Update: May 12 2020

Bites and Stings

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Bites & Stings

This is a quick and easy follow-up to our tips for Spring Season Help. Those of you who are quarantined, maintaining social distance and still managing to spend some time outdoors may wish to add one more bottle to your daily dosage routine: Bites & Stings.

As temperatures go up, so will the local population of insects. With this increased insect activity comes an increase in irritating and sometimes serious challenges.

Whether walking or biking through wooded trails, gardening in your yard or taking the dog (cat, ferret . . . ) around the block, give yourself the support provided by Bites & Stings.

And if your reaction to stings and bites feel like a larger-than-life caricature of what "normal" people experience, consider taking it twice daily. The sooner you get started, the more effective it can be in the coming months.

The Bites & Stings Solution is for humans only. It comes in a 2-oz. dropper bottle that yields around 150 doses, which will last one person around two months when taking it twice daily.

It's most helpful to start taking Bites & Stings one month prior to insect season, but if the season has already begun in your area, that's okay. You can start anytime.

If you have allergic reactions to insects that require allergy medicine, keep that medicine on hand until you are absolutely sure you don't need it.

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Something else to consider . . .

If you want to address or prepare for a specific concern from a broader perspective, you can also begin taking any or all of these Perelandra Solutions twice daily:

Human Internal Parasites

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Now we've got your brain gears turning! Biting and stinging insects carry and transmit bacteria. The Bacteria Solution pattern is working from the perspective of that group of microbes (hence the distinguishing "bacteria" in the name), enabling it to provide broad, unprecedented coverage.