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Gardening and Nature
Gardening "One Bite at a Time"


May 26, 2020

The Gardening Series

We're back, and we're full of our trademark "You can do this!" enthusiasm.

We have encouraged you with some frequency over the last several months to try your hand at co-creative gardening:

Show Nature Some Love In Action: Plant Something!
Green Thumb Be Damned, Everyone Can Do This
Begin Your Gardening Adventure. Yes, You!

Those of you who have jumped in and followed along in the Gardening Series have turned the experience into an independent choose-your-adventure as you move through the gardening steps at your own pace.


Garden Gallery

We're thinking you could use a boost right about now — a reminder that you're not alone, that it's okay and even good if what you and your nature partner have planned for your garden is unconventional by human-think standards!

We put together this photographic step-by-step companion to the Co-Creative Gardening Series several years ago.

Those of you who keep up with our weekly galleries will notice that much has changed in the Perelandra garden over the last few years. But the basic steps of the process remain the same. Follow along, get inspired and learn something new.


Special Photo Gallery:
Gardening One Bite at a Time

If this is the first you've learned of working with nature in your garden.


In a co-creative garden you work directly with nature to get answers to your questions. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or life-long gardener. Start a small garden with just a few vegetables. If you don't have outdoor space, start with a few pots near a sunny window. Even a few jars of sprouts count as a co-creative garden.

Using the simple Gut Gardening instructions in this excerpt, you can get started right away.

Along with the first installment of our Gardening Series here, it's a snap to begin.

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