POSTED: July 25, 2017
Just One Bite at a Time
Environmental Organizations and Actions

Here are some timely — and timeless — resources we think you'll be glad to have as you Take Action for the Environment.

Learn, be inspired and have an impact with this eye-opening resource.

Read this book. Or see the movie, officially opening August 4th.

Rachel Carson was ahead of her time, and her work still inspires. This book is always worth a read or a re-read.

And here is a starter list of just some of the organizations working hard to help our environment. They can provide research, information, resources and can make it easy to help. Find one here or elsewhere that speaks to you.

On this League of Conservation Voters website, you can easily find out how your senators and representative in Congress score when it comes to protecting the environment. Contact them and let them know how you'd like them to represent you when environmental issues are involved. And if nature, the environment, drinking clean water or breathing clean air matter at all to you, check this before you go to vote, every time there is an election:

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