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March 2022

Perelandra Spotlight
Stress Combo


Stress. Sometimes it's easy to identify, and sometimes the impact of stress isn't so obvious. When seeing the harrowing experiences of friends, neighbors or total strangers, sometimes folks deny their own stress until hitting a tipping point and are no longer able to "push through."


Stress Combo


For folks with a serious illness or anxiety there is an extra layer of stress to deal with while addressing the most glaring issue of the day.

Those in service positions such as health care, military, fire and rescue, police, humanitarian aid and advocacy, emergency and social services regularly manage intense levels of stress, sometimes underestimating the impact of prolonged exposure.

Healthcare workers and support staff — doctor, nurse, respiratory therapist, orderly, lab technician, janitor, microscope or MRI repair expert and more — have experienced an increased and extended level of pressure unlike anything they've known before. As have many others, including teachers, students, activists, cashiers, taxi drivers, those who live alone, those caring for vulnerable family members and so many others.

The circumstances are different and don't need to be compared. The resulting strain still needs to be addressed.

The goal is to maintain a foundation of strength and balance so that during times of stress we can make good decisions and act in constructive ways. This foundation doesn't magically remove the situation causing the stress. It gives us what we need to successfully handle the situation with strength, calmness and grace.


The Stress Combo includes support for the circuits and systems most impacted by stress: the MBP Immune, Lymphatic, Digestive, Endocrine, Nervous and Respiratory Solutions and the ETS for Humans (all in 2-oz. bottles), and the option of adding an 8-oz. Essence of Perelandra (EoP).

If you are already taking Immune, Lymphatic, Respiratory and Nervous as part of your daily doses of the Most Important Perelandra Solutions, you only need to add the Digestive and Endocrine Solutions (here) to your daily routine.

The Perelandra Solutions are all easy to take, and come with simple directions. No PKTT (kinesiology testing) is required. You can start using them the day they arrive.

  • The MBP Balancing Solutions in 2-oz. bottles will last approximately 2 to 3 months when taking them twice daily.

  • The 2-oz. bottle of ETS for Humans will give you around 100 doses, which will last about 2 months when taking it twice daily. You'll go through the bottle faster if you're also taking ETS for sudden, unexpected emergencies.

  • The optional 8-oz. refill bottle of EoP will yield three Essence of Perelandra Stress Break baths.

The Stress Combo saves you over $20 off the regular retail price of buying these bottles separately. And you get another $10 off when you add on an 8-oz. EoP. (Members of the Perelandra Bottle Buyers Club also get free U.S. shipping and $15 off international shipping.)

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Military, emergency service and first responders, as well as many in health care services may qualify for additional discounts on select Perelandra Solutions and Essences, and free bottles of ETS. Learn more here and here.


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A Personalized Approach

An alternative to the Perelandra Stress Combo is to work with PIC and test the focus of "my stress."

With a PIC List test, you'll get comprehensive and personalized information about the bottles and balancing patterns you need for this issue.

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