Perelandra Essences

I want to share my happy experience using your essences. Beginning in 1995, I began to experience symptoms of vertigo. A typical "episode" would last about ten days and would mean not being able to get horizontal the whole time (sleeping sitting upright). It was exhausting and would happen several times a year. Allopathic and holistic practitioners were essentially at a loss to explain it or remedy it.

At a certain point, I got an intuition that it was finally time to order your essences. I had read Behaving in 1997; then, I ordered the Garden Workbooks in 1998 when we bought our first home. I hesitated to move into the essences arena until early this year.

I ordered the basic set of Rose and Garden Essences and began my introduction. At first, I seemed to test for a great number of essences. My chiropractor and I worked together to monitor my progress with adjustments and essences. Spring is the time when I typically started a vertigo pattern. I noticed I spent some time with the victim releasing essences for a while, [then the testing patterns changed] and now I've pretty consistently landed on the same essences.

I test myself just before going to sleep. If I forget, a feeling of vertigo wakes me up. I test myself and have found I then sleep through the night. I have not had an episode of vertigo in over a year now. I want to thank you for the important part the Perelandra Essences are now playing in the balancing of my health — literally. No other modality brought me any feeling of relief or control over this aspect of my health. Thank you so very much for the important work you do!

C.H., New Hampshire