MBP Balancing Solutions

I wanted to tell you about a special success story. I am a veterinarian, and last year someone dropped off a pitiful small kitten that they had found in the ditch. "Shakey Jake" suffers from neurological problems that make his back end shake when he walks. He also had awful breathing/coughing/hacking problems. I practice holistic medicine so at least we didn't suppress the little guy with antibiotics and steroids. We did use some homeopathy and flower essences. After a month in the clinic I felt that he wasn't getting any better and brought him home thinking he ought to at least experience home life before he dies. Well, he has kept on ticking . . . and that was a year ago. Now the real success part: I bought a bottle of your MBP Respiratory System Balancing Solution for my asthma. I gave Shakey three doses; that's right, just three doses. He rarely coughs now. This was a cat that sounded like a 90-year-old man who had smoked three packs of cigarettes a day and was in end-stage emphysema. And now . . . he rarely coughs!

— S.M., Simpsonville, KY