by Nattalia Reinboldt

In 1992, my husband Woody was diagnosed as having severe scar tissue building on his optic nerves. The attending eye surgeon gave him a very grim outlook, with no hope of recovery and eventual blindness in both eyes. His right eye was severely handicapped already and he could only distinguish faint light and dark shadows. After measuring both of his eyes, the eye surgeon told us that Woody did not qualify for laser surgery to remove the scar tissue — but we did not believe this.

We began to work with MAP, flower essences and eye exercises. Within two months of the first diagnosis, Woody returned to the eye surgeon for a second appointment. The eye surgeon remarked, "I don't know what you're doing, but it's miraculous. The scar tissue has actually moved!"

On January 12, 1996, Woody had laser surgery to remove the scar tissue from his right eye. He now has perfect vision in his right eye. The sight in his left eye has greatly improved — in which he is wearing a very mild contact lens. And soon, this will be a thing of the past for him also, as he has found at times the lens is not necessary!