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Perelandra Processes: Safe Journey Home

I am so grateful for all the Perelandra processes and products. They have become a natural and essential part of my life. It all started when someone gave me the MAP book in 1996, and I've worked with my MAP team ever since. Once I even caught a glimpse of someone peering into my eye during a session. I can often feel their work, and even if I don't, it is effective. I get the help I need from my team. I've used flower essences since 1996, too. I remember more than once getting instant pain relief from just a drop or two of essences, as well as much balancing and healing over the years. ETS Plus has been very useful and effective for me and my dog. I keep a bottle on my desk at work, in my purse, by my bed, and so forth. I don't leave home without it!

Once I started to use the Microbial Balancing Solutions regularly, I began to notice big health improvements. I'm constantly exposed to colds, flu and other viruses at work from a hundred other people, but I haven't been ill at all for the past two years. I use the solutions at night and in the morning, as directed. I've been giving the FSBS+ to my small dog, Madhu, too, as a preventative, as advised. The Post-Death Flower Essence Process has been a great blessing. I've used it twice so far: first with an older woman friend who died and then a year and a half later after her husband's death. Both experiences were blissful. What a wonderful surprise! I had thought maybe I'd be quite upset and that it might be difficult, but both times the experiences were extremely peaceful. I found myself in quite an altered state. Now I have an emergency kit prepared with the Post-Death Flower Essences Process instructions, a set of essences, a special spoon and so forth. I have many older friends and I have elderly parents. If I'm called away suddenly, I'll be able to give the wonderful gift of this process if it's welcome.

My latest experience with a Perelandra process was during the recent big storm, when I had to drive home from work over a mountain with snow, wind, rain, ice, fog and darkness. Normally I might call upon archangels to help me, but I decided to open a soil-less garden coning for the journey home. I knew to call upon Pan and my higher self, but I wasn't sure what deva to call upon* or what White Brotherhood team to ask for. I called upon the Deva of my Car, the Deva of the Mountain, the Deva of the Highway and the Deva of the Storm, and asked that the most appropriate White Brotherhood team be part of the coning session. And it worked. I got through safely and with much less stress than I had expected.

Marylynn Henes


* Editor's Note: If you're unclear about the deva involved in a soil-less garden coning, say your DDP aloud and then state, "I request that the appropriate deva for this project be connected to this soil-less garden coning."