostly I want to 'help' in the most positive way possible. In speaking with Jeannette and re-reading Mt. Shasta around pp 408, is that the only way to work with nature re: moving forward? Do you suggest anything else?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Oh yes, I feel your pain.
I've decided I want to remind people as the election nears that if they're looking at a candidate that in any way resembles or acts like or sounds like a three year old child, grandchild, niece or nephew, or neighbor's child — that's the clue to not vote for them. And to remind people that we're the ones who hire these fools. Maybe we should be taking these elections a little more seriously and fire the fools, then hire people who are actually qualified! We are all the ones in the driver's seat. I can't tell you how many people think they're too good to vote and that voting is beneath them. My suggestion is to work your ass off to get people out there to vote. Get them registered and get them to vote.
But I digress. In the mean time, do an Essences Daily Symptoms Sweep that addresses your reactions to the current political insanity. But do your best to convince everyone around you who are inclined to not vote, or vote for the person who's hairstyle they like best that it's about time that they start acting like responsible citizens of this country and vote responsibly.

patallen8's Question: Ants plague my house rodents poop all over my garage/studio and I would like to not have this. I can't figure out how to start to get them to leave although I have been doing PKTT, using MAP, essences etc. with both garden, creative and personal health issues with success. Things seem to get fuzzy and unclear when I try to address either of these issues. Help!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Your lack of clarity is the problem. You need to clearly and simply state what it is you want from the ants and what it is that you want from rodents. Then do an environment troubleshooting (Workbook II) — one each to address the goals for each. You're going to have to include the work you need to do to plug up any holes or entrances. These are projecting your fuzziness and lack of clarity to the ants and rodents. They're not taking you seriously.

Ruth's Question: Hi Machaelle. I'm a newbie having found "Behaving" last month in a pile of used books I'd acquired. After reading "Dancing" and "The Mt. Shasta Mission", I'm now reading the workbooks. I am fascinated by all that Nature, Pan and the various Deva's share, which you print in italics. As I grow in my focus and commitment to develop my relationship with these multi-level intelligences, will I also begin to hear them in a similar way? Also, I thought you might get a kick out of this, as I was reading the first chapter of "The Mt. Shasta Mission" in bed, it occurred to me that I didn't have a bookmark and could really use one. Almost immediately the "Focus, Commit, Act" bookmark slid out of the book and into my hands. Thanks for that and for your commitment to sharing all that you have learned and continue to learn!! I've also had various Eisenhower experiences! Fun!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: As you work with nature, you will develop your own unique ability for getting information from nature. Most people rely on PKTT. That's why PKTT was developed by nature, to create that communication bridge. Don't waste your time trying to emulate me.

Sherry's Question: where do I find info on--> ETS Extreme Trauma time frame and a Daily Symptom Sweep? thanks

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You'll find both in The Perelandra Essences.

whitehawk22's Question: Dear Machaelle, does this HAVE to be about essences? I'm SO INTERESTED to know what's happening re: David lately? ~ and all things 'cottage' at this critical time. BTW spontaneously healed a serious burn with MAP; thank you!!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The questions in the forum have been rather mixed and covering the gamut, including questions related to the Cottage and Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon. Unfortunately your questions about David and the Cottage to be answered on this forum are a little like asking me, "Could you explain World War II?" But just to let you know, all is well at the Cottage and they're paying attention.

Lynn's Question: I have been using essences since the early '90s and it has been intensely healing and helpful. I have to admit though, that I am a pendulum swinger. I have tried many times to use your finger technique without success. It's disappointing to me because I am "pretty" talented in many areas and usually a quick study! I am a classical pianist so I've tried to justify that my muscles seem to go into overkill when trying to find that just right muscle connection. I'm fine with the pendulum but curious to know your thoughts on this.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: There's not much I can say about your preference for swinging your pendulum. PKTT was developed for Essence testing because it's more reliable. Had the pendulum been as reliable, it would have been suggested. You might find it helpful to read how I addressed your issue in The Perelandra Essences on page 37, in the second bullet. This is a situation where you're going to have to decide what you want to do. If your swinging starts to break down on you, you'll have more motivation to learn PKTT.

cekram's Question: I usually use MAP for health issues. Sometimes a question arises during the session that I would like to ask, but am not sure as to how to 'hear' the answer. Is this an instance where PKTT would be used?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Absolutely. The MAP teams work well with PKTT. And most people use PKTT to get information from their MAP team. You just have to make sure that you ask your questions in a simple yes/no format.

jmpuder's Question: My husband was diagnosed in early adulthood with three kinds of arthritis, the worst being psoriatic which is very crippling. He's suffering quite a bit lately, and, of course,I want to help him. I'm several months into essences testing for myself and think I could tackle surrogate telegraph testing for chronic arthritis. He does not have a MAP team, and I do not yet have the microbial balancing materials. Do you think essences are enough to address this serious condition? I guess I'm a little worried about being overwhelmed myself, as well as discouraging him with poor results (I'm not being negative about essences - I am thrilled with some of my own results!) Just want a little gumption, I guess! I've read everything you've written so far, and I LOVE the new essences book! thanks

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Well, you've come to the right person. I'm going to give you a little gumption. (What's gumption?!) Surrogate telegraph testing for chronic arthritis is an excellent way to go. While you're putting together the CI checklist, go ahead and start him with the Basic Essence Test and make a solution so that he can get some relief right away. This will give you time to set up the CI checklist. Just jump in with both feet, set up the Chronic Illness Telegraph Testing Checklist and go for it. Disregard your worry. The most time-consuming aspect of this testing is the initial starting gate testing. Once you get beyond the starting gate everything becomes extremely manageable. If you run into a glitch, call the Question Hot Line. If your husband gets disappointed, just look at him like he's crazy, then tell him to cool it while you call us and get any help you need. Have him read the chapter on Telegraph Testing Chronic Illness so that he'll understand what you're doing and why, and he will have more patience. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, so just go for it!!!

Lynn's Question: I was so surprised and little disappointed (though not for me personally) when I read that you no longer give definitions to the essences. I spent several intense years actively using them and it was an amazing time of healing. I always tested prior to connecting with the definitions, but the definitions truly enriched the process. Can you clarify again? Is it because you don't want folks taking essences on definitions without testing? I don't think I would've enjoyed or understood my own healing process so deeply without them. Also, I have them committed to memory AND the old book, so you can't make me forget them!! Ha!:)

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If I can't make you forget them because you've committed them to memory, what the hell are you writing me for? I know that working with my Essences using the definitions only limit the experience with the Essences, so I am going to maintain my stand. Hah! So there. If you want clarification, I suggest you re-read the purple box on page 40 of The Perelandra Essences. I don't think I could make that any more clear.

adihdez's Question: Hi Machaelle! I have a 7 year old who has a difficult time concentrating in class. It also appears that teacher gets irritated do to lack of kids concentration as well. Would it help to assist my daughter by setting up a soil-less garden for her for health and well being in education and concentration for her. Who is suppose to do it my daughter or me?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You're really not going to want to hear this, but the first thing I recommend is that you clean up your daughter's diet. Remove all of the sugar and corn sugar, and look at the blood type diet for her blood type (Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter D'Adamo). Elementary, middle and high schools have had tremendous success with improving the conduct and concentration of the students by removing the soda and crap machines and giving them healthy lunches. There has been too much success with this simple diet change for me not to suggest this to you. If after you do this, and her concentration hasn't improved in a month, call us on the Question Hot Line and ask us what to do next. But diet is the place to start.

catiamagic's Question: Hello Dear Perelandra - The work all of you do inspires me every day to embody my best self. I have a similar question to Driftin's about a recurring herpes problem. I get cold sores around my lips which I've controlled with daily lysine supplements for decades. Sometimes I get a full outbreak. I know stress and sun exposure are triggers. I take several of the Balancing Essences regularly (Immune, etc.), but maybe I'm missing something that would help. Thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I recommend that you add Essence Telegraph Testing for Chronic Illness to get this under better control. And on your CI checklist, include stress and sun exposure along with the other symptoms.

Lila's Question: I know pets are not people (thank you for the Nature Healing for Animals process), but was surprised when I read in the new Perelandra Essences book the Animal Death Process. I had use the Post Death Process a few times for both people and animals over the years from the published paper. Did I miss something on a previous Animal Death Process? I had the "opportunity" to use the Animal Death Process yesterday for my beloved 13+ years dog. I know I'm still going though the grief process, but I feel a little cheated because I seemed to need (not sure about the person or pet) that half hour afterward to talk. I did some in the pre-death phase, but the emotions are different before and after. Am I a complete or just a partial idiot for thinking there was this connection with my pet after death. Heart still in my mouth... (quote intended), Lila

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Having lost a few pets myself, I certainly understand the "heart still in my mouth" issue. One of the things I remember as I go through the death process with an animal is that because they are animals, their transition time is way less than the time we need. So probably within a nano-second after you give them the last dose of ETS Plus, they're out of there and beyond your ability to reach them. I deal with my feelings and emotions by immediately shifting my focus to my process. I go to MAP, or I take ETS Plus or I'll test Essences. At that point it's me and my ability to let go. You are not an idiot, partial or otherwise, you just have a big heart and you need a reminder on where to turn your focus.

Sam's Question: Does your iPad work at the cottage?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Okay, you made us laugh with that! Anything I transfer to my iPad on the Perelandra level is available to me at the Cottage. But I'm having trouble with the Wi-Fi and 3G connection at the Cottage. They're so unreliable. And Google doesn't extend that far. We need some more towers.

adihdez's Question: Machaelle, I wanted to share some amazing story. My father in-law recently had a 14hour surgery on his head do to squamous cancer they found 3 months ago. However, 10 days after his surgery he came home. I offered him bottles of EoP and ETS and provided him with your recent book that you wrote which I think is fantastic; all in a nut shell for easy learing. Well my father in-law was open and started using the product. A month after being discharge from the hospital and return to the surgeon for his visit he said " Wow, your recovery is amazing, I've never seen anyone look this good after such a short period of time after surgery". I'm so impressed as well. I believe in the product and the power on nature, but to experience it, it takes it onto a new level. Now he is taking EoP for insomnia. Machaelle thank you very much for being bold and brave and sharing this with us. Thank you very much.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Okay, now we're talking! Give my best to your father in-law, and a pat on your back from me. Thank you for sharing this.

Sarah's Question: Having been a traditional biological researcher, do you have a directory of people that are currently working in traditional and/or academic science fields actively using/researching the co-creative method and is there a way for us to link up? would love to hear how & what they are doing and would love ideas and support for starting some projects! thank you :) Sarah

MACHAELLE'S Answer: We don't keep these kinds of records anymore, but you could post on our Facebook page and see if there's anyone else out there. Or, you can call us on our Question Hot Line and we can help you set a project up.

Helga's Question: Aloha Machaelle When I work with my Professional MAP Team (when doing Massage + Bodywork) I feel that I have NOT reached the potential of what we could be doing together to help others. Any ideas?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It's a good thing to feel that you've not reached your potential. You will always be growing, always evolving and always learning new things with your MAP team. My suggestion is that you just breathe deep and calm down. Keep working with your Professional MAP team one step at a time.

allheart1111's Question: Can I use EoP (Essence of Perelandra) for my divorce and refinancing of my house. What would be the most holistic approach to do it. When doing a soil-less garden how many times do I re-do EoP for my divorce or is once sufficient?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It depends on how you want your divorce process to be. The most effective way of using EoP during a divorce process is when you are to meet with lawyers, to meet with your former spouse, to discuss finance, to deal with anything around the divorce — you take a dose of EoP to support the whole process for you in balance. If you would like to kill your spouse and you don't wish it to reflect a great deal of balance, don't bother taking the EoP!

Carol's Question: Hi I am from the old days when we visited you and Clarence in person at Perelandra. I have about 40 essences from 15 or so yrs ago...still in good shape...I would like to start using them up. What do you recommend as a simple way to use...I have a lot of issues mostly emotional such as tend to get overinvolved in childrens (grown) problems and worry over grandchildrens health. My biggest issue is in letting go of 33 yrs worth of stuff in my house and with all the floods in NJ where I live I need to clear out all stuff from basement , shed and garage...I hold on in fear of needing the stuff as a security. Bless you always and I thank you so very much for all your great work. Much love Carol R. (old timer!)

MACHAELLE'S Answer: First I would recommend that you get the new book, The Perelandra Essences. Add to your 40 Essences those Essences that you're missing. Once you read the book, I think you will understand very well how to use these Essences and how they can benefit you at this time in your life.

lkermit's Question: Thanks for this Open House! I was one of the lucky few who was able to attend several of your workshops at Perelandra. Talk about soul expansion in one afternoon! Anyway, frequently I don't write down the essence or balancer that Pan shifts while performing a process. What am I missing/endangering by not writing it down?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Actually, you're not missing anything except the possibility of reviewing the work if you need to go back and look at it. This also may be what you're missing:
  • An easy reference when you lose your focus,
  • your hand spasms and your balancers fly across the room or into the face of the person in front of you and you have to refill the spoon,
  • you flip the spoon and your lap is full of brandy,
  • your brain drifts to what you're going to have for for dinner and when you come back you have no idea what the heck it is you're testing,
  • noticing patterns that only make sense in hindsight, and
  • a cheap, easy tool for maintaining focus on what you're doing.

Other than that, you're not missing anything. Really!

parkscott's Question: So enjoyed the photo history. In my inexperience timing is so important. Have SLG sold old and bought new house. Have taken what seems forever to MBP chronic condition and looking back it seems like it took only moment. Timing and patience and getting over feeling inadequate in this cocreative work are what I've had to learn. So this is just a thanks to you and all the staff. Embarking on a limitless journey still works best for me one step at a time and the odd stop to smell the roses.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Thanks for the thanks. I'm glad things are working out so well for you.

Ruth's Question: There are some great questions coming through today -- following them with interest and playing catch up in the book. MSW: You don't have to answer this, just a comment! Thanks again and hugs to you! Ruth

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Aw, what a sweetie you are Ruth! Thanks for the hugs. And here's a hug back.

That's it folks! We've answered all the questions that have come in today. Hope the answers helped all of you.
– Machaelle

PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels