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Soil-less Garden Series, Part 2
Before Your First Soil-less Garden
from the Question Line Duo

Update: August 2019

The Soil-less
Garden Series


In this series, we are giving you the bare bones, minimal reading and DVD watching that you need. We encourage you to read more than we suggest for added insight and greater understanding. Heck, you can read the whole book cover-to-cover for a complete overview, then follow along with this series to implement what you're learning.


Get ready to choose a project.

The first step to a soil-less garden project is choosing what your project will be. The second step is to put your goal into words. That is, write your DDP.

DDP stands for "definition, direction and purpose" — the intent for your project. You will learn more about that when you:

When you've done both of those things, and read the rest of this post, you'll be ready to decide what your project will be, and write your DDP.

Write it down on a blank piece of paper, or in a blank notebook. If you're electronically inclined, type it into a new file using your favorite note-taking app.


Three tips to help you choose your SLG project wisely.

1.  For your first soil-less garden (or your first in a long time), we urge you to choose something simple. If you read that sentence and still feel compelled to make raising your kids, running your business or redesigning the Louvre your first soil-less garden project — don't. Instead, watch the beginning of Chapter 6 (about 15 minutes) of the Soil-less Gardens DVD and listen to Machaelle explain why your first soil-less garden project should be something uncomplicated. She also gives examples of the amazing potential that a clear, uncomplicated DDP offers.

2.  Your "simple" garden should still be something you actually care to do. It just shouldn't involve your life's work, your life's savings or your children's lives. You're learning the soil-less garden process, and getting to know your nature partner. You want to be able to relax about the results. Things we care about, but often dismiss as "not important enough for a soil-less garden" include: reorganizing the kitchen/garage/closet, throwing a dinner party, sharing your opinion on a local issue at your next town council hearing, learning to make sourdough bread.

3.  When it comes to writing your DDP, say what you really mean. Don't wrap it up in fancy language, or force yourself to fit a set of rules akin to daily affirmations. If your DDP is a struggle, let that be a clue to drop the complexity. And for examples on how to keep your DDP simple and clear, even if it has multiple pieces, read "DDP Examples" on pages 13-16 of the Soil-less Garden Companion.

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The Easy Starter: Perelandra Solutions

Every day support for all of your projects and goals.

Now for the really good news. You can also address and support those more "charged" goals right away, without making it an official soil-less garden project.

Those of you participating in the new monthly EoP Biodiversity Process will find these steps familiar. If you were excited to do more with EoP, or know what other Solutions to use for supporting your goals, you're going to love this easy process.

All you'll need are the Solution(s) of your choice — Essence of Perelandra, ETS for Soil-less Gardens and/or ETS for Soil, a clearly stated goal, a clean spoon (or three) and the instructions given here:

Working with nature using ETS and EoP to support your
projects and goals (aka soil-less gardens).


For Every New Soil-less Gardener!

Many of you get started with your soil-less gardens a piece at a time, usually with the Soil-less Gardens Workshop DVD, then the SLG Companion and a Perelandra Solution or two. A question we answer frequently as you're getting started: "Do I really need the Rose Essences and Rose Essences II?"

Yes, you do!
Read the next installment of this series to learn more here.

Essence of Perelandra

Struggling with your DDP wording?

Remember this is the first step in a lifetime of learning about working with nature. Your first DDP is practice, it does not require perfection. Try this:

1.  Get out your EoP (Essence of Perelandra).

2.  State: "I'm taking this EoP to relax, choose my soil-less garden and express my DDP clearly."

3.  Take 10 drops of EoP orally. Wait 10 seconds, keeping your mind on that focus.

If you feel overwhelmed, get stuck or have questions about these instructions, call our Question Line. We enjoy helping you through blocks, and keeping the steps manageable and simple.

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The Soil-less Garden Series