I want to share with you some of my latest MAP experiences, and the fact that my relationship with the White Brotherhood is expanding.

First: My medical team and my partner's medical team seem to have members in common. One night as he was doing a MAP session, I was in the hot tub. We were both given the same suggestions and solutions to several problems. When we discussed this, it appeared that we had parallel insights.

Second: My partner did a BER [Battle Energy Release] within a MAP session on his mouth — he's had TMJ since adolescence. We also got essences that told the story — remarkable improvement!

Third: Being in a new relationship has brought up old issues for me around boundaries, violation, fear of abandonment, etc. MAP and I have moved entire patterns out of my body and psyche by stating my intent to let the pattern go and following directions. I connected with the White Brotherhood "incest recovery unit"* and in half an hour moved out a pattern that had plagued me for years. The energy of violation left, as did three men who were inappropriately connected to my energy system. For several days, I felt like my "clothes" were too big for me. There was so much space in my body. And, when making love, it was my energy only in my body for the first time.

Fourth: I've also had a big destructive "fear of abandonment" pattern come up in response to my partner's healthy need for more time and space to himself and less frequent sexual encounters — finding the balance. So we did a coning and I was told I was using sex as the antidote to fear of abandonment and what I really needed was to anchor the pattern of unconditional love. So, one by one, I went through every relationship where I'd felt rejected and abandoned, forgave that person, asked for forgiveness and experienced unconditional love. It took several days of essences to stabilize this work. I have a whole new outlook on how my partner and I use our time together and apart and it is wonderful!

I could go on and on, but you get the picture — conings are so efficient!

— M.L., Ohio

* Editor's Note: For doing specialized work such as incest recovery, simply connect with your MAP team in the usual way, inform them what special situation you would like to work on and request that you have the appropriate members on your team for this work. This will be a modification of your personal MAP team and you need not have a separate code name or symbol for them. Just connect with them within a regular MAP session by making the above request.