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Gail's Question: Wow! Thanks Machaelle & the entire Perelandra team for today's virtual open house. I learned from all the Q's - especially appreciate the 'dirty little secrets' - DLS!

Machaelle's Answer: Wow, what a great comment to end this forum on. Thanks!

Barb's Question: I am doing three pic lists all which call for Seasonal Balancing. Does that give me added protection for the flu since I'm taking it 3 x - twice a day? Thanks so much!

Machaelle's Answer: Unless you are doing a PIC List specifically for seasonal issues, then no. Otherwise, you need to take the Seasonal Balancing in addition to your PIC Lists. There's something in the Seasonal Balancing pattern that each of the three PIC Lists require to complete the unit. That's why it's coming up.

Dana's Question: Thank you everyone for this opportunity. I began using Perelanda and working with nature spirits in 2002. Life stuff got in the way and I stopped about 6 years ago. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the PIC information and found out my Garden workbook (2nd edition) is obsolete. I have most of the essence kits from that time. My questions: 1) Do I need a new workbook? 2) Are the essences still 'viable' or should they be re-energized so to speak?

Machaelle's Answer: 1) The Workbook that you have is not obsolete. But the latest edition of the Garden Workbook does a lot to clarify and simplify the processes and the procedures which may go a long way to removing your overwhelm as far as the Garden Workbook is concerned. 2) Your essences are still viable. You don't need to re-energize them. 3) Regarding PIC, I suggest that you activate the PIC Classroom and ask Which one bottle would be most helpful for you to take for your overwhelm. Start there, with whatever comes to mind first.

Mary's Question: I have used Perelandra processes for 20+ years & recently used PIC for a long-standing health issue. I tested for almost 40 essences, balancers, etc. and took them 2x/day for almost 4 months, but didn't see any change in my health issue. I did the re-test and again came up with almost as many essences, etc., but with the cost ($750 the first time), continuing seems prohibitive. Any thoughts on the fact that I didn't see any change in the health issue, etc? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: Call the Question Hot Line on Wednesday and see if we can come up with a way to break this up. It's possible we can simplify the focus, which will in turn simplify the number of bottles. It doesn't surprise me if a long-standing health issue looks like it's not changing because frequently PIC is working underneath the surface and making the changes that are going to be easily recognizable later. For your long-standing health issue, it may be critical that the underlying issues that you can't see are shifting and changing first. For other people it works in reverse where the outer layer of symptoms are dealt with first and then they have a long retest period which is for dealing with the underlying issues.

Volker's Question: Thanks for the answer (question 32). To clarify, I didn't use another list focus or factor X as a list focus for PIC. Instead I was adding 'factor x-essence' so to say to the PIC list, which than tested positive for the same list focus. Thanks again!

Machaelle's Answer: What I'm trying to get across is that "factor X" or "factor X essence" is not included on the PIC List. It is important not to remove anything from the list, and not to add anything to the list. However, the fact that you did test positive for factor X tells me that something else is going on, which is why I gave you the answer that I did in question 32.

Janice's Question: When opening a coning session, we allow time to connect with each area of the MAP Team. However, when using kinesiology the question is asked and answered by the same team. How are they more immediately able to respond to a question through kinesiology?

Machaelle's Answer: The timing issue doesn't have to do with the participants of the coning, it has to do with you. You allow time for the connection so that you on all of your levels can adjust to an open coning. When you're asking a question, the coning is already open and no further adjustment is needed.

Jill's Question: Am in Ireland where we've had the most abysmal summer.I have one small tree in a pot that's not doing well at all, it sat in water too long (my fault entirely) I just gave it 8 drops of Soil solution in a pint of water - was this right? and is there anything else I could do? Also maybe something basic to boost the poor garden after the cold summer? Am a complete beginner. Also, would you consider doing video conference workshops with people setting up in countries around the world. No travel involved for anyone. Thank you for your work, after 25 years I finally found your work last year the only kind I feel is real and I can trust - I love working with nature intelligences and the WB team and after 60 MAP sessions over the past year, I can say it really works!! Jill :-)

Machaelle's Answer: Use the instructions for shifting Essence of Perelandra (EoP) to your plant and stop giving it too much water. I recommend for the beginner the The Perelandra Garden Workbook. Look at the simple steps for Gut Gardening. That'll get you started.

Carol's Question: I am thinking PIC brings us a step closer to becoming so adept communicating with Nature ANY question is answered with either PKTT yes/no or with PIC. I am not there yet so welcome Peralandra tools of EarthSave, Hot Line, Forums, books, videos, etc. If this is too wierd, Machaelle, unnecessary to comment.

Machaelle's Answer: Carol, I don't think this is weird, but I'm not sure there's anything to comment on. Thanks for the kind words.

Eileen's Question: Another question: After being carefully washed, can a dropper from one essence or solution be used for a different one? Or does it still retain a tinge of the original essence/solution even after careful washing?

Machaelle's Answer: The problem isn't the glass pipette, the issue is the rubber bulb. Just to be on the safe side I would replace it with a new dropper.

Becca's Question: For a person with little self-confidence about the stability and protection of her several energy fields (lifelong trauma history, chronic illness complexity, natural empath and prenatal DNA damage per DNA testing, support systems have been guessing too much, feel as if running out of time): What might be a good way to start using the PIC system which has been too overwhelming to contemplate up until now? The logistical survival fears in this life seem to sabotage forward movement toward self-sufficiency, equanimity and any joy in life.

Machaelle's Answer: With all of this going on, I recommend 5 or more doses of ETS for Humans each day until you feel stronger and more secure about the idea of expanding a little bit. At that point, connect to the PIC Classroom and ask for insight about how the ETS for Humans is working with you.

Beth's Question: I'm curious about your opinion on titanium dental implants. Do you think they create ongoing stress and/or damage to the bioelectric field? Thanks again!

Machaelle's Answer: I have no idea. It probably depends on the individual and the state of their health and balance.

Catherine's Question: What coning should I use for solstice/equinox participation? I have several gardens in soil and SLGs, and want to include my personal cycle as well. Should I connect to the Deva of the particular Solstice or Equinox? Include all the Devas of my various projects/gardens? Sometimes guests are present -- should they each do their own coning (or other personal way of participating if desired), to reflect their own projects if any? If they are all using Perelandra processes is it better to do a group coning and have each person silently mention their specific garden(s)?

Machaelle's Answer: Well, Catherine, after 25 years you still overthink things! Just open a simple coning. Include the Deva of that Equinox or Solstice and then get out a 4-foot-long ream of paper and start listing all of your anomolies that you would like to have included. Or you could just not do anything and let the equinox and solstice shifts occur naturally.

Christina's Question: If one is using MAP and PIC, might it also be useful to establish a a soilless garden for the overarching process of returning to balance and alignment? If so, how might the focus be scaled (not too narrow – not too broad)?

Machaelle's Answer: No, a soil-less garden isn't needed. But it might be helpful to test a PIC List for "daily general balancing."

Mary's Question: I have always taken the Seasonal Balancing Solution every evening at the same time as the MBP Balancing Solutions; however, in the instructions that came with the Seasonal Solution, I see that it says not to drink or eat 15 minutes before taking the solution. Is there a waiting period between taking the rest of the Solutions and the Seasonal Solution? Also, I'm having trouble finding on your website the instructions you provided at one time for taking all the different solutions that included waiting times, times of day, etc. Can you tell me where that is? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: You can continue to take the Seasonal Balancing Solution along with your MBP Solutions at bedtime. Take the Seasonal Balancing Solution first, then the MBP Solutions. Wait about 10 seconds between taking each Solution. (You're already waiting 15 minutes before taking them.)

Trish's Question: A friend is terribly allergic to raw tomato.....ends up in the emergency room in danger of death. She can eat cooked tomatoes with no problem! She is afraid to use Tomato Essence. Is this wise? Might there be a problem? Or is the essence perfectly safe? Thank you for reviewing this question. Trish

Machaelle's Answer: If she tests that she needs to take Tomato Essence, she can feel confidence that it's safe. The essence is the electric pattern derived from the tomato plant and not the physical tomato. By working with the electric pattern, we bypass the elements that create an allergy.

Martin's Question: I went on holiday from many a happy PIC down to zero PIC. Promptly got ill, and am still sweating with fever since my return last night. I realise I can not take all the bottles on holiday, but I could take all the bottles I need for one (or two) PIC along. Therefore, what would be a good wording for a PIC that supports my health while I am on holiday (and preferably does not change while I am away). Generally, I am always a bit nervous about my wording as I do not know how ‘picky’ PIC is with words. Can you kindly help explain what makes good wording for PIC. Thanks! You are a star!

Machaelle's Answer: You answered your own question, in fact. Test a PIC List with the focus of, "support my health while I'm on holiday." The rule for good PIC focuses would be clarity and simplicity.

Meridith's Question: Hello Machaelle! First please accept my deepest gratitude for your work, and Perelandra as a whole. I have shifted some emotional trauma at the core level with the assistance of these products and processes, and words alone really cannot convey how grateful I am for this. My question is in trying to do a Nature Healing Process for my cat who has digestion issues, every time I start the process and he hears me talk- even very, very softly, he gets up and comes over to me and starts purring and interacting. I have tried to complete a session even at 4:30 AM when he would normally be knocked out! Doesn't matter time of day or night- he gets up and wants to interact. I started thinking maybe I need to clear myself first before initiating a session for him. Would I take this to PIC? I'm not sure specifically what I need to clear to enable the MAP sessions for him. Thank you in advance for your insights. Meridith

Machaelle's Answer: Just to be clear, you're not supposed to use MAP for animals. Use the Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals. Try taking a dose of ETS for Humans before doing the process with your cat. If that doesn't work, test the Essences for clearing yourself ("What essences do I need to clear myself before doing this process for my cat?"). Check with your MAP team to see if you have some issue or health problem that's connected to your cat's digestive problem that needs to be addressed. If so, do you need to address your issue with MAP before you address the digestive problem with the cat, or do you address both in tandem?

Sean's Question: I have tried using PIC but when I start going down the list my fingers cramp up from PKTT. When I was using just the flower essences I got to test the entire box at one time. Are there any short cuts or groupings for testing w/ PIC?

Machaelle's Answer: If your fingers are cramping you are probably using too much pressure in your fingers. Back off the pressure. You only need to feel when the circuit breaks or holds. If this doesn't work for you, call the Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679). There are alternative methods of kinesiology available.

Mary's Question: I'm among those who have been putting all my purchases on the counter, unloading them and doing an EoP shift, thinking it was going into everything. Now you tell us we need to seperate food from non-food. Please explain why that is needed as the energy works at the atomic level. Or have I misunderstood something about the concept of ballance and harmony? Thank you and much appreciation for your work and products. Love my Perelandra screen saver and being able to change pictures with the seasons.

Machaelle's Answer: The EoP shift occurs more easily when there's a higher degree of clarity. So it's better to separate out the different kinds of items and do separate shifts to each grouping than to try to shift EoP to the municipal dump site you've just created on your kitchen table.

Kathleen's Question: End of July I had a TIA. I opened a MAP session and heard "aneurysm." not found by doctors. rest of health excellent; in shape, low blood pressure, meditator, work out, eat great. think a heart issue: TEE scheduled next week. yesterday told they found a tiny brain aneurysm - say not connected to the TIA.

Machaelle's Answer: Just based on what you're saying here, it looks like you are having multiple serious issues. I think it's important that you continue working with MAP. Remember to also open a MAP session with your team during any procedures (see page 150 of the 3rd edition). Definitely make sure you continue working with your doctors. Once you find out precisely what's going on, add PIC to this. If the issues are connected, you're doing one PIC List test. If they're not connected, you're doing two separate PIC Lists.

Lynn's Question: I just received the new Seasonal Balancing Solution. If I am not currently using PIC, I assume I take the solution regularly. If I start a PIC session and the seasonal balancing does not come up as needed, do I stop taking it?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, take the Seasonal Balancing Solution regularly, with or without PIC. And continue your daily doses of Seasonal Balancing no matter what you're doing with PIC.

Rose's Question: I have had a chronic cough for many, many years. By now I understand that it is probably related to several things such as digestion, allergies, pathogens, etc. Would it be sufficient to do a PIC with the simple focus of resolving the causes of the cough? Thank you, Machaelle.

Machaelle's Answer: Yes Rose! Perfect. Keep the focus that simple.

Sue's Question: How does PIC work with your Cancer Protocol, written in 2007? Should I be using both systems together, or does one strategy supersede the other system? Thanks for any guidance.

Machaelle's Answer: I suggest you use PIC. The focus will be the specific cancer you've been diagnosed with. Be sure you do all of the retests. When you've been told that you are in remission, finish the old PIC List and start a new PIC List for "remission and recuperation." I think you're going to find this much easier to work with than the 2007 Cancer Protocol.

Teresa's Question: Hi Machaelle, I asked MAP which mbp balancing solutions I need and came up with 5 (plus 3 perelandra solutions). The yes list did not include digestive, even though I clearly have digestive issues. I am wondering whether I am mistesting? The only other thing I can think is that it could be because I am actively trying to address the digestive issues through the MBP (phase 1) program and so maybe the balancing is happening there? I would appreciate any thoughts you might have on this...

Machaelle's Answer: You're right. The MBP Solution that addresses the digestive issues are taking care of that focus and MAP will not interfere with that. But they will provide an underlying support for you as you go through the Microbial Balancing Program.

Marian's Question: I'm curious about what seems to be a consistent movement toward complexity in the Perelandra Processes.... I started with MAP sessions nearly 20 yrs ago, and the full set of all essences. About 4 yrs ago I started working with the Microbial Balancing Solutions... and then the Program. I found it to be tedious and complicated...but I committed to it and spent a good year or more doing daily treatments...which ultimately did not bring relief for the specific issue I was working with. I'm just wondering about it all...After a 'hiatus' from all Perelendra products andprocesses, I've gone back to Basic Essence Testing and Telegraph Testing. This has been helpful. SO...I'm wondering about all of the new, new, new products and processes, and what's behind it all. Thanks. ~ Marian

Machaelle's Answer: Perelandra's research keeps moving forward. It's up to each person to decide which products and processes are best for their health regimen. I think a few thousand people would probably take issue with you about PIC being complex. I encourage you to use the products that work best for you, and not to assume that you need work with them all.

Christina's Question: Does MAP & PIC operate on the principle of bringing one into balance and thus eliminating electrical patterns that support illness and disease?

Machaelle's Answer: Neither of them eliminate electrical patterns from your electric system. You really don't want to use anything that starts tossing out parts of your electric system. In different ways they balance and repair electric circuits that have resulted in illness and disease. The goal is to have a balanced and fully functioning electric system in and around our bodies. Short of amputation, it's impossible to toss out or eliminate circuits and patterns.

Dotty's Question: Hi Machaelle....I have had lyme twice, which has cause auto immune issues. What should I be taking other than the seasonal balance?

Machaelle's Answer: Run, do not walk, to test a PIC List. Your focus will be "lyme disease and the resulting autoimmune issues."

Doug's Question: In the Microbial Balancing Program TT general balancing preparation, if there are several areas under a heading that test positive, when we do a MBP chart for each area will that area possibly require a range of MBP processes or will it need just a group of essences for general balancing to prepare for testing for the specific issue? I'm looking here at the statement at the top of page 257.

Machaelle's Answer: Your MBP TT charts for general balancing are simplified (see the bottom of page 256), but you are still testing all of the processes on the Troubleshooting Chart. The bullet note at the top of page 257 applies only if you test that essences are needed on that chart.

Kimmy's Question: I have no question right now. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for your SLG tools and instructions. I am using SLG for my new business. There is definitely a learning curve, and I have my own resistance to deal with as well, but I have already received amazing guidance I could never come up with on my own!

Machaelle's Answer: Way to go Kimmy! Glad to hear it. I urge you on!

Mary B's Question: When taking essences tested for in PIC (and I'm taking 17 essences and 3 MPB solutions for one issue), I find that I am repeating the issue with each drop as if doing the Basic Essence Test. Is this necessary, or is focusing on the issue as I start taking the drops all that is needed? Thanks. Mary B.

Machaelle's Answer: Just focus on the issue as you start taking the drops. That's all that's needed.

Teresa's Question: Hi Machalle, Thank you so much for all of your work. I have been working with MAP for a year and have experienced some huge changes and health shifts. I have two questions for you: 1) Is all illness heal-able given enough time/patience and the right attitude? Or are there some things that are built into our form? (So far, the health issues on which I have been focusing are all ones of the form "X happened or I did X and so my body went out of balance"... but I am wondering whether I can later do something about some foods allergies I've had my whole life (including, unfortunately, chocolate!) 2) Do you find that it is generally best to focus on one issue or set of issues at a time? Or would it also be effective to work with MAP on one issue and MBP or PIC on an entirely different issue? Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: 1) Most illnesses are heal-able. Some illnesses are actually soul-directed for the purpose of life lesson. And other illnesses are meant to be the vehicle by which we die. 2) On the issue that you'd like to take to MAP, ask your team if they would like you to include PIC for that issue. For the Microbial Balancing Program, I recommend that you work with the PIC List first for the issue and then work with MBP. You'll find that the MBP processes needed will simplify.

Volker's Question: Hi Machaelle, thanks so much for all the inspiration! Question: In my first PIC session, none of the essences of the PIC List tested positive. Wondering what to do, I tested 'factor X', which tested positive. It felt quiet strong when taking it. (Had to take it for nearly a month.) Any ideas about that? Is there a reason it is not mentioned in the protocol? Any experiences about it? Thanks and big hug from Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Machaelle's Answer: My thought on this is that you may have needed to alter your List focus before addressing the current focus. So my suggestion is to test if you need a different focus for your first PIC List. If you don't know off hand what that focus should be, write on the focus line, "Factor X." Continue the testing as normal from there.

Gail's Question: Thank you so much for holding this Open House! Machaelle - I have been holding an informal dialogue with Nature since I read Dorothy Maclean's book decades ago. Q - How do I get more facile with figuring out the Q's to ask? Hummm just read answer to another betting YOUR answer is to follow the book step by step so I can build my knowledge & tap into intuitive knowing at some point... Thanks for all you do!

Machaelle's Answer: Dear Gail, I love it when someone asks a queston and then turns right around and answers their own question. Good for you. Carry on with my blessing!

Cindy's Question: Clues on how to do PIC? Just can't seem to grasp the concept.

Machaelle's Answer: We suggest you call Jeannette on the Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679), she's answering the line until 5 PM today. (Or you can call any Wednesday.)
We need to know exactly what you mean by your question. It's hard to grasp the concept of "just can't seem to grasp the concept!" So call and give us some clarity, then we'll do the same for you.

Petra's Question: Dear Machaelle Could you please expand on the "the circuitry design that allows you to hear this kind of frequency" which you referred to in your answer to Rob's question? My own research relates this to our DNA structure. Do you see that these abilities inherent in our electrical circuitry are a direct function of our multidimensional DNA structure and how many strands we have active ? If not, is there another interpretation of how the "circuitry design" can be understood and related to ? Blessings petra

Machaelle's Answer: Dear, dear Petra. The forum format doesn't allow me to write a 300-page book on the electrical circuitry as it relates to our multi-dimensional DNA structure and its many strands. Here's my suggestion: Ask your MAP team this question. Or take it to the PIC Classroom. Or both. Unless you want to, you don't have to test a PIC List. Just take the whole question and put it in PIC's lap. And if you get the answer, "Why are you asking this question and what does it actually add to your day-to-day life?", take that as a hint.

Milena's Question: Following up on my previous question, is there any process appropriately available to an individual or group of humans to energetically work with issues of animal cruelty, I.e. Factory farming, big game 'hunting', etc.? Soiless Gardens, energy cleanses ?

Machaelle's Answer: You have to be careful about manipulating. So unless you work for or own a factory farm, work for an organization that puts together big game hunting, etc. it is inappropriate for you to superimpose a soil-less garden Energy Cleansing or other energy process. However, I dealt with the growing problem of land-applied sewage sludge by educating myself on the subject, writing a comprehensive paper and giving the information to those who want it. I'm pleased to say that a number of people who own land and were considering spreading sewage sludge made the decision not to do it after reading my paper. This is an example of making change without manipulating.

Donna's Question: We can't have you eating too many cookies! I learned kinesiology from your work many years ago; and I now also use other methods, including a pendulum. I use it for everything/anything in my life, and now often hear answers at the same time. I had breast cancer 13 years ago, and after lumpectomy refused to believe I needed invasive treatment, even though pressured. Nurse colleagues thought I was nuts. You are a great role model for trusting without having to know why. What a gift to the planet you are! Thank you. Love your sense of humour.

Machaelle's Answer: Regarding the cookies, my response to you is — killjoy!
As for my other thoughts — Don't forget that there are times when it's appropriate to wrap in regular medical treatment and combine it with the alternative in order to reach a good outcome. So as you move forward remember to use all of the best options that can be tested for, no matter what direction they come from. But I congratulate you on your success, even when those around you think you're nuts.

Pamela's Question: When should I use a professional MAP coning in my work and business and when do I use a soil-less garden for my business instead? What are the differences? Thank you Machaelle

Machaelle's Answer: Use Professional MAP for insight in how you're working with clients in the areas of health. Use a soil-less garden for how you structure and run your business.

Lu's Question: In the Spring I started began the full fledged flower and herb garden, tested for the dimensions and layout, built one of 4 raised beds and then stopped because life became busy. (Or maybe the garden needed a rest). In Sept or Oct I would like complete the garden. 1) Would it be best to test the garden area as starting from the beginning vs. the information I got in the Spring? Things could have changed. 2) I have tested for a Genesa Chrystal and specific chrystals to put in the garden. If there are other chrystals in the house will that effect the Genesa Chrystal focus? One thing this "wild Summer" garden showed me was how beautiful it could be without any input--like a patch-work quilt. it's also located next to the Nature Sanctuary which has a whole different feel than the surroundings.

Machaelle's Answer: I suggestion you start from the beginning to verify the information you've already gotten. If you need to make any changes, that will come up in your verification. Regarding the crystals in your house, you'll need to test the question, "Are my house crystals adversely impacting the effect of the Genesa crystal on the garden?"

Richard's Question: Can I do 2 PICs on myself at once? Can I do them at the same time -- ie: how much time between each, if any? Thanks - new to PICs but not to Perelandra.

Machaelle's Answer: You're welcome to do two PIC Lists at once. They may be done at the same time, and the drops administered at the same time (one right after the other). Just be sure not to mix up the bottles. If you need to take drops from one bottle for each of the PIC Lists, you have to take those drops twice — one dose with each PIC unit.

Yvette's Question: Hi Machaelle. Thank you so much for the amazing resources here. I only started working with Perelandra a few months ago. My two questions: (1) I really want to know how to pronounce your name. Is it like "Michelle" or something else? (2) I feel okay about my PKTT testing and when in the right mental space I can sometimes tune in to deeper communication channels with my MAP team. But sometimes when I have questions I get conflicting answers via PKTT - i.e., no definitive, clear answer. When I tune in to ask "why" there is no yes or no, all I can get is the possibility that I need to look more within myself, and look outward less. Is it possible that my MAP team might want me to tune into my own intuition more, and therefore not always answer me clearly? But, I already do that a lot, so I'm wondering what to do in those cases. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thank you!!

Machaelle's Answer: 1. The pronunciation of my name is the same as "Michelle." It's the Hebrew spelling of the French name.

Wendy's Question: Are there any MBP's that may help hearing loss?

Machaelle's Answer: My best recommendation is that you take this to PIC and test the PIC List with the focus "hearing loss." For some relief, you could try the MBP Nervous System Balancing Solution. But understand that this is the simple approach. The PIC approach will give you better results.

Reggie's Question: Hi Machaelle, Are there any changes regarding testing for miasms now that we have PIC testing? Thank you so much for all your work! Reggie

Machaelle's Answer: Actually, no. Use the Miasm Process as it's written. The process itself is a unit that shouldn't be broken up or changed.

Milenar's Question: I am wondering if you have ever had any communication with the Devic Kingdom regarding the ongoing extinctions of animal and plant species... Both in terms of how they think of this issue and experience it.

Machaelle's Answer: No information on this situation specifically. Nature is just waiting for us to grow up and figure out how to live on the planet cooperatively and in balance. If this means that it takes the extinction of 500 animals and plant species instead of 50 or a 100, then so be it. Just call us stubborn. It's important that we see the natural consequences of our actions.

Carol's Question: If I am doing two PIC Focus Units and an unexpected situation suddenly developed prompting a third PIC Focus, can I eliminate overwhelm by stopping the current two Units to focus for the time being solely on the new Unit? Would I open PIC explaining my sense of overwhelm and why stopping the current Units prior to their retest date? Thank you Machaelle.

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you can stop your two current PIC Lists, but understand that you'll be stopping them while you're in mid-stream with each of those focuses. When you come back to them you will need to use the same focus for each and start each of them over. Whatever changes have been made so far probably won't be lost. So when you start over, it will be from a different starting point than your original starting point.

Nancy's Question: We've located mold in the crawlspace under the house. We're working with experts to remove and keep it from reoccurring. Now, how to deal with what are apparently the symptoms -- mental fogginess, constant tiredness, respiratory/voice problems? Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: With these symptoms it looks like you're in a serious situation, so I suggest you take the effects of the mold on you to a PIC List and test the focus, "the health effects of mold on me." If you want, you can include the symptoms you've noted. But I suggest that you open the focus by addressing "the health effects of mold" so that the symptoms you're not recognizing are also included. You may need to test a second PIC List to address the health effects you experience from the chemicals the experts use to remove the mold. (Or you can move! ;)

Beth's Question: Does the Mouth Balancing Solution help with side effects of titanium implants? With much gratitude for you and all beings at Perelandra.

Machaelle's Answer: The simple answer to your question is yes, the Mouth Balancing Solution will help. The better answer is to recommend that you take this to a PIC List with the focus, "titanium implants and their side-effects." You'll get more comprehensive support than simply addressing the side effects occuring in the mouth only.

Barbara's Question: I tend to skip months in between MAP session with my team, and mostly do them only when an issue arises. Is this ok?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes.

Kate's Question: Seeking a balance between longevity and healthy aging, I am feeling a bit conflicted, as it sounds to me that longevity and healthy aging are in opposition. Perhaps I am missing the emotional component. Would PIC be an appropriate path of study to resolve my dilemma, or at least, put things into a healthy perspective?

Machaelle's Answer: PIC would be an excellent path for this. You can approach your dilemma in three ways (these are just my suggestions). 1: Go to the PIC Classroom and ask for insight about your longevity and healthy aging. 2: Ask for insight about the Perelandra Natural Aging Solution. 3: Test the PIC List with the focus, "my seeking a balance between longevity and healthy aging." That oughta cover it.

Katherine's Question: Which book should I read next?? I have read Behaving, Dancing, Mt Shasta Mission,and the Garden Workbook, I'm using MAP, I've started a Gut Garden, I downloaded the new Companion Animal process and used it this morning. My poodle acted like she liked it better and so do I. I've also read the UL4_timing article. So what is next? and Thanks again for writing all of these.

Machaelle's Answer: I haven't a clue what's next for you to read. You just need to ask yourself the question, "What book do I feel like reading next?" And by the way, if it's an international suspense fiction novel take that as a hint and go for it. You may be working way too hard here and need a little relaxation!

Catherine's Question: Sometimes after buying food, equipment etc. I shift EoP to maximize/restore it to optimal balance. After a shopping trip, is it effective to shift the EoP to food, office equipment, and new garden plants/seeds using one NS shift?

Machaelle's Answer: Your question isn't clear. Are you piling food, office equipment and new garden plants/seeds onto a table and wanting to do one NS shift for all of it? If so, the answer is no. Address each thing separately. (If you have a bag of groceries and they're all food you can treat that as one unit. However, if you have toothbrushes, toothpaste and tampons in your grocery bag, remove them and do an EoP shift to each item separately.)

N Carr's Question: Can one use PIC to address emotional/relationship issues, without relating to a specific physical problem?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes. The PIC focus is the emotional/relationship issue you wish to address.

Peg's Question: I am working with a SLG for a very small soap making business along with other natural products. I want the products themselves to be in accordance with nature too. Do I need to open a separate coning to get that information? If so, how do I st that up? P.S. I brought Albert Schatz to Perelandra a long time ago. I was so glad to come to your workshops and open houses!

Machaelle's Answer: If your SLG is for your overall business, that automatically includes your soaps and other natural products. Start asking the questions for your products in the regular SLG coning. If you run into a snag, ask if you need to create a second SLG to cover the natural production of your products. If so, then create the second SLG.

Petra's Question: Dear Machaelle There is much talk these days about the re-activation of dormant strands of our original 12 strand DNA. Since I believe the Perelandra essences work at the electrical level which is one of the parameters of multidimensional DNA, are any of the essences most suited to reactivating dormant DNA stands ? in Gratitude petra

Machaelle's Answer: If I was asking this question, I would take it to the PIC List and use the question as the focus. However, the answer is going to be connected directly with the questioner. So whatever comes up will be those essences most suited for reactivating dormant DNA strands for you personally. I wouldn't assume it's an answer for the general population.

Aidawedo's Question: What is your position on genetically modified organisms and plants? Can they be consciously created with the support of Nature? Can this be a form of co-creative science? Or is it bad?

Machaelle's Answer: In general, I steer clear of GMOs precisely because they are not being created with the support of nature. If they get a co-creative scientist in there who's working directly with nature, we're going to have a whole new ball game. I'll bet you 10-to-1 the co-creative scientist will end up with very different results than the traditional scientist. Plants naturally develop in the environment and it's called evolution — you could say that's an example of a natural "GMO."

Michelle's Question: I have been doing pic on my 9 year old son for nasal congestion and allergies for a few months now. I haven't seen any changes on this but have on anything else I have tested him for. Is there something more to do or do I just need to be patient? (not my strong point)!

Machaelle's Answer: I feel your pain. Patience isn't my strong point either. The only thing I can suggest is to review the focus for this particular PIC List for your son and see if it needs to be refined. For example, do you need one PIC List for "nasal congestion" and another PIC List for "allergies?" Or, are you misdirecting the PIC List test by calling it "nasal congestion and allergy?" If this is the case, call it "factor x" and list the symptoms. And also add "factor X" to the list of symptoms for the symptoms you're not catching.

Salley's Question: Can you tell me whether your immune balancing drops are safe and helpful for a person with an autoimmune disease? And/or what else would you recommend or does it depend on what kind of autoimmune problem?

Machaelle's Answer: As you suspect, it all depends on the autoimmune problem you're addressing. My recommendation is for you to work with PIC. The most helpful combination of bottles will test positive for the specific autoimmune problem you're dealing with. If you have any questions, call the Question Hot Line today or any Wednesday (1-540-937-3679).

Rob's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thanks for another open house and forum! I was wondering if you could offer some "tips" or "exercises" for being able to literally hear Devas, Pan, and The White Brotherhood while in a coning (or while not in a coning). I use PKTT, although I'd prefer more of a dialogue rather than simply "yes" or "no" to my questions. I know it is natural and easy for some. Do you know of any ways those who can't hear easily may begin to develop that "muscle?" PS: I plan to start a physical garden and was wondering if your garden workbook is all that's necessary. I know close to nothing about physical gardens and was wondering if I needed other resources in addition to your book or if yours is an "all-in-one" so to speak. Thanks again! Rob

Machaelle's Answer: First of all, the dirty little secret out there is that very few people can literally hear information coming from levels other than their own. This is because of the dynamic of the information meshing with the physical capabilities and electrical circuitry of the person involved. If you can hear, it's because you have the circuitry design that allows you to hear this kind of frequency. If you start hearing 25 years from now, it's because your circuitry has developed so that you can pick up this kind of frequency. A lot of people lust after the "specialness" of being able to see and hear nature. But what's your bottom line Rob? Do you want to spend your time trying to press yourself into a position of being able to hear? Or do you want to get the information 25 years earlier and start doing things differently? Now as for your question about The Garden Workbook, it's a one-stop-shop. All of the instructions, tips, encouragement and threats are in it. But here's the other dirty little secret: If you actually put a garden in and use the Workbook from the beginning all the way to the end, you will have a tremendous amount of practice working with information from different frequencies. Often practice opens up the door for you over time. And here's the third dirty little secret: Even though I can hear and see the things that you desire, there are times when it's far more efficient to translate information just using PKTT (kinesiology) so I still use PKTT. Now that I've given you so many dirty secrets, you may need to go take a shower! Good luck with your garden.

Catherine's Question: This year’s garden has such a different design and feel. Can you say something about this year’s garden from your current perspective?

Machaelle's Answer: I am in the midst of the process, so there's a lot I don't understand. My focus is on continuing to move forward and see where it leads me. Get back to me in about 2 or 3 years.

Linda's Question: Does one's belief or non-belief in the of the bottled products have any effect on their effectiveness?

Machaelle's Answer: It depends on if it's an active or an inactive non-belief. If a person simply doesn't understand, doesn't know how they work or why, but they take it anyway, that's not going to effect the patterns. But like everything else in reality, if a person is active in their non-belief they end up constructing all kinds of barriers around them rendering many things ineffective — including the patterns in our bottled products. An individual's belief system can override any medication, and that's been proven. The moral to this story is that you can look at the power of one's belief and non-belief and utilize them both wisely.

Eileen's Question: What made you stop "in person" open houses? Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: What made me stop? Climate change. Energy conservation. And the massive amount of work it dumped on us each year. We did the math and found out that the fuel required to get everybody to one open house equalled to one Hummer travelling around the equator four times. That didn't make me happy, so we went to something less demanding.

Donna's Question:
I am confident in my kinesiology, however query why Cucumber came up for my 7 yr. old grandson. I have done PIK for the whole family - father just lost his job, through no fault of his own. I have a PIK list for Mom and Dad, for stress, etc. 7 yr old only needs Immune and Seasonal Bal, and then cucumber came up. Is he unknowingly balance this energy in the family? Parents are questioning me. Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: You bet he can be absorbing all of this. I don't know why Cucumber Essence is coming up for him, but because you have confidence in your kinesiology just move forward with this and make sure he takes the dosage he needs.

Machaelle's Question: No one is asking any questions. Can I go home now?

Machaelle's Answer: No, eat another cookie! :D



PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels