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EoP Infusion Pump

Update: October 10, 2020

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EoP Infusion Pump

When you're at the tipping point, the EoP Infusion Pump helps you tip toward balance. We suggest you keep the steady, continuous flow of balancing support provided by an EoP Infusion Pump in your pocket at all times. The balance and stability radiating from your EoP Infusion bottle is an easy way to give yourself strong support as you move through each day, striving to stay level-headed and make good decisions.

"Thank you for this little gem. I need to keep mine with me every day."

If you've been forgetting lately and leaving that little bottle on your dresser, this is your friendly reminder to have your EoP Infusion Pump with you — in a front pocket, on a cord around your neck or safely tucked in your clothes somewhere — even when you don't plan on leaving the house! It provides a gentle, continuous infusion of energy that permeates through the glass bottle and into your body's biosphere on all its levels: physical, emotional, mental and soul. Let it help you maintain your equilibrium through challenging times.

"I never realized something that simple could change someone's life."

Keep EoP in your pocket:

  • If you are a health-care worker, taking care of anyone who is ill, or providing support to those who are

  • If you are sick or recovering

  • If you're having financial problems or employment problems

  • If you have been impacted by a disaster, or you're assisting with disaster response and recovery efforts

  • If you're going through relationship challenges such as separation (or a lot of togetherness), divorce, trouble with children, relatives, co-workers or friends

  • If you're a human being on this planet right now!

Consider giving an EoP Infusion Pump to each family member. The added balance this bottle provides is helpful to everyone.

A Quick Tip: A Question Line caller mentioned that he wrapped the EoP Infusion bottle with a layer of tape to protect the glass from shattering if it's accidentally dropped.

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