Last Update: September 11, 2023

Natural Aging

Perelandra Spotlight
Living Well At Any Age

The change in seasons or start of a new year* can induce a heightened awareness of one's age, and a desire to better align to your own natural aging process and rhythm.

Natural Aging Solution

This Solution is not only for those in the "chronologically gifted" stage (over 65) and Natural Aging is not an "anti-aging" formula. But if you're trying to resist your aging process it may help you get a grip on that and better enjoy your current stage of life, as well as what's to come.

* Nature's new year, autumn equinox, is right around the corner. Learn more here & here.



Misconception #1: That it's an "anti-aging" formula. It's not.

Most of us don't really understand what it is to "age naturally." Because our society promotes and advertises youth, everything is aimed toward maintaining youth and fighting off the physical elements of aging. Advertisers have hijacked the concept of aging. And with changes in family structure over generations, few of us (especially in the U.S.) have grown up with aging family members, so we have not witnessed first-hand a natural aging process.



Misconception #2: That supporting our natural aging process with this Solution will allow us to continue to do the same things, at the same pace we did in our twenties.

There's a push for extreme "fitness" — like those killer CrossFit™ or high-intensity spin classes 50-year-olds endure and then wonder why their bodies are broken! Maintaining our health as we age means figuring out the kinds of activities and habits that strengthen our bodies for the stage we are in, not destroying our bodies to maintain an ill-fitting ideal.

When youth is what's held up in society as the value, you've got to somehow fight through that to honor your present stage of life. It's a stressful and debilitating struggle that gets in the way of what's available to you through each stage, and as you step to the next stage.


Natural Aging Tree

With Natural Aging support, our PEMS levels — physical, emotional, mental and soul — can better embrace opportunities that come our way with each aging stage. This Solution does not address specific illnesses or disease that might appear during any of the stages, however, by assisting our PEMS levels to operate and develop fully in each stage, the four PEMS levels are more fully strengthened and stabilized. This results in fewer instances of PEMS-level breakdown during the six stages and we have fewer physical, emotional and mental problems to deal with as we move through life.

Natural Aging Tree

Many of us can point to a 6-year-old and say, "That's an old child." And we can point to a few 60-year-olds and say, "That person never left adolescence." Natural Aging helps us develop our full potential in each stage so we can move through life in "age appropriate" ways. This does not mean that 80-year-olds will suddenly stop skydiving and 15-year-olds will stop giving their parents grey hair. It means that if it's within the natural timing and pattern of an 80-year-old to skydive, Natural Aging will support this on all his PEMS levels. "Age appropriate" is defined by the soul and Natural Aging assists in moving these impulses through the individual's PEMS levels so each stage is fully experienced and creates a firm, strong foundation upon which the person can build the next stage.

Perelandra's Natural Aging is helpful for all stages. It is especially important in the Post-Middle and the Elderly-to-Death aging stages. Natural Aging will not prolong your life because it is not intended to override your soul patterns and rhythms. However, it does improve and deepen your understanding and quality of life and it helps you to see how you can remain connected to your family, friends, community, country and world in practical and rewarding ways.


PIC Librarian

Several years after developing Natural Aging, Machaelle introduced the Perelandra Information Center (PIC), and the amazing PIC Classroom.

The PIC Classroom is available to everyone, anytime we would like to better understand a Perelandra Solution or Essence. During the research and development of PIC, she asked about the Natural Aging Solution. You'll enjoy her insightful personal experience with this on pages 9-11 of the PIC Brochure.



Let's break the myth of the value of youth, and discover the joys of aging naturally in the timing that's conducive to our health and balance.

It can be a lot of fun to be old if you're willing to accept it. At a certain point you may find you no longer need to put on 6" heels, wear teenager makeup and hide grey hair. You may enjoy not trying to do the same thing you've been doing for the last 30 or 40 years!


Natural Aging is the absolute easiest of all the Perelandra Solutions to use. It's always just one dose daily at bedtime. After you have finished eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, taking any other Perelandra Solutions, you will wait 2 minutes and then take 10 drops orally. It's the very last thing you take at night.

Natural Aging may also be the least understood of all Perelandra Solutions. On putting together this spotlight, we realized that Natural Aging is an opportunity for all of us. It's simple, real, daily support to help you live your best life — in ways you haven't even dreamed of yet.

A wise septuagenarian we know (yep, we're about to quote Machaelle!) said one of the best pieces of advice is that as your mind and body are going through the aging process — relax and have patience. Natural Aging is "relaxation and patience" in a bottle.



Natural Aging is available in a 2-oz. dropper bottle with your choice of brandy or distilled white vinegar preservative. Each bottle yields approximately 120 doses, and will last one person about 4 months when taking it once daily.

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Note: The Natural Aging Solution is for humans only.