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I first read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring thirty years ago. By then it was already a classic in the infant field of environmental science. It became one of the foundation blocks for the ecological movement of the late 60s and 70s, my journey into the environment and, eventually, my work in co-creative science. I don’t know why I felt compelled to reread this book thirty years later. After all, it had already served its purpose in my life and it’s rare that I will read a book a second time. But reread it I did—and what a difference thirty years can make!

Ms. Carson, although a scientist, believed in the intelligence of the layperson. She diligently researched every paragraph in this book, believed in its truth, and presented it to us with clarity and sometimes even poetry. She was an exquisite writer. For these reasons, and many more that are too numerous to list here, I urge you either to reread Silent Spring or, if you missed it the first time around, read it now. I don’t believe you will be sorry. Nor do I think you will feel helpless about what this book has to say. In the last chapter, Ms. Carson presents some research that held promise for providing solutions to the serious environmental issues she discusses. However, we have a new, better, stronger and more environmentally responsive solution for addressing these issues—co-creative science. That information is available to you now and it gives you the tools you need to apply it in your life now.

This brings me to one other rather strong reason that I recommend Silent Spring to you. Co-creative science and its processes, tools and programs take commitment and effort on your part to incorporate them into your life. This book helps give you the support, encouragement and sense of purpose you need not only to make the changes but sustain those changes over the long haul. In short, Silent Spring is an excellent companion book to the Perelandra work that focuses on both the environment and human health.


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