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POSTED: July 10, 2016

Essence of Perelandra - EoP
Essence of Perelandra 
or "EoP"

You can use EoP anytime and anywhere you wish to provide a unique foundation of balance, stability, strength and support. The EoP Solution contains a carefully constructed, complex electrical pattern that captures all of the elements that create the unique balance we call "the Perelandra garden" and makes it available to you.

What does that mean in practical, everyday terms? When would you need or want balance? Stability? Strength? Support?

  • When you're feeling exasperated or hopeless after news of another senseless shooting or bombing, and you need to pull yourself together so that you can get on with being useful, try an EoP Stress Break Bath.
  • Before you head out the door to a protest, rally or vigil, put an EoP Infusion Pump in your pocket.
  • During a challenging work day, when you feel like you're flailing and you just need a moment to get centered, step outside for a quiet moment and take 10 drops of EoP orally.
  • If you find yourself coming home to chaos too often, try shifting EoP to support the general balance and well-being of your home. (Learn More)
  • When you look at the mailbox dreading what bill might be in there, consider using EoP to help you address your financial stability. (Learn More)
  • Before your next round of letters to your government representatives, shift EoP to support the goal you wish to achieve. (Learn More)
One 2-oz. dropper bottle of EoP contains about 120 doses.
One 8-oz. refill bottle of EoP yields 3 baths.
One dram-size EoP Infusion Pump lasts forever if capped and unopened.