Gardening and MAP

This is the third year I've had a garden, and I learned more from this year's garden than from the previous two combined. This is the first time I followed the environmental processes quite thoroughly. I expected to be rewarded with a wonderful garden right from the start. Nature, however, had other things to teach me. Last March, I wrote a letter to Organic Gardening magazine in which I said that the step to "organic" gardening practices was not the end of the road. I suggested there were more steps to take. I pointed out that a hostile attitude to any life form was just as toxic as any chemical poison. (Predictably, they didn't print my letter. After all, they sell magazines based on people's hatred of "pests.") At one point in the letter, I asked, "How do we feel about slugs, for example?"

What a set-up! So Nature said, "Okay, Heather, how do you feel about slugs?" and sent a virtual plague of them to my garden. They completely devoured almost everything that dared to poke its head above the soil. The only plants they left alone were tomatoes, onions, carrots, and incredibly, lettuce transplants. They were all over everything else. I could almost hear them munching! Now, I had not read Workbook II completely, but I had done insect balancing and triangle balancing for slugs. I couldn't understand why it hadn't worked. The devastation got so bad that I spent a sleepless night repeating over and over like a mantra, "I believe in the intelligence of nature, and I categorically refuse to do anything arbitrary to stop the slugs."

For a reason I know not, I connected with Universal Light. I don't even know who or what Universal Light is, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I asked "Are you aware of the current situation in my garden?" "No." That was a revelation in itself, and showed me that you're right, Machaelle, they do need input from us; they don't know everything all the time. I described what was happening with the slugs, repeated my "mantra." I also said I needed some kind of sign to show me that gardening in harmony with nature was not just wishful thinking, and that I was on the right track. After that, I reconnected with the Deva of Slugs. I said, "I can see the slugs are struggling with balance. I have done insect balancing and triangle balancing. Is there anything else I can do for you?" "Yes." That was very encouraging. First thing in the morning, I went back to Workbook II, and my eyes fell on the Calibration process. I had forgotten that Calibration could be used for insects. I opened a coning, asked if this species needed Calibration. "Yes." It wouldn't surprise me if last year's extremely wet summer was a sufficient environmental impact to throw slugs off their devic design. I followed the steps for Calibration, closed the coning and went off to work. That afternoon when I returned, the slugs had completely vanished.

For three days, I couldn't find a slug anywhere. Then they gradually began to reappear, but they were in balance and eating no more than the plants could handle. I bought more marigold and replanted beets, chard, zucchini, spaghetti squash and four kinds of beans. If this was all a test, I'm happy to say, I passed. I don't recall receiving a kiss on the forehead, but watching the second planting come up unmolested was kiss enough for me!

During the very hot and dry July, I harvested perfect butterhead lettuce, each time carefully removing the 8 or 10 slugs nestled at the base of the leaves to keep cool. Yet there was barely a hole in any leaf. I've got to the point where I treat slugs as honored guests in my garden. Earwigs also required Calibration, and instantly calmed down and balanced out. They stopped running all over the porch and trying to get into the house, restricting their activities to the garden with a much gentler hand (mouth?). On the other hand, I balanced for cabbage moth/worm, but never did the triangle balancing. When they arrived, I at first felt guilty watching them strip my cauliflower plants, but somehow they have taught me to stop being such an uptight perfectionist about the garden. Now I laughingly refer to the cauliflower plants as my cabbage worm feeding station.

MAP and Past Lifetime Repair
On another subject, MAP is a blessing like none other I have experienced. I have been working with a chiropractor who uses applied kinesiology as a diagnostic tool. He also addresses problems with Standard Process nutritional supplements (or substitutes — it's hard to get some of them into Canada). Perhaps you have heard of them. They're not your average drugstore vitamins. Anyway, we've been addressing problems such as tired brain (drained electrical energy), tired heart (which he says I was born with), overworked adrenals, hyperthyroid and chronic fatigue. I am completely convinced that working with MAP is hastening the healing and strengthening process.

I began to wonder if all these physical difficulties, plus the chronic insomnia which, my mother tells me, has been with me since birth (it's almost as if I'm afraid to go to sleep) came from a common source. It was the Comfrey Flower Essence that tipped me off. I have been testing positive for it and Sweet Bell Pepper every single day for several months. (It takes me a while to get the message.) It occurred to me that there was trapped traumatic energy somewhere, like a hard knot in the middle of my psyche. I decided I wanted to locate it, find out about it and release it.

Now, I've never done anything like this before, but I had a few guidelines. A couple of nights ago, I connected with my Higher Self, put my fingers together and started asking questions. If my discernment is correct, sparing the details, it's a story some centuries ago of repeated beatings and gang rape. For the last two evenings, I have addressed it in MAP/Calibration sessions. The first was uneventful, but last night we really got down to business. After about 20 minutes, the anxiety started to build, and it felt like all the nerves in my pelvic region were being jerked like marionette strings. It got to the point where I was feeling absolutely desperate, even wanting to scream. I reassured my team that I was alright, though. "Go for it. I can take it. If it gets too awful, I'll tell you. But I want this thing cleared. There isn't time anymore to keep dragging this stuff around from lifetime to lifetime." About two minutes from the end of the session, suddenly what had been a red-hot emotional experience cooled right down. I stopped sobbing, my facial muscles unscrewed, my eyes relaxed and my breathing returned to normal. All without my conscious participation.

I can hardly believe that anybody could love me so much as to help me through an experience like that. After the session I felt truly blessed and I slept soundly. I've been instructed to have another session this evening, so I know it will take a while to deal with the whole mess. I must say, I'm a little nervous, but my MAP team has my complete trust, and I love them from the bottom of my heart.

— H.S., Canada