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September 2019

Hair Salons Redefining "Eco-Friendly Beauty"

A Series on the Environment from the QL Duo

Here is an idea for one quick, easy change you can make in your life that will reduce your use of toxic chemicals and plastics. For starters.

We recently found a local salon that offers organic hair and body products, including hair styling and coloring. They even sell their products in glass bottles that you can bring back to buy refills. And it turns out this is a growing trend. There's a website to help you find your own local environmentally conscious salon. Check out your options here:

Green Circle Salons

Or, the next time you go to get a haircut, share this with the staff and maybe they will start thinking about making some changes for the environment, and their customer's good health. (The Green Circle Salons website includes a section just for salon owners who want to make this move!)


"At the end, we want to be able to say to ourselves and our children: We were on the right side of history. We took responsibility for changing our patterns and rhythms which resulted in a life that added balance to the larger picture rather than perpetuating the problem." Be A Change Maker with Nature, Your Partner in Life's Garden

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