Perelandra Question Forum
December 3, 2011

As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered an Online Question Forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

We're done! I'm going home now.
— Machaelle

Mary's Question: First, thank you for changing my life so much. I forget I've changed until someone tells me they're sick and have nowhere to turn ("and here's a good book for that"), they're terrified of some aspect of nature, or they feel depressed over their own or another's impending death. Thank you. My questions: cats can use the mouth balancing solution, I read. 1. Can cats also use the MBS's? 2. And how about the Natural Aging? I remember their evolutionary path is different than ours, being "Nature with a face", but the bodies age similarly. 3. Home aquarium fish - does the ETS(+) dose change and is vinegar better or brandy? And lastly, can I just ask the devas of the solutions in question these questions myself? You've worked with them to design these solutions; maybe that makes a difference (as well as more kinesiology experience!) Thanks again. It makes me want to send all of you folks cookies.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Thank you, Mary. I'm really pleased to see how well you're using the information. It cheers me up.

1. Yes, cats can use MBPs.
2. You can give cats Natural Aging. Those elements of Natural Aging that include the aging process of cats will kick in. But it won't be the same range of effectiveness as it is with humans.
3. For your situation, since you're willing to test, you'll get better answers that apply to your personal situation if you do the testing.
4. Okay, teasing us with cookies — you better come through or we're going to be really sad!!


Avebury's Question: Which MBP Solution would make the liver happy?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Are you planning to smother it with onions before serving? In that case, the MBPs dumped in a glass would probably go well . . . Digestive.
Oh! You mean your liver! In that case, Digestive would work for you too. But include Immune and Lymphatic. So you'll be taking 3 MBP Solutions: Immune, Lymphatic and Digestive.

Louisa's Question: thank you SO much for everything - this is the best health/life care I've ever had and mostly all I've used for the last decade (essences and microbial balancing and all the energy processes)- never felt better and am so grateful. Also want to know if the ets+ has all the perelandra essences in it plus whatever else is in there - i call it my magic in a bottle.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I'm with you on this. I haven't been to a doctor in about 40 years. And I experience excellent health. ETS Plus is a combination of many patterns that create a single unit. There are some Essences in it, but not all of them. It is a complex combination of 152 different patterns. And I agree with you here, it is a bit on the magical side.

Kate's Question: When taking essences, how long should I wait between different essences? 5 seconds rings a bell.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Five seconds between essences works well.
ADDITIONAL: For essences that are a part of a combination, you don't have to wait between taking them. If you're taking one combination of essences for one thing and you need to take another combination for something else, then waiting 5 seconds between is fine.

L Kermit's Question: In the spring of 2010, you were active in the Health Care Reform bill by President Obama. In light of your work here and at the cottage level, are you active in govermental energy policies, global warming, policy groups, energy companies, etc?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The Cottage work includes all of these areas you've listed because they come under the umbrella of government. And the major part of my work is with that group. On this level, I keep trying my damnedest to get people to get off their butts and actively participate in voting and letting their elected officials know where they stand on specific issues. For some reason people think that democracy means you don't have to do anything. So at times it seems like an uphill battle. However currently, it does seem like people are catching on to this. Maybe with the mess going on in Congress right now, people will understand that, gee, elections do have consequences and will actually think about the coming election and vote intelligently. (So concludes my moment on a soap box!)

DesertPrarie's Question: I read the WB prefers we use ETS+ with MAP sessions. Is there any harm or advantage in testing from the full essence set or is that type of testing wholly superfluous these days?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: There's no harm in testing for Essences in addition to taking ETS Plus when working with MAP. It's just that ETS Plus is doing the job that's needed more efficiently and easily.

Cakemble's Question: I have been using the Garden, Rose, Soul Ray and Nature Program Essences for myself, friends and family, with great success. I would appreciate advice for supporting my current situation which is long term 24 hour care for my 88 year old mother (which I am doing willingly but get very depleted at times and feel a little disconnected from life and others -- including nature as I can rarely be outside) with the added complication of this entailing my being away from my husband and grown up children most of the time-they are in Canada and I am in UK. We are trying to organise things so that we can be together but this is a difficult time. I am usually a positive person with a great love of nature and am an energy worker, however I feel as though I am sinking some days. I would appreciate any advice for appropriate essences to help me. Thank you so much for the amazing work.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Because you've used the Essences for a while, I'm assuming that you know how to test. I would recommend, if you don't already have a copy, that you get the new book, The Perelandra Essences and set your situation up as a telegraph test. Include all of the things that you're mentioning to me here in the testing. If you don't have a copy, you can download an ebook copy right away. Basic telegraph testing is covered in Chapter 7.
Another thing you might wish to include for both you and your mother is Essence of Perelandra.

ClearToHeal's Question: I just want to tell you a story about ETS. My niece was married this Fall and it was my job to help her get dressed for the wedding. I took ETS with me. I took some and gave her some too. It worked great to calm us down. We were able to have wonderful memories of her mother without the sadness. When she got her wedding pictures back there was a picture of her taking the ETS. Thanks for helping to make her day perfect!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: That's really great. I'm glad to hear such a creative way of using ETS Plus, and that the day went so well for you and your niece. I like hearing good feedback.

Kate's Question: Since I was introduced to Perelandra, to you and to co-creative science and partnering with nature, my life has taken on a new vitality and awareness. I'm a novice, using MAP, SLGs, EOP, ETS+ for humans and animals. Is it alright to ask Nature and my overlighting Deva to stay with me throughout my day, or is that presumptuous?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It's not presumptuous, it's just an energy drain. I don't recommend that you keep that kind of connection throughout the entire day. And actually, it's not needed. Your intuition allows for continuous, gentle input from nature intelligence throughout the day.

Reikiferret's Question: Does Nature have a message for us in regard to climate change?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Yeah, nature's saying to all of us: "Grow up." and "When would you like to kick that brain in and recognize that this isn't rocket science and start doing the right thing?! Or do we need to take that brain back because you're all refusing it?!" (That's kind of a loose translation/interpretation of what nature wants to say about this.)

Barbara's Question: I want to look younger for the sake of staying in the job market (and dating) I am 68. Can I use the EoP and have it as a goal? Finances: I find my savings have dwindled, I work in pastoral counseling. What do I do now: I use all the microbial’s, the aging solution and my life is a gut garden.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: First, you're mis-using the Gut Gardening process. I suggest re-reading that information.
Why not continue using Natural Aging? It will support your natural aging process and help you with your skewed perspective on aging. But also, as a pastoral counselor don't you think that wisdom would be a better selling point than being a 20-year-old cutie?

Michelle's Question: Which Solutions are best for women who are experiencing issues with hormonal changes due to peri-menopause?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Oh good, this is an easy one! The MBP Solutions for the Immune, Lymphatic, Endocrine and Reproductive Female Systems.

Koehler's Question: Last year, at your suggestion, I offered ETS daily to my newly cut Christmas tree. It held the most beautiful energy during the season. Thank you! My question is about ETS and infants. Can ETS be administered topically if an infant is resistant due to the traumatic experience? If so, what is the best location?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You're in luck. Infants under 9 months old can have the ETS Plus for Humans applied topically to the forehead. After 9 months, it is an oral dose of 5-6 drops. For infants and toddlers, taking ETS Plus need not be a traumatic experience especially if you take it yourself first and they feel they can safely copy you.

Helka's Question: Hi Machaelle, and thank you for all the books you’ve written and having made it possible for us to co-operate with nature! You have changed my life completely, and in numerous ways. Thank you! My question is this: Can you recommend something (a cure?! Just joking…) for the ALS disease? My sister had it (she died two years ago at the age of 77, after having been ill for 5 years) and now her son, 54, has it too. For him, it’s called the FALS disease (F stands for familial). Mainstream medicine doesn't seem to help him at all. Helka from Finland

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If your nephew is open to this, I recommend that you set him up with the new guidelines for telegraph testing essences for chronic illness. The steps are outlined in the new book, The Perelandra Essences. This would be the most straight-forward approach that I can recommend. I am assuming that you will need to be the surrogate tester. I have the guidelines for surrogate testing chronic illness also in the new book. I think you'll see good results by addressing FALS from the perspective of the electric system. If you run into a snag setting this up, either email us or call the Question Hot Line. And thank you for the kind words about the work.

Hawkmoon's Question: Work with MAP, MAP DVD, (Wow!) & ETS plus. Want to expand use of products, especially relating to ovarian cancer. Have protocol but chart #14 won't print. What products recommended?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: We just checked and the chart and the full PDF of the Cancer Protocols Health Watch shows up for us. We just talked to customer service. They've double-checked the file and they'll be emailing that to you now!

LKermit's Question: What do you suggest when one has spiritual attachments, entities, etc? In the Christian tradition, they perform "casting out of spirits."

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Take ETS Plus for Humans 3 or 4 times daily for as long as the situation is occuring. Oftentimes this phenomenon is a projection of a psychological issue. We normally recommend that you also consult a qualified therapist.

Wim's Question: About half of the times when I do a MAP session I get very bored, uncomfortable and restless. Do you have any suggestions how to deal with that? And I wonder about the not crossing my arms and legs. Would putting both hands on my heart count a to closed off?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Talk to your MAP team about your restlessness. And yes, putting your hands on your heart counts as crossing your arms — don't do that during a MAP session. And as for your boredom, I don't even know how to address that. You'll have to figure that one out on your own. But it does seem like that in light of the fact that you're getting a free medical session at your convenience, whining about being bored is a bit over the top.

Woodchuck's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have a question on the Energy Cleansing Process. If you are not visually looking at the space to be cleansed but have the drawing in front of you and permission to do the process, when you visualize the white sheet do you visualize it 5 feet surrounding the paper or do you need to visualize the actual property and it's size. Also when doing my own property can I just use the drawing in front of me or is it better to visualize the 30 acres, which is a really big white sheet.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The diagram is a miniaturized version of the actual property and all you have to do when you're looking at the paper is to say that you want the sheet to form 5 feet beyond the boundary of whatever it is you're cleaning. It will automatically form. If you have that kind of sight and you see the sheet, if it's coming through the paper it will automatically extend beyond the paper to scale that will equal 5 actual feet.

Shirley's Question: No question. Just loads of thanks like so many others. When my 94 year old dad's cut continued to fester after rounds of antibiotics, telegraph testing with your essences did the trick. They can ALWAYS be counted on. Thank you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Hey! Terrific! Since coming out with the new book, I've been hoping to hear some good stories about how the essences and the new processes are working for you. Hearing about your dad is terrific.

Nancy's Question: I've had EDT screening that indicates systemic fungus. I've been doing the MBP Solutions for a few months in the evening. I don't see (or feel) improvement. One of the instructions from the screening was for me to not eat sugar or drink alcohol. All the MBPs solutions equal about 100 drops each night. I don't want to stop taking them, but am wondering whether you have any additional suggestions I might try. The MAP sessions do seem to help, and they almost always call for calibration as well. I'm also curious about Kate's question above. Should we add intent for the Solutions to go to the muscular system, etc. for example. Thanks, Machaelle for all that you do for us.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The benefit of taking the Solutions outweighs the minimal amount of preservative. You're not taking straight brandy. It's been diluted and has less alcohol than less than some mouthwashes.
If you know how to PKTT (kinesiology test), you can test the MBPs to determine which ones are needed solely for the systemic fungus. And if you know how to use essences, I recommend that you set up for either basic telegraph testing or telegraph testing for chronic illness — whichever applies best to your situation. With the essences, you are addressing the electric system that is the underlying cause of the systemic fungus specifically. This could be the approach that's needed to finally get you through this. I address how to focus when taking the MBP Solutions in the brochure.

GS's Question: Hey Machaelle, Thank you so so so much for the work that you do. ETS Plus has been a life-saver. I've been prescribing it to everyone I know because it freaking works like magic. Question: Would you teach everyone how to make ETS+ and the likes of other essences? Big Love xoxo

MACHAELLE'S Answer: No. I'm very concerned about people screwing around with the process and causing more trouble than benefit. By keeping it in-house at Perelandra we can maintain the highest quality control.

Lillabee's Question: Hi Machaelle. Thank you so much for your contributions! My question is about euthanizing animals. My question comes after my dog attacked one of my hens and left her all but dead. I felt at the time that the only humane thing to do was to end her suffering and so I did. It was a horrible experience. After reading Dancing and the part where you take that little skunk into your house when you find her dying I wondered if I had really done the right thing. Do you have any thoughts on euthanising animals? Thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Because animals are not emotionally hung up on dying the way we are, my operating theory is to do whatever is needed to provide comfort and to facilitate the death process for the animal. After the animal has died, then I take ETS Plus for my own craziness. Whatever is needed to help the animal is going to vary from animal to animal. I suspect that you did exactly the right thing for your hen, and the hen probably appreciates it.

V's Question: Hello Machaelle, Thanks for hosting this open forum. Which Perelandra Essences are best for reactive depression that is cyclical in nature, comes and goes triggered by stress. BTW — my husband and I both beat the ugly bug we were exposed to over Thanksgiving away with ETS. Taken every couple hours for a day and we were both fine while the ones with the bug were still dragging a week later. THANKS ETS!!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Because several of you have asked a question this way, I need to remind you that when it comes to what Essences are needed for specific situations, you have to do the testing. I have no clue what essences you're going to need for reactive depression, because the essences you need are going to be different than the essences someone else with reactive depression would need.
Now, for the Microbial Balancing Solutions (MBPs), they can be specifically recommended because they don't address an illness, they address a body system. And for reactive depression triggered by stress, I recommend you follow the guidelines in the Stress Health Watch protocol and use the MBP Solutions in the Stress Kit.

fkkemble's Question: I occasionally awake with either one or both eyes extremely red and bloodshot. This may happen randomly at any time of year (so I think not an allergic reaction) - once it was after a 9 hour flight and other times have wondered if it was stress related. I am generally very healthy and active, aged 53 -- I prefer not to go the general medical route, do you have any advice - essences or otherwise that would help me? Thank you so much.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: This would be an excellent thing to take to a MAP team and to follow the MAP protocol. Also, with essences, set up basic telegraph testing for this condition.

Sharon's Question: First, thanks so much for sharing your work, your experiences your processes, and these beautiful essences with us! They have helped me and others when life's challenges were especially overwhelming. My question; In light of your work at the Cottage level and with the White Brotherhood, are you able to share any guidance regarding the potential raising of consciousness to create Peace and possibly shifting to a higher dimension over the next 13 months?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: First of all, the Cottage work doesn't fall under the department of consciousness raising. Once the consciousness has been raised, the Cottage works to provide options for action that is in balance with where the consciousness has been raised.
Now, I have to say to you that part of my job on the forum is to read between the lines. And I'd like to congratulate you on providing the most carefully worded question: "Is the world going to end in 13 months?" That was amazing. The answer to your question is, "No, you're doing fine." So it's okay to renew your DirectTV subscription!

CDangeles's Question: From me, too, and my group of friends who use MAP and the essences, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the work that you and your team(s) do! My first question is about multiple essences: In the evenings at bedtime I'm taking ETS+ as a maintenance dose when I feel the need, and then Natural Aging, EoP, and Mouth Balancing on a more regular basis, and I've forgotten which, if any, said "make this the last one you take." Question 2: I use a tooth soap and a lip balm that contain oil of peppermint; do I remember reading that peppermint inhibits the work of the essences and that there should be some time between these products? Thanks again!!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: 1. After you're done taking ETS Plus, EoP and Mouth Balancing, wait 2 minutes and take the Natural Aging Solution last.
2. Don't worry about the peppermint and the essences, you don't have to wait to take them.

Lynne's Question: 1. how long must i wait in am after taking MPBs before drinking/eating? 2. where in pm sequence of flu, MPBs does Natural Aging fit in? 3. is it OK to do soul rays or other electrical system balancing before evening sequence or is it better to separate? thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: 1. 20 minutes.
2. After you're done with all of your MBP Solutions, wait 2 minutes and then take Natural Aging last.
3. Test Essences at least 15 minutes before taking your MBP Solutions in the evening.

MShooltz's Question: I live on Kauai which has thousands of acres of Monsanto GMO research fields. We are wanting to use sound and intention while meditating around these fields. Can Nature offer any suggestions about this work? And also how to include the Perelandra Essences in our approach to "healing" the genetically modified crops? Mahalo for your long, wonderful service!!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It sounds like you're trying to manipulate someone else's property and project. Ethically you don't have the right to do this. It's never good to address something you feel is unethical in an unethical way.

Lynne's Question: I don't compost. What's most ecological way to dispose of white pellet packing material from P.?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: They're made of cornstarch and will dissolve in water. Some grandparents have been known to give them to their grandkids to do the melting.

Trish's Question: There are days I feel exhausted, more so than a normal gal should. I'm not "sick." What essence might I try to move this problem? Also, my eyes have "floaters," not all the time. But when they arrive, it really gets my attention! ...I'm all eyes right now to "hear" what you have to say!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I guess I don't have to suggest the obvious, which is get more sleep. Hopefully you've tried that. If you're going through menopause, or approaching it, that includes the crappy side-effect of exhaustion which is really annoying! You might want to take the MBP Solutions for menopause — Immune, Lymphatic, Endocrine & Repro-Female. Other than this, I would suggest taking the issue to MAP.

Gael's Question: With the energy shifts we are all experiencing now are there Essences that need to be taken daily or is this an individual process that we all check daily for what we need? Thank you so much for these amazing Essences and all the processes! My life the last 15 years would have been much different and more challenging without them!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I can't tell from your question if you've gotten the new Essence book, but it addresses these kinds of questions and how to incorporate Essences in light of them. You might want to check out the Daily Symptoms Sweep in the new book, The Perelandra Essences.

Tanja's Question: I have been using your Solutions for myself and my family a few years now (and love them!) and hand out ETS plus bottles to friends to try and they all love it as well!
1) I have been having problems with my gums receding and the dentist wants to do a graft. However can your solutions help me without need of surgery?
2) We are a very physically active family. Which Solutions would be great to support our bodies (joints, muscles, bones, etc.)?
3) I have a hard time remembering to take the Solutions and distributing to family members in the evening, would do much better in the morning. Would they work as well, or is it better before sleep (I'm assuming the body can process better)? Thank you for your help!

1) Use the Mouth Balancing Solution. And do a basic telegraph test for the specific periodontal condition you're dealing with.
2) To use Solutions to support your physical activity, choose the Solutions that cover the body systems involved in that physical activity. For example — the Muscular Solution for muscles.
3) As for your issues about distributing the Solutions for yourself and your family: My job is to produce the product and tell you how it's to be used. I honestly cannot help you when it comes to the individual issues you might have in following those instructions. Usually when people have a logistics snafu, they look at the situation and apply creativity to come up with a whole new way of how to remember and how to follow the instructions as written. But this is something you have to do on your own. I can't help you with it.
Glad to hear the Solutions and ETS Plus are working so well for you.

Neil's Question: I had shingles in my right eye (2009) and it still causes me bother. Which essence would you recommend? Thanks and kind regards. Neil

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If you are referring to the MBP Solutions, I recommend Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous System twice daily. For itching and pain relief, you can carefully apply ETS Plus topically to the area around your eye. As for the Essences — The Perelandra Essences could very well be the key to addressing this problem directly. So I urge you to read the book, learn to test and test for what Essences you need for this problem.

June's Question: I had a partial Hysterectomy this past August 2011 and am still experiencing pelvic pain when especially when I sneeze or cough. What essences would you recommend for this? thanks for your help. June

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I know there's a lag-time when reading the forum, but I'll say it again. I cannot recommend specific Essences for your problems. What I can recommend, and I recommend it highly, is that you get the new book, The Perelandra Essences and learn to test for yourself so that you can apply the Essences effectively to all of these different health issues. I think if you read the first four chapters of the book, you'll understand why it's impossible for me to tell you what you need to take. Everbody's different. If ten people are experiencing the exact same illness or condition, they would each need different Essences to address the problem because they're all different people. In the mean time, stop sneezing and coughing. ;-)

Laura's Question: THANK U magic woman! after 1.5 year MAP is great but I'm very frustrated about my SLGs' conings. I get "negatives" to nearly all questions (test 1 thing+its opposite+neutral). It looks like I'm not able to communicate, I don't understand what they are trying to tell me. My kinesiology is also on & off. Take ETS+, all essences, Immune, Lymphatic, Nervous. Help + sorry how can u know what's going on with me!! love Laura Italy (not Florence arg!)

MACHAELLE'S Answer: This is probably going to be the last thing you want to hear, but it sounds like you're double- and triple-testing yourself with the kinesiology. You're trying too hard, and you are really getting in your own way. You need a vacation Laura. You need to step away from your SLGs for a while and give yourself time to let the dust settle. When you start back up, pick just one SLG and resume working with just that one again. When that one is settled in nicely, consider resuming a second SLG. But if you did well with the first SLG, and you started feeling stress when you added the second, drop the second and focus solely on the first. When that SLG is completed, then resume the second one.

LKermit's Question: What does Nature say about nuclear power? Opinion - good or bad?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You know what, I actually don't care what nature says about nuclear power. It's not an issue for me right now, so I don't bother asking the question. My focus is on giving you the guidelines so that you can ask nature these "burning questions" for yourself.

Nowen's Question: Dear Machaelle and! My mother-in-law, in the last stages of Alzheimer's, is living with us and brought scabies into our home and under our own skins. For over 2 months we have been working with a dermatologist, using Permethrin cream and Invermectin. After 3 rounds of poisoning and constant laundry and cleaning, it is clear the critters have a resistance to these means, so for the past 9 days we have been using a natural remedy process involving topical enzyme spray followed by a combination of neem, coconut, and olive oils mixed with essential oils of Karanja, peppermint, tea tree, etc and diatomaceous earth sprinkled on for good measure. It smells great, the process MAY be working but it will take a couple to few more weeks to be certain. What do you suggest as a Perelandra accompaniment? We're ready for voodoo! Thanks for all your grand products and work. BTW I still love my mother-in-law!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: For this one, I think it would be most helpful for you to call the Question Hot Line. It's open until 5 p.m. today, and every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call 1-540-937-3679.

Robertson's Question: Hi Machaelle nice to get another chance to ask a question. I have just made a Genesa crystal for the garden and would like to know if you need to activate it and how important is the placement. Should I open a coning and get their feed back.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Once you put that last loop in place properly, it automatically activates. It would be good to get the information about placement from nature so that it balances your area appropriately.

Lynne's Question: I have one bottle of an MBP Solution in vinegar, others in brandy. Can I mix them? Must I wait some period of time in between (other than the 5 seconds?) because of the two different stabilization substances? Thank you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It's fine to do if you can stand the taste differences.

Andrea's Question: My home is on bedrock & fault lines w/ a tremendous, health challenging geostress impact plus electrostress from an electrical "transformer" diagonal to where I work on the lower level. A heavy dose of termite treatment was applied around the house perimeter and when it's wet from rain I feel ill and my lymph glands swell. Would my ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens work for this? I have your book re: geopathic zones altho I haven't applied the technique yet - concerned that I won't get it "Right". (I take 9 MBPs each evening.) I would appreciate specific advice re: creating a healthy/nurturing home and land. Thank you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Really, Andrea, you have all of this going on and you're worried about whether or not you're going to be able to follow directions correctly in the Geopathic Zone Balancing Process?! I say, get over your fears and do the Geopathic Zone Balancing. And honest to god, with everything you've described I'm going to have to suggest that you move! If you're living on top of a "nuclear waste dump," no process conventional or otherwise is going to change the reality of that nuclear waste dump. You'll have to consider the true reality of your land. You can land-balance and increase your physical strength to help minimize the effect, but you're always going to be butting against the reality of your environment. But I would definitely recommend that you do the Geopathic Zone Balancing Process and see what that gives you.

Cahill's Question: Hi Machaelle, Can't say enough about my awe at the work you're doing. Even asked for help from my Med.Assist.Team to prevent fracking in the Delaware River Basin and...the moratorium was recently extended! Question: Been using Respiratory,Immune & Lymphatic since spring for my son Michael,14, always hard hit by seasonal allergies, coughs, & URIs, fall. This has made a huge difference in our lives - the fact that he's not missed any school yet this year is incredible. My question: Should he use these solutions each night before bed all year round, or is there a recommended time frame? Thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The next time you want assistance for an issue like fracking, go directly to nature instead of through your MAP team. You might get even better results.
And in light of your son's situation, yes it would be helpful for him to take them year-round. And, should he exhibit any symptoms in the fall, increase the Solutions to twice daily (morning and evening) for the full allergy season.
Glad to see you're using the products so well and getting such good results.

Cakemble's Question: Thank you so much for your previous advice - I will order The Perelandra Essences. Have the origional one but am happy to purchase the recent edition if there is a lot of additional information. As I am on a budget due to being in a caring role and unable to work at present, what would you advise that I should order so that I will be likely to have what I need based on what comes up when I test. I have the boxed sets of the smallest quantities of the Rose and Rose 2, Soul Ray, Nature Program and Garden. Some essences are somewhat diminished and as I cannot afford to re order all at once, I am wondering what some 'must haves' might be at times of stress and grief. Physical, emotional and mental strain. I will order Essence of Perelandra as you suggest and wish to place an order now for any other essences which would be helpful. Thank you for this wonderful resource.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I think the best thing is to call us on the Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679) this Wednesday and we can help you put your order together to get the most bang for you buck.

Susan's Question: Since reading and practising the new THE PERELANDRA ESSENCES I am sometimes feeling a little puzzled about when and whether to open a coning for testing. I'm wondering how you are dealing with this issue!?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You don't need to open a coning for Essence testing.

Ja.Fox's Question: Just diagnosed with high cholesterol. Can the essences help to lower?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: See my answer to question 34 above.

Cekram's Question: What is a good combination/essences for BPH, prostate issues? Many Thanks!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Also see my answer to question 34 above!

Theresa's Question: Hi! First, I have to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Perelandra and all that you offer. I've been busy working in the microbial book and also with the essence book and doing MAP sessions etc. I'm a little confused as to which one to go to when a situation arises as they all seem to be wonderful avenues to use. I've just been asking and testing and they let me know but I would appreciate your amazing thoughts on this. Thank you so much and of course you already know it but Machaelle you and all that you do are amazing and I appreciate you more than you know! :) With love and hugs, Theresa :)

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Kudos on including these three major health programs in your health regimen. I suggest starting with Essences first and see what that gives you. If that doesn't pull you out of it completely, then test to see whether to include MAP and the Microbial Balancing Program, and what order. For the most part, if you're using the essences well, that should pull you out of the majority of the health issues you're addressing.

LValkner's Question: Hello Machaelle, I've been taking essences for about a year and recently migrated to Perelandra. I really like them a lot. I started with the Nature Program Essences to get a handle on mold/yeast overgrowth. In the daily testing sometimes I would test to take several drops a day. Some days as many as twenty drops a day. A couple of days as high as twenty five. It seemed a little normal as the other essences I had been taking were that many a couple times a day. But then I started to notice "concentrate" on the bottle with a little alarm. In six weeks time or there about I was ordering my second box of Nature Program Essences. I'm now testing one or two drops a day never more than three but wondering about dosage what is normal. Do we go with it when the dosage seems a little over the top? Can we over do? Thanks.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Whatever you test you're to take, that is your essence or essence combination. However, if you're taking your essences directly from the bottle, because it is a concentrate you only need one drop for each dosage. If you're making a solution bottle, you test how many drops go in the solution bottle. (See the Essences Brochure for guidelines.) Your testing got a little screwy because you were expecting the number of drops to be much higher because of your past experience. One of the nice things about Essences is that you can't overdose on them.

Gaustin's Question: I tend to get terrible panic that lasts for months, which happens due to stressful situations. Instead of becoming a hermit and not taking on any challenges in life, is there anything else that you offer that can help? I tried to use the ETS+, but it doesn't even seem to take the edge off. I've also tried using a combination of ETS and essence of perelandra for a few days and that didn't seem to help either. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I suggest a combination of ETS Plus for Humans taken 5 times a day and patience. You may be taking ETS Plus for months on end, maybe even years, until you break the panic cycle. Also, take the ETS Plus as soon as you feel the onset of your panic.

EG's Question: Do you know anything about Peyronei's disease and would you suggest anything for it?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I understand you've called the Question Hot Line a few times on this. I agree with the suggestions you've already been given.

EG's Question: My 4 year old daughter is taking 60 drops of Essence with brandy preservative per day. Do you think it is too much for a child that age?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: As has been explained on the Question Hot Line as well, it's not too much because of the dilution of the brandy. It's not full-strength brandy. If you would like to use Essences, call the Question Hot Line this week. We have suggestions for you that will reduce the amount of drops your daughter will need daily.

Jenn's Question: I have worked with lymphatic, Immune, ETS+ muscular and skeletal and perelandra basic formulas in the past. Question: I have this numbness in my heel that may be related to a bone spur and the female - liver acupuncture points. Is there a formula that would assist in the painfulness of standing on my feet for long periods of time ?? this pain also may be related to plantar phaischisis. (Sp) thanks for your asistance. Jenn from Omaha, NE

MACHAELLE'S Answer: It sounds like you're taking the right Solutions. You might want to consider adding Perelandra Essences.

QWRukes's Question: I'm having trouble with my SLGs. I've been working with them for 3 years now. I get great results with my creative projects but nothing happens with others, e.g. earning money or buying a home. I've used nature cards. I've revised my DDPs to make sure I stay my side of the equation. But there is NO movement. I know I 'hear' my team's guidance in my creative projects: why not in the other projects?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You have too much invested in the other projects and you're functioning as a limitation and a block for the whole coning. Perhaps the better way to go for you right now is to stop the SLG work on earning money and buying a home and drop back and do essence testing on yourself around your personal concerns and blocks around earning money and buying a home. Once you remove your personal blocks, you may not even need to do an SLG. The whole thing may just open up and move for you.

PCV's Question: Thank you for your Very quick service. Ordered Monday and arrived last night. I didn't get a knock on the door from the UPS delivery so they stayed out all night... Do I need to do anything to the essences prior to testing and using? how does cold and heat affect them? Can't wait to get started. I've been self testing a lot of other subject matters and products to prepare myself for daily testing of the essences. Plan to get all the books too!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Kudos for getting started with the Perelandra tools! Unless you live in the Antarctic, it's not a problem for the box to sit out overnight.

Marilyn's Question: Hello Machaelle, can you pls. recommend what would works best for epilepsy. Can the drops be put on the abdomen if someone cannot tolerate the taste? Tks. very much.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I recommend the MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Solutions twice daily. Also, take ETS Plus right at the first indication of a seizure. Unless the person who's taking Solutions or Essences is under 9 months of age, they need to be taken orally.

SE's Question: Hello Machaelle. I'm in the midst of some significant shifts now thanks to your inspiring and shining work with Nature. Thanks so much. Here are my questions: 1. I've been working with PKTT for almost a month now. It's not consistant but I am making progress! I've found that doing the essence testing within a MAP session really speeds the process, it's much clearer and I learn loads. So can I do this for a while or would it be best to "go out on my own"? 2. Can I ask my MAP team questions when I'm no longer in a coning or do I need to open up a coning for that? 3. This may sound silly but I'm wondering who I'm addressing my statements and questions to when I'm doing a basic essence test (outside of a MAP session)? Feels like that might add some clarity for me also. I keep feeling the devas of the essences. Thanks for your answers!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: 1. By all means, continue as long as you feel you are benefitting so much. Even while you're doing MAP, you can do an Essence test outside of MAP anytime you feel like it. You don't have to open a MAP session.
2. You have to be in the MAP coning to ask questions.
3. When you're doing a basic essence test outside of MAP, you're not addressing your questions and statements to anyone, you're reading how the questions and essences are responding with your electric system. So, when using the essences outside of MAP, you are developing a sensitivity of your own electric system.

Moxie's Question: Hi M. Love everything. My question of the day (believe me I could write a book of questions) ... How long should or can one keep an Emergency Coning open?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: You can keep the Emergency MAP Coning open for the duration of the emergency and throughout the treatment required until you're able to resume regular MAP sessions again.

Erin's Question: Just figured out that I probably have a kidney infection - pain in the flanks, uti, etc. Will do a MAP session after this forum is closed and assume the correct MBPs would be urinary, immune, lymphatic. Is that correct or would you do something else in addition? Or differently? Thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Correct group of MBPs. That's a yes on the MAP session. And, if you have essences you may want to add a basic telegraph test for the symptoms.

GHolderman's Question: I have had chronic head pain my entire adult life with no medical help except to give me pain pills. That was not acceptable. When I found your work and the essences I began MAP sessions when needed and many essences. I have had much improvement, but still some pain especially when I'm going through expansions (knowning this by the essences I test positive for). Is there a part of the process I'm missing to have total relief? The pain is especially intense in the cheek bones. Thank you so much for all your work!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Make sure you have the new book, The Perelandra Essences and set up to do telegraph testing for chronic illness. Use the remaining symptoms for your CI checklist in order to turn the corner on this.

Mary's Question: First, thank you so much for all the years and work you have done. I've been a customer almost from the start. Recently my dear old kitty died. I nursed him thru his passing, putting water with ETS+ for animals in his mouth with a dropper when he could no longer swallow on his own, then I got the idea [maybe from Nature] to spray some EoP water [keep it handy for house plants]into his bio-field to help hydrate him. I did this several times thru out the last day.What do you think? Did this work the way I think it did or is that my mind making up an explanation? Thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I think you did just fine. It's important that we respond to what your animal needs during the death process. I think your cat received just what he needed.

DSclar's Question: Thanks so much for your wonderful MBP solutions. I take Immune, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Respiratory, Seasonal Balancing, and of course ETS Plus for Humans. I've been suffering from a rotater cuff injury. Hoping to heal it without surgery. Will any of your solutions help?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: In light of the injury I would add Muscular and Skeletal to your group.

Calypso's Question: Any plans to make more of the essences available in a larger size?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Not at this time. Remember, the Essences are in concentrate form — only one drop of each essence per dose when taking directly from the bottle, and about 300 drops in a 1/2-oz. bottle.

Amy's Question: First, a huge thanks for making this level of energy work available to any/every one. Three of us are using soil-less gardens for our new businesses. We meet weekly to support each other. The businesses are thriving! So are we! Question: When I use the Mouth Balancing Solution, I get sores or red gums or some issue. Should I just live through that and trust that the balance will come? Also, I'm now making flower essences as per your directions. I have a whole new relationship with my garden now. Hooray for Perelandra!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Keep using the Mouth Balancing Solution. But also test whatever essences you're choosing to use for your specific symptoms. Congrats on your successes.

PC's Question: I seem to have lost my sense of smell (not completely because it returns after a Cranio Sacral session) shortly after the birth of my son 6 yrs ago. Would telegraph testing be what I use to help this situation? I recently got the complete set!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: A basic telegraph test is the way to go here. Be sure you're using the steps as outlined in the new book, The Perelandra Essences.

Sharon's Question: Personal response to Machaelle regarding my recent question; I'm so sorry, but you have misinterpreted my question. I was not asking, nor do I believe, that the world will end in 13 months. Perhaps my question is beyond the scope of this forum.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Okay, so much for my reading between the lines (question 25). But my answer is the same. I have no inside information about the next 13 months, so whatever you're actually referring to in your question isn't beyond the scope of this forum, it's beyond the scope of me. Thanks for getting back and clarifying.

SRLight's Question: I have been using everything by intuition for over 10 years. I'm embarrassed to say since I have never been able to grasp the kinesiology even though I have doctors who practice it on me and I believe strongly in it. Any thoughts or suggestions? I was lucky enough to come there for the open house in person and have the microbial balancing lecture. A great experience. Thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If you work with MAP, this is something that you can take to your MAP team and they can help you through the blocks that you have about kinesiology.

N2's Question: I am glad that you have these times for us....I got so overwhelmed at the get-go that I just about thought I was gonna go I backed down to a smaller starting point and feel much better. my ?: Since my steady (we are not married)has willed his house to me should he pass first...does this give me permission to ask nature to help with the garden? the driveway?,etc?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: I'm really glad to see that you took your overwhelm in hand and stepped back to a smaller starting point. That was excellent. Now, because your steady still owns the house, it would be better if you discuss your desire to work with nature in the garden and the driveway, etc. with him first and get his agreement for you to do this. That way you know you are dotting all the Is and crossing all the Ts ethically.

Balance's Question: I am selling my home on 12 acres and over the years have become very connected to the Nature Spirits here. I know Nature is everywhere... but in your experience do individual Devas ever follow a person or do they always stay with the land they are on?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The nature spirit level of nature intelligence is a permanent part of the land, and the devic level of nature intelligence is universal and can be accessed anywhere at any time. Once you don't own that property anymore, it won't be appropriate for you to connect to the deva of that land or to the nature spirit level connected to that land. You are passing on the mantle.

Lausho's Question: We live in a home that is making us sick (dust mostly) and other things unsure of. I have done atmosphere, and geopathic stress clearings outside and am ready to work on the the health of the physical structure of the house. Just bought Soiless garden book, is this the path? what do you suggest? Is there something more specific about building/homes.. thank you for profoundly changing my life

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Go ahead and start the soil-less garden. Just follow the bouncing ball and see where that leads you!

Flatrock's Question: When a good friend passed away, I had to clean out his apt. I found your book, MAP, and have read it at least 4 times. I kinda feel overwhelmed by all the information. I did a first session, not sure if I did it right, never got my, "code". That was 3 months ago. Should I re-do the session scan again, or just try and have regular MAP session?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Open a regular MAP coning and choose the code that you would like to use for yourself and your team. Tell them what the code is and that will be immediately accepted by your team. You can go ahead and continue with your regular MAP sessions. I'm sure that your first session was just fine and your team is just waiting for you to return.

Nancy's Question: Can the post death essence process be used for animals? A woman I cared for long term died and wanted her old dog with quirky personality and some ailments euthanized after her death. It didn't seem like it was right timing for the dog to go, but there also weren't very good options for her either. I did the process for the woman and really wondered if it could have been useful for the dog.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Actually, there is a death process specifically for animals that could have been used. One thing that's nice to remember is that all of us, animal or human, have been dying for a very long time. Even though we can benefit from these processes, we can die very well without them.

LSquire's Question: For my son who is away in college and unnorganized and forgetful what solutions, where testing is not involved, can I send him to take on a daily basis to support him coming out of this pattern. Thank you.

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Actually, if your son is in college, it would be much more effective if he decided on his own that he wanted to change his unorganized and forgetful patterns. Even though you're his mom, he's a little old for you to be doing this. And he's perfectly capable of handling his own issues and patterns.

Otis's Question: Hello, Machaelle! Just wanted to say hello, that applying your work and products in our lives has enabled us to do things beyond our wildest dreams (and I do mean that), and that your staff there rocks. So no question, just a big hug, a huge thank you, and hearty holiday and solstice greetings to you and the wonderful folks around you. Warm regards, Otis the Younger

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Really glad you joined in the forum. I don't know what a forum would be without contact from one of the Otis's! I miss it when I don't hear from one of you. I'll pass along your hug, your thank you and your hearty greetings to the staff. I'm sure they'll appreciate hearing from you, too. Warmest regards back to you from us.

N2's Question: me again..our landscape is changing so much...oil wells (now 4 & not ours) are being put in 400 yds to the side (other side of the pond), since I don't "own" the property here...would nature be able to help me with my bird feeders and such...the cats ...all sorts of cats have appeared

MACHAELLE'S Answer: If this is still your steady's property, and you have permission to put up bird feeders, you can go ahead and ask nature to help you with location and safety issues around the feeders.

Aeternal's Question: I am struggling with chronic Lyme Disease-are there any particular essences you would recommend, either in the short-term or long-term?

MACHAELLE'S Answer: The best thing is for me to refer you back to my answer for question #34.

Barbara's Question: For over a month I have been doing the TT for Chronic Illness for Urticaria (welts from when I scratch myself with lots of itchiness). I had 11 symptoms in the CI checklist to work with to start. One has cleared for the 8 days and I am still working the remaining 12 symptoms. But I am not having the welts and itchiness that used to plague me. Thank you!

MACHAELLE'S Answer: Finally! Somebody told me about their breakthrough with the processes in the new book. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear this! I couldn't be more pleased for you. Three cheers to you and your electric system!!! That's great!

We're done! I'm going home now.
— Machaelle

PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels