I wanted to let you know about a specific MAP process that I participated in structuring (along with Pan, the White Brotherhood, the Deva of Healing, and my higher self). I call it the "MAP Relationship Coning/Calibration Process*," and it goes like this.

A regular MAP coning is opened and then expanded to include the higher self of the other person in the relationship, and the "Higher Power" of the relationship between the two people. Then open to Pan for the Calibration Process. Both people need to have done the initial MAP scanning session (to connect with their own team) first. The people involved don't do their sessions in the same room, nor do they need to do them at the same time. Once a week, 40 minutes per person, "until the relationship clears" was the "prescription" I received for this. I was also given to understand that even if a person does only this MAP process, and only one time a week, he will benefit greatly from it. This was in response to my husband's question about whether this process would count as one of his two MAP sessions per week.

My "forward" movement resulting from MAP sessions brought my attention to my relationship. In other words, I was changing and that threw the "stuckness" of my marital patterns into high relief. I felt I couldn't tolerate staying in these patterns in my primary relationship any more. So, this is the result. It's great! Free, supportive, effective, safe marriage counseling! Who would have thought it?

— J.M., Washington

* Editor's Note: This process is actually the regular MAP/Calibration Process outlined in MAPwith one creative modification: the higher selves of both people in a relationship plus the deva of the relationship are included in the MAP coning. The coning sets up like this:

Overlighting Deva of Healing
The deva of your relationship
Your MAP team
Your higher self
Your partner's higher self

Then set up for the calibration as described in step 4 in MAP.

Here are some tips when using this process:

  1. Both people in the relationship must have a personal MAP team and both must consciously agree to work with the relationship coning. The MAP teams will not work with someone's higher self without having that person's conscious permission to do so.
    Important: It is important not to manipulate your partner into this cooperative MAP work. If he or she doesn't wish to participate, you can still work on your role in the relationship, receiving insights, understanding and change in regular MAP sessions and/or in MAP/Calibration sessions.

  2. Every human relationship has a deva. This deva designs the order, organization and actions that structure the relationship in accordance with the direction and purpose of the two people forming it. The "higher power" of a relationship is the same as the deva of the relationship.

  3. Since this is a regular MAP process which focuses on a specific situation, it is considered one of the regularly scheduled sessions. However, if working through relationship issues stirs up a lot of action/reaction, you may need to add extra MAP sessions to your schedule to assure good support. Consult your MAP team about a possible change in schedule. If you don't have time to do extra sessions, then you don't have time to properly support yourself. Consider not working with a relationship MAP/Calibration coning until you can also support yourself as needed while moving through the insights and changes.