ETS & Essences
by Claudia Lapp

ETS saved the day for me. While at home, I'd flicked open the screen door, which has a defective spring. The brass hook on the door stabbed the index finger of my left hand, driving itself deeply into the finger pad and leaving a nasty puncture wound. There was a lot of blood. It all happened fast, and I was shocked and angry. I squeezed the blood to cleanse the wound and took my ETS (Emergency Trauma Solution). Immediately, the rapid heartbeat slowed and the tremendous heat in my body dissipated. I then took a homeopathic remedy for puncture wounds. The wound took a long time to heal because it was so deep and because it was on the fingertip, but no infection or scarring occurred.

Another time, while at an all-day event away from home, I heated a mug of tea in the microwave, since all the hot water in the large pot on the stove had been used up. The mug had a gilt handle. Not having a microwave, I didn't know the hazards of heating metallic parts. When I went to retrieve the cup, I seared the side of my finger very badly. A second degree burn resulted. I had no homeopathic remedies or ointments of any kind with me. I was given ice cubes for the burn, as well as a piece of aloe plant to apply, which allowed me to stay at the event till the end. Over the course of weeks, the burn never really healed completely, remaining wet, soggy and raw, despite applications of calendula and other burn ointments.

Finally, I tested the wound for essences. I applied the essence that tested positive topically one evening and by the next morning, the burn had dried up and the tissues had begun to knit together. I could hardly believe my eyes! Healing was rapid after that, with repeated applications of essences.

† † †

Editor's Notes: This article was written prior to the development of the ETS Plus for Humans.

These stories are great reminders to head for your essences when injuries occur. Using the ETS Plus (Emergency Trauma Solution) within the first twenty minutes after an accident or trauma occurs will balance your system from the effects of trauma and greatly ease the healing process. And, following with a telegraph essence test for the injury itself will allow you to repair the electrical circuit damage from the injury and speed healing. The essences would be taken orally first. it is optional to apply the essences topically in addition to the oral dosage.

We encourage you to keep your ETS Plus with you whenever possible. You never know where you're going to be when you need it!