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Last Update: December 17, 2022

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Knees, Ankles, Knuckles, Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders . . .
Joint Health and Mobility Make All The Difference


Human Joint Health Solution

The Human Joint Health Solution provides support and balance to the human body in relation to all those things that involve the joints and joint health.

If you have difficulty translating that sentence into how it would apply to you in your daily life, here are a few of the many possible examples:

  • You (or someone you know) gripe and grumble through every cold, windy, damp or rainy day.

  • The "someone you know" won't gripe or grumble on rainy days, but her discomfort is still painfully obvious.

  • Your child is going through growing pains.

  • You have worked a desk job for 20 years, and you can feel every year each time you try to stand up.

  • Your gardening and outdoor activity has doubled with the arrival of spring, but nobody warned your joints!

  • You're an enthusiastic athlete and that's taken a toll on your joints over the years.

  • You've been addressing a long-term issue with reasonable success, but you just can't seem to fully "turn the corner."



Like all of the Perelandra Solutions, Human Joint Health is safe and natural. It's an oral solution that may be taken by adults (young and old), pregnant women and children.

When you get started with the Human Joint Health Solution, it is most helpful to build up your systems by taking it twice daily for the first three months.

One 2-oz. bottle has about 140 doses and will last one person around 2 to 4 months.

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An Oft-Asked Question

Folks who take the MBP Balancing Solutions for muscles and bones often ask whether they also need Human Joint Health. The answer depends on what you're addressing.

The Muscular Solution and Skeletal Solution are focused on supporting just those individual body systems and the microbes working with each system.

The Joint Health Solution is coming at the issue of joint health from many angles and addressing all the pieces related to this area of health.


If you're not sure which are right for you, we suggest you ask PIC (Perelandra Information Center). The PIC Classroom is the perfect place to determine which Solutions to use and better understand how the Perelandra Solutions are working with you.