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Update: April 2022

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Need an Energy Adjustment?
Energy Balancing & Stabilizing (EB&S)


Energy Balancing and Stabilizing

Gone are the days of "multi-tasking" with aplomb. Here are the days of, "Why can't I keep up anymore?" That's often followed with, "When did I get so tired?" And underneath all of that you may be asking yourself, "What's one, easy tool can I use to help me with this?"

The Energy Balancing & Stabilizing Solution (EB&S) provides support for achieving and maintaining your ideal level of physical activity, whether you are underactive or overactive. It can be useful for adults and children who are over-energized or suffer from low energy or cannot concentrate. It is a simple, straight-forward Solution that addresses a wide variety of needs and concerns.

Here are some examples:

  • You are sleeping more or less than usual, or are always tired or always keyed up and have tried everything you can think of to get yourself back on track.

  • You're in the military, work in health care or work in emergency services and you've been either chronically tired or in hyper-drive mode (or somehow running in both modes simultaneously) for a long time now.

  • Your 9-year-old has had trouble staying on task during school for years, and has been flat-out bouncing off the walls some days.

  • You're addressing a long-term or serious issue and the medicine has given you a profound case of drag-ass.

  • You are a new mom (or dad, or grand-parent) and you're wondering where your "get up and go" went. And congratulations!

  • You try to do several tasks at once because you can't seem to let yourself slow down enough to do just one thing at a time. At the same time, the quality of your engagement in the task at hand has waned.

  • You are using the Perelandra Weight Balancing Solution but not getting all of the results you expected. Also take Energy Balancing & Stabilizing.

The Perelandra Solutions were created by Machaelle and nature from a combination of electrical infusions from different plants, minerals, natural gases and elements found in the sea, atmosphere and on land. Each Solution contains water, a specific electrical pattern and a preservative (brandy or distilled white vinegar). They are safe and natural oral Solutions that may be taken by adults, pregnant women and children.


When you first get started with EB&S, it is most effective to take one dose (10 drops for adults) twice daily for the first three months. This will help to build you up and give you a strong foundation. After that, take EB&S once daily.

A 2-oz. bottle contains about 120 doses for adults (10 drops) or about 200 doses for children 10 and under (6 drops). One 2-oz. bottle will last one adult approximately two months when taken twice daily.

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