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February 8, 2018
Perelandra Spotlight:
MBP Nervous System Balancing Solution
Nervous Solution

The human nervous system is vast and intertwined with every part of the body. Our nervous system enables us to interact with the world. It "consists of the brain, spinal cord, sensory organs and all of the nerves that connect these organs with the rest of the body."

  • It's responsible for the control of the body and communication among its parts.*

  • The nervous system is what we use to feel, smell, see and taste.

  • The sensory nerves and sense organs monitor conditions inside and outside of the body.

  • Other nerves carry signals to the muscles, glands and organs to regulate their functions.

That's just the tip of the nervous-system iceberg! There is so much more below the surface. Want to learn more about this complex and critical body system and what it does for you? You’ll be amazed and impressed with this interactive diagram and detail here for women or here for men. (Check out the difference between the medial nerves and the palmar digital nerves of the hand. It's a great visual explanation of why we have to put the pinkie and thumb together to create a circuit for PKKT!)
    * from innerbody.com

The MBP Nervous System Balancing Solution supports the balance of the entire nervous system, and the microbes that work in conjunction with that system. When Machaelle puts together a combination of bottles for a specific target, like the Stress Kit, the Nervous Solution (much like the Urinary Solution) is almost always included. It's also likely to be included when telegraph testing MBPs for addressing a sudden, serious or long-term issue.

All of the MBP Solutions are easy to use, and safe for anyone at any age — adults, pregnant women and children. You can get started taking them the day they arrive. There's no studying needed for you to use and benefit from them. This short brochure gives basic instructions.

The effect of an MBP Solution builds over time, by taking it consistently. Some people will experience immediate changes once they begin taking the Solutions. Most people (with or without a serious concern) tell us that they can see and feel differences within two to three months. A 2-oz. bottle of Nervous System Balancing Solution contains about 170 doses and will last one person almost three months when taking it twice daily, six months if taken once daily.

Immune Lymphatic Combo

A few more tips.

If you're dealing with a chronic or serious issue, it would be helpful to include the additional support of the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions. Take them twice daily along with the MBP Nervous Solution.

Even better, take any issue to PIC (Perelandra Information Center) and use PIC List testing to get a personalized read-out of what you need to address the problem.