After a slow start two years ago (I was very apprehensive about the White Brotherhood), I set up my MAP group prior to surgery on the lid of my right eye. To the plastic surgeon, this was a rather routine job. But for me, it was a major catastrophe. If I'd had any idea of what was going to happen, I'd never have done it! I set up a MAP coning while awaiting surgery, and left it in effect until I got out of the recovery room. I'm convinced that was what helped me get out of the hospital in the afternoon of the second day. I stayed with some friends for ten days, and opened and closed the coning often during that period. The surgeon had expected me to stay in the hospital most of the week and was surprised at how rapidly I recovered.

I followed this with the five-month, twice-a-week routine Machaelle suggested in the MAP book, using the essences during each session. I have since had different routines. I never experienced any of the movements and awareness that I read about. My confirmations are what happens.

There are two other experiences I have had. I fell after a light snow storm. The injury involved my right leg with the knee out of joint. No one was around. I had to get myself up and as I did, my knee popped back in. Everything seemed not too bad until I started back home after supper. I could hardly walk. My joints from foot to hip were very sore and my knee was stiffening. I hobbled up the hill and immediately did a MAP session on this one thing. Later, after going to bed, I had a second session and then went to sleep. In the morning, I cautiously got out of bed, testing — but there was nothing to test! The injury was completely gone and no part of it has ever returned! I remembered to thank all involved in these conings.

Late one Friday afternoon, the flu that's been floating around the area caught me in all it's fury! I had aches and pains all over, from foot to head, plus fever and disorientation. My two community brothers came up to check on me and were a little worried. I had just undressed and gone to bed. They kept my fire going all night. (We heat our building with wood.) The first thing I did was to open a MAP coning and, though I seldom do this, went to sleep with it open. Early the next morning when one of my helpers came to feed my stove, I closed the coning and went to sleep again, still with aches, pains, fever and discomfort. At 7:30 A.M. I awoke and cautiously stretched. Then I came fully awake. It was all gone!

I've got a hundred other success stories. But some, for one reason or another that I don't fully understand, did not work.

— T.H., Virginia