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Perelandra Processes: A Replenishing Well

I've been wanting to write this letter for a long time. It feels right for me to do it now, as I have just finished the treatment protocol in the conventional medicine framework.

Three years ago I discovered a lump in my breast. It was diagnosed as invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast. Because of my lack of trust in the conventional medicine and their approach to cancer, and my fear of having to deal with that world, I refused to be operated on further (they just did a biopsy where they took out the lump, but the margins were not clear), and refused any other conventional treatment. I decided to do whatever I could in the alternative medicine field. I am an acupuncturist and I have been involved in metaphysics and spirituality for quite a while. A month after the biopsy I was in the United States, participating in a workshop, and a friend gave me the MAP book. I read it and fell in love with it. I came back home and began working with my team. Immediately I ordered the essences and slowly I learned to work with the different processes.

From the beginning I felt the beneficial impact of the work. I was very excited (I still am). I moved through the next two years doing all the processes, except the Organizing Process, which I didn't feel worked well for me. I worked with the different processes, and the MBP Solutions as they came out, together with a very specific diet (Ann Wigmore) and acupuncture. I had my regular MAP sessions, Microbial Balancing and essences. I loved working with the processes and I felt they were helping me a lot. The big mistake I made was that I would ask my MAP team questions that I shouldn't have asked (I was afraid to hear the answers.). For example, if the tissue that was growing underneath the scar was cancer . . . or if I should go to the doctor to have it checked. I kept getting no, so I went on doing what I was doing. I thought I could trust their answers if I asked them first if I can ask them about it, and got a yes. I would also double check my answers, just to be sure . . .

It was a year ago when I realized that I was playing a dangerous game. There was something growing just underneath the scar, and I had to let it be checked, in spite of the answers I would get from my MAP team. So I did. It turned out to be the same cancer that kept growing, probably from the unclear margins. I went through a mastectomy.

Here's something happened in my relationship with my MAP team. I stopped asking those kind of questions. But I did ask a lot of other questions. For example, I asked which doctor would be good for me, or what alternative treatment is good for me. I got so much help. They helped me to choose the right doctors and modalities of treatments. They, of course, were with me during the operation and during my stay in the hospital.

After the operation I had to do a daily session for a while. I used the essences, the MBP and the MBP Solutions. I recovered from the operation extremely well. Then I had to decide about the chemo, and later about the radiation. It was clear for me not to ask my MAP team if I should do it or not. But once I chose to, I asked them if they were ready to help and if I'll get through it okay. They agreed and said that I'll be fine.

At this time I began to talk regularly with Amy and Jeannette on the Question Hot Line, asking for their suggestions. They were great, and very helpful. They also told me suggestions from Machaelle, like making a post-chemo or post-radiation ETS.

I tell you, I had my hands full. I worked hard. But I moved through all these experiences really well. The staff in the hospital were amazed at how well I reacted to the treatments in terms of side effects. And even my alternative doctor was surprised. There were times when the MBP saved me from having to take antibiotics. Or it just helped the healing to be quicker and easier.

My MAP team comes with me to all my treatments, alternative and conventional. I feel so much safer when I feel them there with me. Essences are part of my daily routine. And the MBP Solutions as well. At the beginning I thought all this work would be the ultimate solution for everything. Well, I learned that it isn't, but it is very helpful.

I did other things, too. But the Perelandra processes were and are a big part of my healing process. They've been an anchor when I was too scared, a place to rest, a source of balance, a replenishing well.

K.B., Israel