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Last Update: January 2022

Perelandra Spotlight
Do you underestimate or overtax
your urinary system?


We want to call your attention to an often overlooked system of the body — your urinary system. The urinary system directly impacts how you'll move about your day. And it affects a lot more than how many bathroom breaks you take during your day and night.

When not suffering from something specific, most folks tend to ignore this system. It is important to support the urinary system when addressing any serious illnesses and when taking medications. Acute illnesses can affect or be affected by the urinary system, and not just those that are obviously related. Urinary tract problems are prominent among men and especially women, and can significantly impact our quality of life and vulnerability to a variety of health issues.


Here's a tidbit that may surprise you: When we do any advanced testing with the MBP Solutions or when we do any PIC List testing, 90% of the time the Urinary Solution tests positive.

The balancing effect of an MBP Solution builds over time, by taking it consistently. These Solutions need to be taken daily to be effective. Some people experience immediate changes once they begin taking the Solutions. Most people (with or without a serious concern) tell us that they can see and feel differences within two to three months.


All of the MBP Solutions are easy to use, and safe for anyone at any age — adults, pregnant women and children. This short brochure gives basic instructions.

The MBP Urinary System Balancing Solution is available in 2-oz. or 1/2-oz. dropper bottles. The 2-oz. bottle contains about 150 doses and will last one person a little over 2 months when taking it twice daily.


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