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Update: August 2019
Respiratory Solution

Perelandra Spotlight
MBP Respiratory System
Balancing Solution

Like the other 13 MBP Balancing Solutions, the Respiratory Solution applies focused support and functional balance to a specific body system — the respiratory system!

You may be surprised to learn which body parts comprise your respiratory system, and how it overlaps with and impacts other body systems. That's important to consider when taking stock of your current issues and choosing which MBP Balancing Solutions to take.

Here are a handful of scenarios to get you thinking about whether the support of the Respiratory Solution would be useful for you:

  • You love to hike in the fall, but tend to avoid it because after spending time in wooded areas with decaying fall leaves, you make "eh ahem" sounds for days. You can't rake the leaves in your yard for the same reason.

  • You commute and/or work in tight spaces with others, breathing recycled air.

  • You spent years thinking you looked cool with a lit cigarette or a cigar, and now you can feel exactly why it wasn't cool at all.

  • You find yourself "losing your breath" for no apparent reason, especially on stressful days. (Respiratory is part of our Stress Combo.)

  • Your decision to allow your children or yourself to spend time outside is based on the daily air quality report.

The MBP Balancing Solutions are easy to use. You choose the one(s) you want. Then, either take each Solution once daily to maintain a system, or twice daily when addressing a specific issue. There's no lengthy reading or practicing needed to use and benefit from them.

The effect of an MBP Solution builds over time, by taking it consistently. The Respiratory Solution is available in 2-oz. or 1/2-oz. dropper bottles, or an 8-oz. refill bottle with a cap. The 2-oz. bottle contains about 150 doses and will last one person about 3 months when taking it twice daily. (A 1/2-oz. bottle lasts about 3 weeks.)

Order individual bottles of MBP Respiratory System Balancing Solution here.

Immune Lymphatic Combo

A few more easy tips.

If you're dealing with a chronic respiratory issue, it would be helpful to include the additional support of the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions. Take them twice daily along with the MBP Respiratory Solution.

Or take the issue to PIC (Perelandra Information Center) and use PIC List testing to get a personalized read-out of what bottles you need to address the problem.