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Update: October 2021
Virus Solution

Perelandra Spotlight
Virus Solution

This article was originally written in 2017 and word-for-word it still applies to what we're all dealing with these days!

The global microbial population is adjusting and migrating to new areas, causing new and more difficult problems for humans. Unfamiliar microbial patterns are flying around the globe and modifying rapidly as humans pass things around. The bottom line: We are in a new world.

When Machaelle first introduced the Perelandra Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution in 2017, the idea of a new world of fast-changing microbes may have seemed far off in the future. These days it may sound as though we're stating the obvious!

A quickly changing environment impacts our health and ability to hold our own on a daily basis. The Virus Solution is about more than we realize. It offers broad support for health in this new world, addressing the increase of out-of-control microbial activity, and a range of issues that science is just beginning to attribute to microbes.

In the Microbial Balancing Program Workshop, Machaelle presented extensive facts and references about how microbes are affecting our global health. She commented that she wouldn't be surprised if scientists started linking all kinds of illnesses to microbes. That was in 1999. Since then, scientists' understanding of microbes has grown. We're reading new articles regularly about microbes and how they link to common illnesses. The health impacts have blown up exponentially. Machaelle has understood for a long time that most health issues, serious or not, are likely activated by microbes.

The patterns of the Virus Solution (and its companion the Bacteria Solution) zero-in where things first go off the rails. They provide a targeted monitoring, and they disrupt and eliminate "microbial misbehavior."

We recommend everyone take the Virus Solution along with these other Important Daily Solutions twice a day.

In most situations, it would be best to take both the Virus Solution and the Bacteria Solution for coordinated support. However, if you or a family member prefer to use just one Perelandra Solution right now, make it the Virus Solution.

To aid your understanding, here are some general examples and reasons why you'd want to take this Solution.

  • Something (anything) has SNAFU'd health-wise.

  • Something has SNAFU'd health-wise, you know it's microbial and you know it's a certain group of microbes.

  • You're surrounded by people who are going down before your very eyes, you know it's microbial and it's spreading.

  • You work or spend time in an environment where you come in contact with people daily (health care facility or practice, local rescue squad, dentist office, airport, train station, restaurant, grocery store, etc.)

  • You smoke, have a chronic or serious illness or condition, or your systems are compromised for any other reason.

  • You are caring for an ill family member.

  • You're having or just had surgery, or you receive regular medical treatments.

  • There's an outbreak of _______ [insert the name of the pathogen or disease] and you would like to strengthen and prepare for possible exposure.

Again, we recommend everyone take the Virus Solution twice daily right now. As with other Perelandra Solutions, the effect builds over time by taking it consistently. A 2-oz. dropper bottle will last an adult about 2 months when taking it twice daily.

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