Microbial Balancing Program

Thank you so much for sending me the extra info on doing the Microbial Balancing Program (MBP). It is very helpful. Doing Phase 1 from the start would have helped the overwhelm factor! I've had some startling experiences so far.

When I finally got up my courage to start, I decided to just do a general balancing on myself. It wasn't too involved, but within half an hour I noticed that the depression that had been plaguing me off and on for months was . . . gone. Just like that. The following day I had pain and swelling in my left knee, which I realized was from an injury twenty years ago. The next day the pain was completely gone, and I did a five-mile hike over rough countryside with no problems. I noticed that an area of skin irritation under my eyeglasses, present for over a year, just disappeared. All this, despite going back to the book and realizing I had done much of the MBP techniques wrong. Holy Crow — there really is something to this!

Next I turned to one of my dogs, which had had a bad eye discharge since we got her from the pound five weeks earlier. The vet didn't seem overly concerned, but I was. I did a Microbial Balancing and that week the discharge was 80 percent better. A follow-up a week later cleared it completely. Also, after I did the initial Microbial Balancing, the dog came and found me and gave me her paw, looked in my eyes and really seemed to be saying thank you! Before the discharge cleared up, though, it had spread to our other dog. His Microbial Balancing was more involved, and it took longer to clear. When I did a Nature Healing Coning for him, he came upstairs and lay on me for the whole thing, getting up and leaving when I disconnected. (He's a 90 lb. German Shepherd.) This was very uncharacteristic behavior for him, so the dogs definitely give this their stamp of approval.

Around this time, my two-year-old twins were exposed to at least six people with bad colds or bronchitis. Using the Microbial Balancing Program, we got by with some minor sniffles and coughs, but they never got really sick. It was quite a challenge to work with them; they are very light sleepers, so I can't do it while they're sleeping. They're also very jealous of mommy time, so trying to touch one and not have the other worm his way in was difficult. Of course, the one I wanted to touch wanted nothing to do with me. I had to follow him around and surreptitiously slip my toe by his leg as he was playing. Of course, the one who was most averse to it was the one with the huge complicated chart. But we persevered. They realize now that it helps.

After this, I felt I should do Microbial Balancing for everything. I was doing charts for the family, all the animals, the vehicles, and the house, but I got pretty burned out after a while. Right now I'm beginning Telegraph Testing for me but doing Phase 1 for everyone else. Over time, I discovered that it would be helpful when working with several essence bottles to put a label of masking tape on each with the dosage schedule written on it. I leave space to make a check mark each time the dose is taken.

The first time I tried Telegraph Testing, it was for a minor sore throat. The general balancing check indicated thirteen areas that needed work. I almost tiptoed away from that. Luckily, each area just needed an essence solution, so it wasn't that bad. By the time I got to the specific problem, only one area was out of balance.

I want to thank you so much for offering this to the world.

— E.W.R., Oregon