Are you thinking this is about hydroponic gardening? Nope! At Perelandra the term "soil-less garden" doesn't refer to plants at all. We're talking about all those projects and goals in our daily lives that are not rooted in water or soil — our job, home, family, profession, classroom, education program, writing project, speech presentation, the arts, business, research projects . . .

SLG Series

Perelandra soil-less gardens include a vital element that enhances and ensures new levels of mind-bending success — nature.

In a soil-less garden, you work "hand-in-hand" with your nature partner to establish and act on what is required for your project or goal to succeed with extraordinary efficiency, and balance.


barn building


To begin working with nature in your soil-less garden:

Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion
Required. Includes all the processes for working with soil-less gardens.

Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens (DVD)
Required. This workshop by Machaelle is the foundation needed for working with soil-less gardens.

Soil-less Garden Kit
With this Kit, you'll have everything needed for setting up a soil-less garden project.

Essence of Perelandra
Provides a unique balance that adds strength, stability and support for humans, animals, environments and projects.

ETS for Soil-less Gardens
Balancing and strengthening for soil-less gardens. Required for the processes in the Soil-less Garden Companion.

ETS for Soil
General balancing and strengthening for soil. Required for the processes in the Soil-less Garden Companion.