Gardening and MAP

Thank you very much for the work you are doing at Perelandra. I am new to gardening, so I have no experience or background to call upon. The door to Perelandra opened for me after I took an interest in a book by Joanne Lauck called The Voice of the Infinite in the Small. It's about our relationship with insects.

I moved into a new home in early June. It's an older home close to the Sacramento River, and it had been vacant for some time. It was overrun (by my standards) with spiders. I felt like murdering them all. In fact, the abundance of insects really brought out my negative feelings toward these creatures. It didn't take long for me to realize that my spiritual life was going to embrace insects.

I had the insect book with me when I visited my chiropractor, Trudi, and she gave me the Perelandra catalog. Immediately, I felt called to the Garden Workbooks. I ordered them within days. I am devouring the information and have started applying the practices in my yard. In the half-dark this morning while I was checking sprinklers, I saw a white mound. I pushed it with my toe thinking it was a rock and instead broke off a beautiful mushroom. I was instantly sorry. Nature says it's okay for the mushrooms to be there! There is tremendous expansion potential for me. Trudi also gave me the book MAP. I've read part of it and have been participating in MAP conings. How wonderful!

It is through Trudi that I have been taking the flower essences, but I should probably get my own set so that I can have immediate access to what I need. My sense right now is that what Trudi tests me for is accurate, but in the short term and after a few days I really need something else. I talked with the Deva of the Garden yesterday and was told I should have roses in one area, although it probably won't be planted until spring. I was joyous. Imagine, I get to have roses! I cried.

Thank you again for undertaking this selfless service.

— M.D., California