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Update: April 26, 2022

SLUDGE — not just on farms.

Machaelle came across this article last week and we all thought it was important to share with you for several reasons.

Russian War Worsens Fertilizer Crunch, Risking Food Supplies
[Associated Press, April 12, 2022]

If you are gardening or farming and using fertilizers on your land, you'll want to be prepared should you need to ask nature for options and adjustments to fertilizers you had already tested and planned to apply to your soil.


We were especially concerned more farmers may turn to sludge (aka "biosolids") as a fertilizing option if they are priced out of commercial fertilizers. And we're hoping you can help us prevent that.

Even if you don't garden or farm, you may know someone who does.

Or you may live in a community that is considering using sludge on the city park land or on the school yard or ballfields. Also, sludge can be found hiding in that bag labelled "natural" fertilizer you just picked up at your local garden center.

Please pass on this important information about sludge.

What never to include with your fertilizer options:

spewing sludge

When Machaelle Wright published The Perelandra Garden Workbook, she included an important update and reminder — do not use sewage sludge in your garden or on your land. It summarizes her original detailed article and is a short, easy read you can share with neighbors, farmers and friends.

Read the excerpt free online here:

What Never to Include on Your Fertilizer Options List: Land Applied Sewage Sludge a.k.a. "Biosolids"

Download and forward that article to any of your farmer friends, and those in your community who make decisions about public lands and parks. Or print paper copies to give to others.


Sludge Talk

It was almost twenty years ago when Machaelle first sounded the alarm to our Perelandra customers about "biosolids." After extensive research, she put the pieces together for all of us in a detailed article. It's still available here if you'd like to learn more about why this matters so much.

A recording of Machaelle's original presentation is available as well. The download is free here. (Or you can purchase a CD for $5.)


ETS for Soil

There are many ways to support your soil in addition to fertilizing. The easiest is to apply ETS for Soil to your garden, farm, wildflower meadow, orchard or land using the steps in the brochure.

We also reviewed several environmental energy processes with details on what you'll need to do them in a recent message here.


If you feel overwhelmed, get stuck or have questions about these instructions, call our Question Hot Line. We enjoy helping you through blocks, and keeping the steps manageable and simple.

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