Soil-less Gardening

I have been working with co-creative science, especially soil-less gardens (SLGs) for about four plus years now. What I learned and experienced very positively is that Co-Creative Science has it ALL in it — and I do mean ALL. And, there is this very pleasurable benefit in this Science that I have learned from the structure (i.e. the DDP [definition, direction, purpose]), with this Equal Partnership — there are NO 'secrets' in working this Science. What I have learned and experienced:

About the "magic" that is so often purported by others: For me, the magic is just the use of existing "laws" and consciousness that always existed, but was beyond what I had learned or had been told, or beyond the current perceptions of others and/or mass media.

What a real and grounded partnership is all about which has positively and in a healthful way spilled over into my work life. . . . Where I have had lots more success and fun.

The structure of the DDP especially the intention or purpose. I didn't have to have a lofty intention or purpose, I didn't have to spend hours writing out a deep soul-searching purpose. A lot of times my intention was something like "because I want this end result or it is important to me to achieve this." And guess what?! It worked.

There is absolutely no judgment or punishment coming from my Co-creative Team. Sometimes I have been a very "sloppy" soil-less gardener — and what I experienced was a Team that would always work with me and would always, in gentle, loving and positive ways, COACH me into just letting go of the 'sloppiness' and showing me how much better and more successful I could be in my SLGs.

This form of testing [PKTT or kinesiology] provides me with a clear method where I can discern what is effective and grounded for my life, my current reality and my creations. I found this so important because "one size does not fit all" and this is a very "good" thing as we all have our own "magic" to reveal, experience and live.

— S.L., New Yourk, ON, Canada