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Just One Bite at a Time Series: Soil-less Gardens, Part 5
I've completed the SLG Activation:
Now what?

from the Question Line Duo


Congratulations on activating your new soil-less garden project!

Now that you've gathered your team and set the process in motion, it's time for what Machaelle calls the "recognize and respond" stage. Nature has created the road, and now you're going to move forward one step (or card!) at a time.


The road to your goal.

Watch Chapter 7 of your Soil-less Gardens Workshop DVD, "Moving Through Your Project with the Coning." In this section, Machaelle explains how your team will communicate with you and how you will respond to what you pick up. (For extra help, watch Chapter 8 on Asking Questions. It could save you a lot of time later.)

Next, read page 71 to the top of page 76 (the last two lines of the paragraph) in your Soil-less Garden Companion.

Most of our Question Line calls about soil-less gardens are from folks who have just gotten started. Below is a short list of the things we find ourselves saying frequently during these calls!

Set up a meeting schedule. Open your SLG coning and ask how often you should meet with your team. Once a day? Once a week? Once a month? Your schedule would depend on the project.

Talk to your team. During your meeting, tell your team what insights, directions and options you've picked up. In other words, what cards did you see and what did you decide to do with them? Tell them what's moving along and what isn't. Discuss any concerns or questions you have.

Don't waste time with curiosity. It's not helpful to ask about how things might turn out. In fact, it'll get in your way. Learn to trust that if you need to know it, you will. The amount of time and energy you save will be invaluable.

To test or not to test. When you recognize a card and respond to it by making a choice, you're moving the goal forward by staying in the moment. And you're taking full responsibility for your role in the partnership. If you find yourself wanting to test every choice, tell your team about that during your next SLG meeting and ask for a insight on when to ask vs. when to choose. (Your team is not going to choose for you!) And again, update your team on the choices you make.

This isn't a magic trick. If you're looking to win the lottery or make other people do what you want, then you need to re-evaluate why you've chosen to work with nature in the first place.

It can feel like "magic" sometimes. This process — working with nature and the White Brotherhood in a soil-less garden — is a new way of functioning. Each of you are equal team members with a specific job to do. Machaelle has pointed out to us a number of times over the years that "nature will meet you where you are." Meaning, the level of clarity in your role and intent that you bring to the table is the same level of clarity with which nature can and will respond. When you "nail it" and you experience the results of that kind of clarity, it can feel pretty spectacular.

go team

This is the point in the process when we all want to let things move along naturally.

It's also when some of us let our impatience, tendency to overthink or over analyze, desire to "understand" everything, ego, self-worth, fear of success and occasional flat-out, unfettered dopiness get in the way.

If you recognize yourself throwing up roadblocks like that, tell your team. Then have a good laugh about it and forge ahead with humility, and a better understanding that can only come from experience.

A great DDP example!

This is a variation on one of the most popular SLG themes: Home.

SLG: Move
DDP: By August 1, 2017, I need to move from my current home and into another residence in a community in the United States that fits my lifestyle and finances. Please put me where I need to be for my soul's purpose and growth of my soul.
Intent list:

  • Safe home and neighborhood in light of my deafness.
  • Prefer a cooler climate, and a slower pace of living.

That's it. It's simple, clear, direct. We're happy to report that since sending this DDP to us, the "project manager" has done a superb job of activating her project, keeping in contact with her team, and both recognizing and responding to opportunities. She has found her new home and is getting ready to move. Kudos!


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