Essences and Health Watch

In summer of 2005, I contacted Perelandra because I was "out of sorts." I remember saying that everything in my environment was out of order and out of place. I could not get my "stuff" together.

Being unfamiliar with all of the processes, I started by learning how to test for essences, but I was overwhelmed with how long it took to do everything. Six months later, I was still learning and I needed every essence known to you and then some — every day, no less. In January, I suspected I had cancer. In February 2006 I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. I wish I had known then that you had a process for cancer patients.

My dad is fabulous with your essences and does every kind of "garden" you can imagine. I have now had one year of treatments, a mixture of allopathic and holistic modalities. Today my dad came by with your Cancer Protocol. I am elated that you have this since I am a firm believer in essences.

I am doing exceptionally well and feel I am on the tail end of this thing. I look forward to having a long and healthy life. The scary thing about the cancer that I have been treated for is that it has never shown up in the blood tests. There are no tumor markers. The tumor proper had all but vanished, but then came the dreaded news that it had spread to my spine. This thing is operating on stealth mode in my system. The cancer is operating microscopically in my system.

That is where you come in, From this day forward I will be in partnership with Perelandra [processes] and the healing energy of nature.

— C.R., California