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Update: February 15, 2023

Perelandra Spotlight
Heart, vessels, blood . . . lymph?!
Understanding your cardiovascular system.


When we hear "cardiovascular" most of us think "heart" or "exercise" and sometimes "oxygen" or "cholesterol" — but do any of us ever think "lymph" or "hormones"? Apparently, we should! Turns out, a well-functioning cardiovascular system supports your lymphatic and endocrine system functions. Who knew?! We all do now.

The cardiovascular or circulatory system comprises the heart and blood vessels and carries nutrients and oxygen to the tissues of the body and removes carbon dioxide and other wastes from them. And the cardiovascular system isn't just for the mechanics of moving blood, your blood itself is one component of this system.

The circulatory system, also known as the cardiovascular system, is a vast network of organs and blood vessels that acts both as a delivery and waste removal system for the body. Nutrients, oxygen and hormones are delivered to every cell and as these necessities are provided, waste products such as carbon dioxide are removed . . .

Not only does the circulatory system keep our cells healthy, but it also keeps us alive. The heart constantly receives signals from the rest of the body that direct how hard it needs to pump to properly supply the body with what it needs. . . .

For example, when asleep, the body sends electrical signals to the heart that tell it to slow down. When participating in heavy exercise, the heart receives the message to pump harder to deliver extra oxygen to the muscles.

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If you are currently addressing your immune, lymphatic or endocrine system, consider addressing the strength and balance of your cardiovascular system as well.


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