Update: January 2019


Perelandra Spotlight

MBP Urinary System
Balancing Solution

Each MBP Balancing Solution addresses the balance and function of a body system and the microbes that work in conjunction with that system.

When considering which Solutions are right for you, we recommend starting with the Immune and Lymphatic 2-bottle Combo. But where do you go from there?

You could take the question to the PIC (Perelandra Information Center) classroom or use PIC List testing to get a personalized and comprehensive start.

Or you might just choose the Urinary Solution after we give you nature's "dirty little secret." Here it is:

When we do any special testing with the MBP Solutions, or when we do any PIC List testing, nine times out of ten the Urinary Solution comes up positive. It seems, if we're not suffering from something specific, we tend to ignore this system.

It is important to support the urinary system when addressing any serious illnesses and when taking medications. Even acute illnesses during the winter can affect or be affected by the urinary system, and not just those that are obviously related.

So as overlooked as it often is, apparently the pee needs to keep flowing!

And here's a human "dirty little secret": Urinary tract problems are prominent among men and especially women, and can significantly impact our quality of life and vulnerability to a variety of health issues.

The MBP Urinary System Balancing Solution is available in 2-oz. or 1/2-oz. dropper bottles. The 2-oz. bottle contains about 150 doses and will last one person about 3 months when taking it twice daily. (The 1/2-oz. bottle lasts about 3 weeks.) With each of the MBP Solutions, consistency is key. And they need to be taken daily to be effective. These Solutions build and strengthen a system over time, so the longer you use an MBP Solution, the more benefit you'll realize.

Perelandra Spotlight
(aka: The antidote to overwhelm.)

The Perelandra Spotlight series celebrates simplicity. Now and then, we'll take a moment to spotlight one Perelandra product (or maybe two if they go together). We'll give you an idea of when to use it and how it can be helpful to you. Then you can decide if you want to learn more.