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Just One Bite at a Time Series: Soil-less Gardens, Part 6
Adding an "Intents List" to Your DDP

from the Question Line Duo

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Are you feeling it? Feeling the reward of being "all in" on your soil-less garden project? Realizing that Machaelle wasn't kidding in part 7 of the SLG Workshop DVD when she said this wasn't a "free ride" and that you have a job to do here? Delighting in knowing you can do your job better when you don't try to do nature's job too? Yeah!

If you're just getting on the SLG road and it still feels unfamiliar and bumpy, don't worry. Keep at it, continue to set up short, fun projects for practice, and stay present in your partnership with nature. This is a life-long learning adventure. With each new soil-less garden, you'll experience new success, discover new challenges and improve your approach . . . to everything.

This week, we're going to talk about a simple way for you to add a little nuance to your DDP. Intents lists. That's intents — the plural of intent — not to be confused with "intense."


Intents Lists

Read from "Option: Intents List" on page 77 of the Soil-less Garden Companion through the end of page 79. Then come back here.

Your first clue about this section is right there in the title! This is an option. It's a way for you to, as Machaelle put it, "add a little flavor" to your project. For example, two of the words on our Intents List for this One Bite series are easy and accessible.

We bet that many of you got excited when you read about "Intents Lists" because there were a handful of words that describe what you're going for with your project, but didn't quite fit in your DDP statement.

If you have completed the SLG Starting Process and would now like to add a list of intents, read pages 80-81 of the Companion, then follow the steps. (When the Intents List no longer applies, read pages 82-83 to learn how to deactivate it.)

If you haven't yet activated your project, you can include your Intents List with the SLG Starting Process. At Step 4, when you read your DDP aloud, also read the Intents List. If it's included right from the start, you won't have to activate the list separately.


Bonus: To hear Machaelle talk about Intents Lists in the SLG Workshop DVD, skip ahead to Part Three, Chapter 15: "Pitfalls, Tips & Criteria for an I/E Partnership." She'll give you a great example of an Intents List right after she thoroughly embarrasses her staff and shows us all how to keep it simple.


Keep 'em coming!

We're still collecting examples of active soil-less garden DDPs out there. We plan to include them in these One Bites from time to time. We are also compiling them for a helpful, "DDP Examples" segment later on in the series. Send an email with your DDP to us: question@perelandra-ltd.com


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