One Bite - SLGs

Are you thinking this is about hydroponic gardening? No. No. No. This has nothing to do with plants growing in a water solution. At Perelandra when we use the term "soil-less garden," we're not referring to plants at all. We're talking about all those projects and goals in our daily lives that are not rooted in water or soil — our job, home, family, profession, classroom, education program, writing project, speech presentation, the arts, business, research projects . . . Perelandra soil-less gardens include a vital element that enhances and ensures new levels of mind-bending success — nature. In a Perelandra soil-less garden you work "hand-in-hand" with nature to provide all the matter, means and action that is required to bring your project or goal to success.

Using the Perelandra soil-less garden information, you can work with nature to achieve any goal you wish with extraordinary efficiency — and balance.

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To begin working with nature in your soil-less garden:

Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion
Required. Includes all the processes for working with soil-less gardens.

Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens (DVD)
Required. This workshop by Machaelle is the foundation needed for working with soil-less gardens.

Soil-less Garden Kit
With this Kit, you'll have everything needed for setting up a soil-less garden project.

Essence of Perelandra
Provides a unique balance that adds strength, stability and support for humans, animals, environments and projects.

ETS for Soil-less Gardens
Balancing and strengthening for soil-less gardens. Required for the processes in the Soil-less Garden Companion.

ETS for Soil
General balancing and strengthening for soil. Required for the processes in the Soil-less Garden Companion.