Pereandra Essences
by Vivian Schatz

I don't eat hot red cherry peppers but grow them for my husband Albert. When he bit into this year's first hot pepper, he said, "This isn't hot at all." So I decided to put the next one I picked in a salad. As I cut and seeded it, I inadvertently touched my lips, which I avoid doing when handling hot peppers. Well, that pepper was hot! My lips and the area above immediately began to burn!

Unfortunately, Albert had not yet gotten around to preparing Emergency Trauma Solutions* for us, and was not there at the time. In desperation, I applied cold water, a baking soda solution and other remedies. But nothing worked.

When Albert came in, I asked him to test me for essences. He did a basic test, then telegraph tested me for the burning. I needed nothing orally but was to use a solution and apply it topically for one minute. I did this with a wet napkin immediately. During that brief time, the burning markedly increased. But when I removed the napkin, it was completely gone and I felt great. Albert then did another basic test and got a dosage. We will now be using Emergency Solutions!

*Editor's Note: This article was written prior to the development of ETS for Humans.