Microbial Balancing Program
by Elizabeth Grobes

When you know something is right, you just do it — regardless of how difficult or time-consuming it may be. So when our Microbial Balancing Program Kit arrived in June 1998, my husband and I dug in. Since we were also new to testing flower essences and to finger kinesiology, our first sessions were marathons. William's first session was sixteen hours and mine was fifteen.

The MBP troubleshooting process was easy to learn, as were the individual processes. But because our bodies required so much balancing, the sessions, when we did them, continued to be very long and thus very difficult to incorporate into our routine. My husband, as is typical of his personality, was more diligent than I was. Even so, we didn't feel we were harnessing the power of the program. We were very frustrated. So when the MBP Workshop was announced, we decided to make the cross-country trip from Seattle. An excellent decision!

The workshop was great and energizing — despite the 10.5 hour length and the rains of Hurricane Dennis. When I first held the new Telegraph Testing Chart in my hand, I said "Yes!" I just knew this was the harness, and the power would soon be ours. As Machaelle explained the new process, my husband and I kept elbowing each other and saying, "Yes!" Every difficulty we had with the regular program evaporated. We started using the new Telegraph Testing Process the very next day and continued to use it every day on the rest of our vacation. It was so easy to incorporate it into our daily life, even while hotel-hopping.

It is so slick! It takes all the pain and tedium out of the MBP and replaces that with a precision that can actually be felt physically. My body loves it and so do my microbes. After completing a process, I felt such a sense of sacredness well up within me. I'm sure it was simply balance being established. Since I am a minister, it's natural for me to describe events from a spiritual perspective, thus I called it sacred. However, what I learned during our first visit to Perelandra in 1998 is that in balance is every good thing: love, healthy boundaries, etc. To me, honoring that balance is sacred. And this is what my body and my microbes reflected back to me.

Telegraph Testing is personality-friendly, too. My husband prefers to do his session first thing in the morning before the crush of the day has a chance to steal his time. I prefer afternoons. Then I have a clear conscience that all my other chores are done, and I can give it my undivided focus.

With Telegraph Testing, the sessions are shorter and the 24-hour rhythm lets us choose how many charts to do in one session. Ease, power and control. A health program just doesn't get any better than that.

With the new Phase 1 Process, the MBP becomes so easy to learn. Now we can recommend it without caveats. Telegraph Testing and the new MBP Phase 1 Process are genius in expression! No more marathons, no more sore fingers, no more dread. Just vibrant good health and a happy body.