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Last Update: December 17, 2022

Perelandra Spotlight
How's your mouth doing?

Mouth Balancing

The Mouth Balancing Solution is unlike any other Perelandra Solution. So is its label. If you wondered why there are gears on the label, here's your answer!

Your mouth is comprised of myriad mechanisms, all coordinating to feed you and to support your overall health and balance.

It includes your tongue, taste buds, salivary glands, tooth enamel, incisors, molars, wisdom teeth (or where they used to be), gums, tonsils, palate . . .

All of the moving, alive parts of your mouth interact with each other — and millions of microbes — with the complexity of a factory or a steam engine, as Machaelle describes in the Mouth Balancing Solution Brochure.



If a gear is out of whack, the engine will slow down and may eventually grind to a halt. Sometimes we throw a wrench into the works:

  • Going overboard on candy or just chewing sugary gum all day

  • Often forgetting to brush your teeth at night, or just not spending the time needed to brush thoroughly

  • Drinking sodas or adding sweetener to your coffee and tea every day

  • Using a mouthwash that actually makes it harder for your mouth to stay balanced and do its job

  • Smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco

  • Taking a round (or rounds) of heavy-duty medication


Sometimes your "mouth factory" just keeps pressing along with broken parts like an old beater car that spews stinky blue fumes. You can continue tooling around with smelly exhaust or give yourself a leg up in the repair process.

The Mouth Balancing Solution is easy to use, and safe for anyone at any age — adults, pregnant women and children. Instructions are simple to follow. It can be taken straight from the dropper daily, or twice daily if you have a known mouth issue. Adding it to your Waterpik® tank each day is an easy way to incorporate this into your routine. Or it can be used like a mouthwash — one that won't kill any of those beneficial microbes.



About Dosage Timing
When you shouldn't put anything in your mouth.

To ensure you are getting the most out of your Mouth Balancing Solution, follow the guidelines. For optimal effectiveness:

Do not eat or drink 20 minutes before taking an oral dose of Mouth Balancing Solution. Then wait 20 minutes after taking an oral dose before you put anything in your mouth. That includes water, or smoking or vaping.

When using Mouth Balancing in your Waterpik® or as a mouthwash, you should also not eat or drink 20 minutes before or 20 minutes after. This includes brushing your teeth.

For the greatest benefit, you'll need to use Mouth Balancing daily.

One 2-oz. bottle of Perelandra Mouth Balancing Solution used once daily will last an adult about four months.

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