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Update: September 11, 2019

Simplified Energy Cleansing Process


Supporting environmental balance starts with creating balance at home.

Through our Environment Series, we have helped you use EoP to support the balance and well-being of your home environment and its biodiversity. It is a useful, effective option that takes about 5 minutes for each application.

You can further strengthen your home's balance with the Perelandra Simplified Energy Cleansing Process. Machaelle and nature developed the Energy Cleansing Process years ago to help humans take responsibility for the unbalanced energy we sometimes leave hanging around, often without realizing we're doing it or what impact it will have.

Examples of times you'd use this Process:

  • You and your partner have an all-out battle-of-wills that ended with both of you wandering around thinking, "Oh, I shouldn't have said that." The next day even the family dog seems to be out of sorts.

  • Your family is going through a difficult transition, divorce, kids or parents moving out/in.

  • You're struggling financially, depressed, anxious or out-of-sorts in any way.

  • You move into a new apartment and find yourself full of angst and wanting to cry for no discernible reason every time you walk into the guest room.

  • Your family, extended family and friends are all coming to your house for a big event and you want to do all you can to help things go well and be a positive experience for everyone.

  • The first month of every new school year is a challenging time for you and your family.

  • You just have this sense that there's something more you can do to take responsibility for your own "stuff" rather than expecting nature to deal with it.

  • You are counselor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, physician, divorce lawyer . . . and you want your clients to have full support in your office without anything the previous client "left behind."

garden moth

The first time you do it, the Simplified Energy Cleansing Process takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. When you're familiar with the steps, it may take about 20 minutes. As Machaelle explains in the instructions, your ability to focus and the attitude you bring to what you're doing are important. You don't want to rush.

You will not need to have any other Perelandra products on hand in order to do this Process. All you'll need is a clear mind, a good attitude and the instructions.

It also doesn't require that you live in a house with land. You can do this process on a single room that you rent, your apartment, your cubical at work, your car, that treasure-trove of clothes you just bought at the local thrift store, the free couch you just picked up from a friend of a friend, anything.

The only requirement is: You must either own, rent or be officially in charge of a specific environment, property, farm or garden, etc., in order to do the Energy Cleansing or any other Perelandra Process on it.

WE MEAN THIS! DO NOT try to Energy Cleanse your whole neighborhood, your office building (unless you own or rent the whole building), your grumpy neighbor's house, your town, your country or the planet. Imposing your will on the rest of the world in this way isn't helpful. We do not have the right to make the decision for anyone except ourselves, for our own home and land.

Also, this process is designed to be used on objects and environments (land, home, office, etc.) — not on people. Don't use it on yourself or others.


Ready? Okay!

The Simplified Energy Cleansing Process and steps are on pages 253-261 of the third edition of Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered, and on pages 231-238 of the ebook edition of Behaving.

Or you can buy the instructions separately here.

Exercises CD

To make it easier, Machaelle recorded the instructions for this and other processes from Behaving, which are all available in the Perelandra Exercises CD set or downloadable audio files.

"At the end, we want to be able to say to ourselves and our children: We were on the right side of history. We took responsibility for changing our patterns and rhythms which resulted in a life that added balance to the larger picture rather than perpetuating the problem." Be A Change Maker with Nature, Your Partner in Life's Garden

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