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Update: March 14, 2023

You may have wondered . . .

ETS for Humans is the first thing you grab, take, apply when the unexpected happens — including insect assault! The reason why Bacteria and Virus Solutions are also included in this offer might not be so obvious.

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Why include Bacteria and Virus
when addressing bites and parasites?

Here's your answer!

With increased insect activity comes an increase in microbial challenges for us, our environment and our pets. Each passing year seems to offer a new concern spreading by insects, and we all have to be smart about how we address these issues.

You may have noticed that mosquitoes carry a larger suitcase of unfriendly microbes these days, ticks are bringing new microbes to the party yearly, and other insects and parasites are doing their part to transport and transfer microbes to new places, people and animals all the time.

This is your reminder that the Bacteria Solution and Virus Solution are for more than seasonal or obvious microbial issues.

Learn more about these two dynamic, and frankly amazing Perelandra Solutions (that are not just for stings and bites!), and the amazing microbial life within your own human body:

a microbe


NOTE: Virus and Bacteria Solutions are designed for human use only. Not for animals.