Processes & Nature
Perelandra Processes: Snake Charming

I purchased a plot of land and an old house nearly six years ago, with the intention that it be a nature retreat for anyone who would like to awaken his or her awareness of partnership with nature. The stream and the land were the draw for me, but I began to work with the house so there would be a place for people to stay and be comfortable.

Snakes lived in the walls of the house, originally log, which had been vacant for some time. I decided one day that I needed to speak to the deva of the snakes. I asked to be connected and was assured that I was. I said that while I valued them and wished to live with them in mutual relationship, I would be inviting people to come to stay. Some people would not be comfortable with snakes in their living quarters. I requested that they move out of the house and try to refrain from being visible close to the house when people were around. I said that part of my concern was for their own safety.

I got an immediate response that was "It will take a while." After six years, there is still a black snake that likes to hang out in the soffit of the front porch in the summer. She is rarely visible, but I can hear her. Otherwise, my guests have only seen snakes in the far field or in the woods. Once, early in my time there, I entered the house and found a beautiful striped snake lying on the top step leading down from the living room to the kitchen. It startled me, but I went and got the book and tried to identify it. Then I asked it to leave. I said I was going out to mow the grass and would leave the front door open. I went out to mow, and after a bit realized that I would not know where it went if I did not watch. So, I went back into the house and the snake was gone. I still feel awed by both experiences. However, I realize that a request for what I want might not be very mutual. Now, I wish I had enlisted more dialogue.

D.K.G., Shermans Dale, PA