Perelandra Question Forum
March 24, 2012

As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered an Online Question Forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

dragonflymother's Question: No question, just lots of appreciation for everyone at Perelandra. If I could send the lovely chocolate I eat through the email, I would.

Machaelle's Answer: This is great. You're the last question of the forum, and what a great question to end on!

teichert's Question: I have been able to successfully ask some rodents to vacate my house by regularly feeding them nuts further away in the woods. I did the initial contact in a coning. A friend of mine who does not work with the processes is interested to know whether he could achieve the same results without the coning.

Machaelle's Answer: It's certainly worth a try.

lkampf's Question: Hi Machaelle, If I'm regularly taking the recommended dosage of various MBP solutions is there any reason I can't combine them into a single bottle and adjust the dosage accordingly? Or does this confuse the energetic signatures. Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: As I've written in the instructions, each Solution is a specific combination of patterns brought together for balancing each specific body system. When you combine them, you neutralize all of those patterns.

Susan's Question: I wanted to thank you for a great laugh... when you wrote "I'm busy"! I'm still to all.

Machaelle's Answer: Humor helps, doesn't it?! : )

teichert's Question: I usually order my essences with the Brandy preservative. During the recent Spring Cleaning sale I purchased a solution preserved with Vinegar because only that was available. Is it alright to take Solutions with both?

Also, every year I have been gifting a friend 2 bottles of the yearly Seasonal Solution. He does no other processes. First he tried the Brandy solutions but they irritated his lungs (made him cough). The two bottles of Vinegar solutions this year feel sour on his stomach and burn his tongue, for some reason one bottle more than the other. Do you have any suggestions for him?

Machaelle's Answer: There are plenty of people who take some brandy and vinegar MBP Solutions each day.

Since he's only dealing with the Seasonal Solution, he can take one drop at a time and let each drop absorb, and then take the next drop rather than the whole dropperful at one time.

Carolyn's Question: Hi Machaelle & Perelandra Team, Thank you for this afternoons forum. My question is, are your books available in audio format? Thank you Carolyn

Machaelle's Answer: Glad you could join us. There aren't any audio books available at this time. But if you have the right software, you can get it to read the e-book PDFs to you.

Linda's Question: No question just great gratitude for you and all your folks there, for all you do and share! Am loving reading the questions and your responses. It is beautiful here today and the outdoors is irresistible so am heading out. Love and blessings to you all!!!

Machaelle's Answer: Glad you were able to join us! It stopped raining here, so I'm looking forward to going out too.

hnt77's Question: Following a traumatic brain injury almost 30 years ago, it was evident to me that a big part of me was 'missing', namely the body/soul connection. I have been using the Extreme-Trauma Repair Process for the last 6 months and the noticable results are encouraging. Will this be all that I need to do to achieve Body/Soul Fusion again, finally, or do I need to dive into the Microbial Balancing Program to attain a Body/Soul supportive triangle before I will be 'whole'? I also engage in regular MAP sessions, daily essences and all MB solutions at bedtime, plus natural ageing. Thank you for your contribution to our beloved planet. (ok to use my name)

Machaelle's Answer: My initial thought is that the Extreme Trauma Repair Process should do the job. But there may be auxiliary issues that need to be addressed using the other processes you mentioned. My suggestion is that when you sense something more is needed, test to find out what it is and proceed. It's like you are unwrapping a mystery and you need to just follow your nose. I'm glad to hear that you're getting good results with the Extreme Trauma Repair Process.

AU's Question: Hey Machaelle, how's it hanging? Is there some question you've been wanting someone to ask at this moment, and what would your response be? Thanks for all you've given. AU

Machaelle's Answer: Yeah, my question would be, "Would you like to close this down and go home now?" And my answer would be, "Oh, yes, thank you!" ;-)
(But there are about 10 more questions to go and I'm going to keep going!)
Other than that, all is hanging well.

Anne's Question: Machaelle, I've been an admirer and a patron to Perelandra for well over 20 years now. And all I can say is Thank you, thank you, thank you for being who you are! Are you still "Dancing" in this world's night time? Will you ever write a "Dancing.... Part 2"? Oceans of love to you always.

Machaelle's Answer: After 29 years, I can say that I'm still living this extended life. I don't know if there will be a "part 2" — I never know what I'm going to write ahead of time. Thank you for your kind words.

VB's Question: In relation to an earlier question re: "dark energies" -- are those really blocked energies, maybe miasms, recordings of trauma in the system, or in your experience, really dark energies of their own being, separate but occasionally attached to us? Any thoughts on this would be helpful. thanks again, vb

Machaelle's Answer: The good thing about miasms and traumas when working with the Perelandra products is that you can test and find out if these processes are applicable. Sometimes people sense an out-of-time, out-of-place energy as "dark" but it doesn't mean it's evil. As for other random, floating around "dark energies," I believe that's called the Republican Party and you may just want to turn your TV off! Other than this, I can't help.

Sara's Question: Hi Machaelle and Team P, We are having a sunny day in Yamhill, Oregon and are out mapping out the garden. So far this has required ets, eop, flower essences, crackers and dip, water and water, lots o stakes, geometry refreshing and dogs in the kennel! Having fun and appreciating all your work right now. Thanks so much for all you all do. Love and sunshine from Oregon (a rare gift this time of year) to all of you at P. town.

Machaelle's Answer: Hi back Oregon! It sounds like you're having a ball. You must have our sunshine. We'll let you keep it for a little while, we're appreciating today's rain.

janec's Question: Hi Machaelle - I have been suffering with neuropathy in my feet for over 10 years and it feels like I may be starting to have it in my hands. I am also Type 2 diabetic. I recently started with EoP (about a month) and I've been asking nature to apply the dose to eliminating the pain, numbness and tingling and to repair the nerves in my feet. Is this the proper use of EoP and should I expect any changes? I haven't noticed anything yet (I don't think).

Machaelle's Answer: EoP will add overall body balance, but this is another one of those situations where I think it's better that you call the Question Hot Line. Unfortunately, it's closed right now but you can call any Wednesday. They can get a better picture of your needs and make more specific recommendations.

Barbara's Question: (Different Barbara!) I have began a new job a month ago. I am over focused on my Boss, if he does speak or he seems in a bad mood I cant seem to concentrate. Ideally I would like to have enough self confidence for it not to matter.

Machaelle's Answer: This is the kind of thing you would take to your MAP team to work out.

Barbara's Question: 6 months ago my dog Jack died. He was my first dog who opened my heart deeply to animals. We were so deeply connected. I miss him so much. How can I continue to have him in my life as a spirit dog? Any suggestions about continuing our relationship, working with him or whatever you feel about animal deaths and their spirits, I welcome. thank you! Barbara S

Machaelle's Answer: For the sake of Jack's post-death life, it's important that you let go. If it's appropriate to connect with you in some way, Jack will do it. Let Jack initiate it. Losing a dog like Jack initiates a grief process that is very similar to losing a close member of the family, so you need to address your grief process. For that, I recommend you take ETS Plus for Humans 5 times daily until you feel comfortable about Jack's death. If you use Perelandra Essences, then telegraph test your grief using the telegraph testing steps as outlined in The Perelandra Essences.

cerene's Question: Greetings from California. I've used other flower essences for many years & recently purchased the whole set of Perelandra Essences. I find them to be some of the most potent and effective I've ever experienced, especially now that I understand the concept of using TT to focus on specific issues. I recently began doing TT and making dosage bottles with a date to retest as indicated by kineseology. Just want to confirm, when it says in the new flower essence book to see if you test clear for 7 days, is that meaning test all essences again each of the 7 days for the condition? Or, test for 7 days to see if I need to continue using the solution I made for that issue? Many thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: You need to test all of the essences for each of the seven days. You're looking for any potential follow-up essences to the solution that just ended. This way you know for sure that you've completed the whole telegraph testing regimen.

RW's Question: Thanks so much, your response was truly helpful. RW

Machaelle's Answer: Glad I could help!

Maggie's Question: No question. Just a deep appreciation for all that you offer. Using the Perelandra processes has brought great benefit to me and to my understanding of my relationship with Nature. Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: You're very welcome, and I appreciate hearing this.

Mary Rose's Question: I am an occupational therapist and work with a professional MAP team. I live in Ireland and would like to network with other professional MAP practitioners in Ireland. Thanks Mary Rose

Machaelle's Answer: We do still offer a Professional MAP list, just call the order line to request it. You can also open a conversation on Facebook for people who work with Professional MAP.

cansbro's Question: When doing Garden Workbook II troubleshooting processes on our property recently I was confused about how to integrate ETS+ for Soil. For Soil balancing should I just use ETS+ for Soil process, or test this as a balancer in addition to the "regular" soil balancers? (I did the latter.) I wasn't too sure whether to offer ETS+ for soil as a balancer for the other energy processes for Wkbk II troubleshooting.

Machaelle's Answer: When doing the processes from Workbook II, test the ETS Plus for Soil as both a balancer and a stabilizer. It doesn't replace the other balancers and stabilizers.

Shirley's Question: Post-Death Process: Read your post about administering ETS Plus (for one who has passed) after setting up. Exactly when? Once you get the okay that they want essences and you have recleared yourself & reconnected with person? (Step 5 in Paper) Also, finally matured into being able to read and comprehend Mt. Shasta. One of the best reads! Thank you for all, Machaelle.

Machaelle's Answer: You need the steps that are in the new book, The Perelandra Essences. It tells you exactly how to set up and when to apply ETS Plus.
Glad you enjoyed Mount Shasta!

S.C.'s Question: Hi Machaelle, No question, just thanks a million for writing the new Perelandra Essences book, and especially for the more in depth info re: human electric circuits, trauma old and new, and the focus process. We've found the essences focus process helps with any focus issue,not just for testing essences. (ie, it's great for ADHD) I hope to write more later, when life settles down a bit. We've been very busy using the essences for everything, cataloging our myriad symptoms, effectively creating a giant telegraph test checklist, and doing lots of SLG work. . . that's paying off. Love ya!

Machaelle's Answer: I am so please with how well you're using this new book. And I send along a big, fat, wet, disease-free kiss for everything you're doing! Thanks for what you said about ADHD and the Focus Process.

Anonyous 2's Question: What can be done to create balance in the home and car environment as mice start to come inside with the approach of spring? I would prefer not to have mice inside home or car.

Machaelle's Answer: Use the Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process & Chart from Garden Workbook II first for the general balance of your home environment, and then specifically to address the issue with the mice. You'll also find some helpful articles written by folks addressing similar situations in Perelandra Voices.

Sandra's Question: I often ask to connect with the over lighting deva of my garden before pruning. This might seem strange but are there better ways to prune that aren't so jarring to the balance of the garden? I have a small amount of grass on a pathway around my garden and have used a weed whacker to trim it. I can' t seem to get a read if this is damaging. Please advise.

Machaelle's Answer: If you're not getting a reading on this, then most likely nature is saying you're doing fine. If you want to, you can ask nature directly and kinesiology test the answer.

theresew2003's Question: Hello and thank you, Machaelle and all, for everything you do! My question is about the change from MAP/Calibration to telegraph testing within the MAP coning. I have just started doing the Basic Essence Test on a daily basis and wonder if it is OK to move on to doing telegraph testing so soon. The recommendation in The Perelandra Essences is to take 6 months with the BET before adding another test to the mix, and I can see the wisdom of that, for sure. The thing is, I've done MAP, almost always with the calibration process, for years. My muscle-testing skills are still at beginners' level, I think, but I really want to include the mental/emotional level in my MAP work. What would you advise?

Machaelle's Answer: If you're comfortable moving on to telegraph testing, by all means, do it!

Mary Jane's Question: Hello Machaelle, My blood type indicates I should eat meat; my spiritual tradition doesn't. How can I work with, modify this? Thanks for everything.

Machaelle's Answer: I don't know, you're going to have to figure this one out on your own.

Susan's Question: Dear Machaelle...It's taken 25 years to write...but I now have completed my book which has 9 manifestations in it ..all caught on print film, which includes the Nature Spirits..what do I do with it?

Machaelle's Answer: Find a publisher and get it published if you want to.

frenchvo's Question: Hi Machaelle, thanks for your extraordinary work, always! When I need to shift some essences, SLG, EoP etc… to a project or nature, I use a little soya sauce ceramic dish to put the drops in and then hold it out in my hands instead of a spoon. It makes it easier to handle the dropper and put it back and not drop or contaminate things. Is that ok or am I physically too close through my hands to the drops and changing the ‘pure’ components I am working with?

Machaelle's Answer: That's fine as long as the dish is clean for each application. Make sure that you use a dish that's smooth so that it's easy to clean.

Helga's Question: Aloha Machaelle, I raptured 3 lumbar discs on the job (worked as a hiking guide for 18 yrs) and the worker's comp doctor says that I have a degenerative disc problem and therefore there is no work injury. I never had an injury, never missed work, and worked with a SLG for the last 10 yrs doing this job. There will be a hearing next month and I am terrified, because everytime I deal with WC Insurance I come out feeling very depressed. No lawyer wants to touch this case because the WC insurance denied it, my boss doesn't do anything because this , because if I loose this is convenient for him. My doctor is on my side. I haven't been able to hike in 6 months, savings are disappearing quickly, I am a single Mom. When I talk to my SLG team I get that there is a positive outcome. Still I am terrified of the hearing and somewhat paralized to prepare for it. Any ideas?

Machaelle's Answer: Helga, I think the thing to do here is to call Jeannette on the Question Hot Line right now at 1-540-937-3679 to talk about the best way to approach the hearing. She has experience with worker's comp and she'll help you use the Perelandra products to better stabilize yourself during this process.

Maria's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you for all you do. This month is my 1 year anniversary working with Perelandra processes and our lives have changed so beautifully. My 5 year old's dentist found 6 cavities on her molars which she will need for anther 6 years that her adult teeth come in. My gut tells the treatment plan is too much for her. Is it a stretch to work with her MAP team for that and anything else we can do besides drilling and sedations?

Machaelle's Answer: Her MAP team and ETS Plus for Humans would assist in getting her through the needed treatment. Nothing I offer gets rid of cavities (that I know of). So, you would use MAP and ETS Plus so that the treatment isn't too much for her. You might need to take ETS Plus for yourself, and see your MAP team through this so that you can address your feelings and be more in a frame of mind that will assist her.

autwind's Question: Greetings and thanks! I am a long time customer and user, but I don't do MAP or the more intensive stuff. I just had a dental bone graft surgery (Thursday), and have been using comfrey tea and ETS, EoP, and my usual evening MBPs. I am wondering if you have more suggestions to help through this next week or so. I will need to be on soft foods, antibiotics, and am still taking motrin for the swelling. The last two of which are very rare occasions for me. I'd like to do as much for rebalancing as possible. I also have your sets of rose and garden essences, with some empties, and the soul ray. Any advice will be appreciated! THANKS!

Machaelle's Answer: You're not giving me much option here to give you suggestions. The only other no-brainer I could recommend to you is the Mouth Balancing Solution.

k80koch's Question: Is it appropriate to do a SLG project for buying a new car?

Machaelle's Answer: An SLG is appropriate and especially helpful you have financial concerns around buying a car. This kind of thing is a great starter project when learning how to work with nature in a soil-less garden. But really, if this is a straight-forward purchase, you don't need a coning to enjoy the process and your new car. You can wing that on your own.

LCS's Question: I do need to get out of my way! Sorry about that! I just have so many questions and I am so excited to have you at this forum today! I have been a student of Edgar Cayce's readings since the late 80's and I am just trying to incorporate his teachings with my MAP team and SLG work. It has been a blessing thus far working with all of your processes.

Machaelle's Answer: I'm glad that helped!

lansingbicknell's Question: I read recently on your site about a new process for working with Nature in your garden that is more intuitive and doesn't involve kinesiology etc. (I can't remember what you called it) Would this process also work for a soilless garden?

Machaelle's Answer: That's Gut Gardening. And it's designed for gardens grown in soil. For soil-less gardens, use the procedures as outlined in the Soil-less Garden Companion.

pmcc7's Question: Good afternoon. First thanks to Machaelle and all the teams for their efforts and outcomes. Next, are there any more prose books in the works? I really enjoyed "Behaving," "Dancing" and the "Mt. Shasta Mission" works. Thanks again!

Machaelle's Answer: If and when I write other books, I make announcements about it when it's appropriate. So watch the web site, our Facebook page or sign up for our email list.

chinesebones's Question: Last fall, I read that you remove paper wasp nests from high-travel areas. I was relieved to hear this after attempting to co-exist with a paper wasp nest on our back porch all last summer. (Two little kids and no stings!) I removed the start of a nest earlier this week but felt guilty about it. Is there a polite way to go about these removals? Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: 24 hours before you want to remove them, just say to the wasps who are inhabiting the nest that you need to remove it from these areas because they're high traffic. Wait the 24 hours and then go ahead and remove them. This way everybody involved knows what's happening and why.

Lila's Question: Dear Machelle and Incredible Staff, I cannot seem to find the Perelandra paper on what to do if you choose or choose not to give vaccines. My issue is not with me (unless the government mandates certain vaccines of which I have heard grumblings) but for my dogs. I will be getting a new puppy and the breeder will probably give the dreaded 5-way vaccine before I get her. I want to give her the MBP solutions which if I remember correctly are immune, lymphatic, respiratory and nervous and I think twice a day, but do not remember duration. Can you advise where to find this protocol and also if this can be done on a dog who had vaccines a little over a year ago. I am so frustrated that in our arrogance and the belief that we know best about health our puppies and kittens and other baby animals are hit with five things at once which I don't think nature ever does. By the way I have never had a vaccine preventable disease in my dogs even though they get exposed at dog shows and trials. Thank you Perelandra, Animal Healing conings, MBP solutions, Essences, ETS for Animals and (sorry not Perelandra) grapefruit seed extract. Lila

Machaelle's Answer: Here's a link to my Health Watch on Vaccinations. Hope this will alleviate your frustrations.

Judith's Question: Life is growing more challenging, more magical. Sometimes re-reading 'Dancing in the Shadows' is just what's needed for reassurance (the MSW pat, think you call it). 5th or 6th time now, learning more with each reading, valuing your courage and generosity more as well. Way past time to say Thank You!

Machaelle's Answer: That's very nice of you. I admire your diligence around Dancing — I know there's a lot to learn in there!

Elisa.gillispie's Question: I have an SLG for my business & am in the process of creating classes & products. Is it ok to consult with my team re: suggested price? Or is this something I need to decide on my own?

Machaelle's Answer: Both. Decide on the price on your own, and then run it by the team to make sure it fits within the guidelines of your SLG balance. In this case, they're not deciding on price, but they're giving you feedback on balance.

jfritz.west09's Question: Hi Machaelle I have been doing some reading about chemtrails and how soil is being contaminated by the aluminum and barium that eventually fall some soil micro-organisms are dying as a result Will the Perelandra forms of soil balancing address contaminates in the soil like this? Thankyou

Machaelle's Answer: Yes. And if you want to take years off your life, read what land applied sludge is doing to soil. It makes aluminum and barium seem like child's play. If you're curious, you can read more here.

Wonderlandherbal's Question: I usually go for a daily hike in the forest and I'm wondering if it's okay to open a coning and keep it open during my hike. Is it better to hold a coning while being still? Thank you for your help.

Machaelle's Answer: You can open a coning while going on a hike (except a MAP coning). But I suggest that you have a real reason for opening the coning other than taking your coning along to enjoy a hike. They really don't need you to have that kind of experience. Conings are best used in situations where you can supply purpose. To think that your enjoying a hike depends on your dragging along a coning is overkill. Just go along and enjoy the hike.

ahmcgarry's Question: I loved your response to Lakeconroepirit about getting in one's own way because I can see now that applies to me too... I have been taking EOP focusing on hearing my guides and devas but from what you said it appears I am operating on the principle that "I can't hear my guide/devas"? (although my dreams HAVE been pretty intense lately)

Machaelle's Answer: Congratulations, now you're gettin' it!

Anonymous's Question: I have developed a form of herpes that is so sun sensitive, that even 15 minutes of sun exposure will trigger an outbreak on my lips. It is then complicated by a further outbreak of little tiny blisters that cover my nose and chin & even eyebrow, & inside my mouth. The Docs know Nothing! I live in the Pacific Northwest, so it's not an issue much of the year, but I love the sun & summer activities. I grew up in Texas & Hawaii in a sun loving camping family. Last summer, I was so afflicted, I could not be seen in public a lot of the time. It just broke my heart...Suggestions?

Machaelle's Answer: My best suggestion to you is the protocols listed in the Health Watch on infections, and then to call us on the Question Hot Line.

jrainey999's Question: Recently, a very close friend suddenly died. Grief pervades my life. I do drops, meditation, prayer, exercise, keep busy. What else?

Machaelle's Answer: I recommend that you add to all of this ETS Plus five times daily. This would include 1st thing in the morning and last thing at night (then three additional times throughout the day). This will help you process the trauma of losing your friend. Keep this regimen up until you feel resettled and at peace around this loss. And remember to be kind to yourself during this time as well. If after a few weeks you feel you need some additional help, call us on the Question Hot Line.

Louisa's Question: ditto to #7 - I love SLG and do it all the time and would LOVE to talk about it with others - thank you Machaelle and team for everything, as always, it is a huge wonderful part of my life

Machaelle's Answer: Okay, this is great. It'll give all you guys on Facebook a good discussion.

donnafairy's Question: Thanks so much for the answer to question #1 about discovering one's purpose. I am going to get the laundry started right now! Seriously, I want to remember that what I need to do in my life is whatever is right in front of me to do in this moment. Thanks for your insights. They are golden!

Machaelle's Answer: I appreciate the wonderful words. And if you run out of laundry, Gail who's answering the Order Line today would love you to head over to her house and do her laundry!!! ;-)

medicinewoman8's Question: No question, just THANK YOU for coming up with PH 1/GEN BAL for the MBP, which I absolutely love doing - for myself and for my dog.

Machaelle's Answer: Cool! That's great!

angelion7's Question: Thank you for all of your divine work! My issue is bleeding gums - mostly when I brush my teeth. I use the Mouth Balancing Formula but they still bleed - sometimes even more. What to do? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: This is probably periodontal disease. Most likely infection beneath the gumline is the cause of the bleeding. Waterpiks come with a head that's designed for flushing out beneath the gumline, and you can add the Mouth Balancing Solution to it. Per tank of water, use 5 droppersful of Mouth Balancing.

columbipaws's Question: I have been reading recent research that links the herpes virus with Alzheimers. As someone who has had the virus for many years, this scares me. I take the Mouth Balancing Solution, MBPs, work with MAP to address my fears and to help the herpes remain dormant. Any other suggestions? Please and thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: I think you got it covered. Except perhaps you might want to read Health Watch 5B on infections.

mootsietwo's Question: Regarding the person with new puppy barking in the cage while she is doing MAP. I had the problem of my 2 cats scratching on the closed door while doing MAP, one day asked my team to help me with this. I got up and went to the door and told them it was my 40 min time, for them to go elsewhere and leave me be. I do this every time now before I go into a session, and you know what, at the end, almost to the second they are scratching at the door!!

Machaelle's Answer: Okay, this works too. But I have the funny feeling that my answer to the other person still holds.

myrkvith9's Question: We have been given a High Priority Lyme alert here in the Hudson Valley, which means the conditions over the last two years have primed us for one of the worst expected outbreaks of Lyme since the disease was first identified. I've already had Lyme twice, and although I take precautions and feel more mentally, spiritually and physically capable of harmonizing with it than I ever have before, I'd like to know what kind of microbial protocols you might recommend. I do have the microbial balance book and the essences. Is there anything specific I might do for myself and others. We don't want to give up the woods!

Machaelle's Answer: I would start yourself and your family off with Immune and Lymphatic, and add to that Endocrine, Nervous and Urinary. Take them twice a day starting immediately to build up your systems, and continue until tick season is over. And then take them once a day. When the next tick season starts, go back to twice a day.
For more information, I wrote a Health Watch on infectious diseases that you'll find here.

Sue's Question: A set of symptoms came on a few years ago. One practitioner said I had a mineral deficiency. Perhaps my body was not absorbing the supplements, but the symptoms did not go away. The symptoms are fatigue, ridges in nails, hair falling out and of a different consistency in the last few inches. Any suggestions?

Machaelle's Answer: You could learn PKTT (kinesiology testing) and test the minerals you need, then test go to a health food store and test the different options and find out which one is best for you (that your body would absorb best). I'd also recommend, Immune, Lymphatic, Endocrine and the Integumentary (skin, hair and nail) Solutions to help shore up those systems. Are you old enough to be going through menopause? These sound like menopause symptoms as well. You might considering including the Reproductive Female Solution with the others I've listed.

Tulis's Question: Thanks Machaelle - It's a great idea, a two week vacation. And not possible right now. But there are certainly things I can do to step away and remember who I am. I will see what comes along when I open THAT door.

Machaelle's Answer: Excellent. But you still need that 2 week vacation! I bet if you honestly aimed for it, the time and the money will come. I'm still lobbying for Tahiti.
"Tulis in Tahiti" hmm . . .

Robin's Question: Are you suggesting using ETS and EoP now more than the individual essences? How to thank you? Life changing work you do...I did a coning to make a sculpture of Pan...lots of odd experiences...he wound up displayed in the Denver airport to "distract" passengers!

Machaelle's Answer: No, I'm not. We do recommend that folks start with those because they are easy tools to get started with right away. But when they are more comfortable, we encourage people to make the leap to getting the Perelandra Essences. They address help from a completely different, individualized angle and are extremely effective. What I am suggesting is that people who have used the Perelandra Essences for years as well as new people, get the book, The Perelandra Essences for the most up-to-date approach on how to use them effectively. Kudos on the sculpture!

cansbro's Question: Can you comment on wording/focus for tel. testing? I've seen various approaches. The folks in question don't start soil-less gardens but appreciate being tested for essences in relation to important personal goals or health issues. E.g. does it make a difference whether I test them for "to sleep soundly" v.s. "sleeping problems" or "waking during night and not getting back to sleep"? "To finish my Ph.D" and "to learn Fortran 77" (positive goals) or "Ph.D. Obstacles" (problem) and "Thesis defense" (future scary situation)? Ditto for MAP - do MAP teams want to hear mostly about the perceived problem(s) (e.g. weak hands/fingers) or focus on the goal (I want to my hands to be strong enough to write comfortably / open jars)? Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: When I have telegraph tested others, they hold the focus for the test, while you do the actual surrogate testing. That way, they can word it or think about it any way they like. How they choose to word it indicates how they wish to address it, so you don't have to get into this debate. The MAP teams want you to talk about detail and goals, because the details give you the path to the goal.

cpdecoster's Question: Many thanks to you Machaelle...! Have done MAP over 5 years, then animal healing, SLG, and last summer gardening practices. Last month while doing gardening practices (Earth and Atmosphere clearing, in particular) I came across a number of 'blocked energies'. The words dark energies came to me. Led to use Medicines of Light process with light beings, I witnessed many moving transformations. I am now being asked to do this work in a concentrated effort for 2-3 months. The purpose is to lessen the impact/chaos of the shift that is coming. Q: Are others doing this work? Are there ways to support each other/coordinate this work for more efficiency/impact? Can we disseminate this process so others can help in the effort?

Machaelle's Answer: I work directly with nature and nothing is being said about the need for some kind of global group effort or coming changes. I do not recommend group responses in areas like this. And instead, tell people to concentrate on their own life and their own property to achieve balance with nature. I found over the many years that this is much more helpful. So, I do not disseminate this kind of process to others.

mootsietwo's Question: ETS for Animals, my 2 boy cats will not take it by mouth so I put the drops on their fur when needed. I know putting it in water bowl dilutes it so that is a no-no. I see benefits from the fur drops. I recently sent ETS to my brother to do the same with his pound puppy. What do you think about the fur drops? Thank-You.

Machaelle's Answer: I address this in The Perelandra Essences book and give about 4 or 5 options. The fur option is included.

lrstuckey253's Question: What's your take on GMOs? I get the impression that unnatural genetic mutation has consequences that scientists might not have thought of, but they're so focused on the intended results that they proceed any way. So I'm trying to avoid them, but that's really difficult here in the U.S.

Machaelle's Answer: I try to avoid them, too. I think your take about unknown consequences is a valid one to keep in mind. I hate it when they treat us as the guinea pigs for these things. Where's PETA when you need 'em?!

vb's Question: What a great start for the forum--it says it all--just for me the difficulty is choosing which of the Perelandra processes at times, but Machaelle's answer makes it much easier now, as I'm doing the laundry ! Once again and for the last 8 years I give you thanks for all that you do. vb

Machaelle's Answer: Thanks for the kind words. And you gave me a good laugh, so I thank you for that too!

guentheroslo's Question: I live in Ethiopia now, and I needed for a process an ETS for SLG which I did not have. I decided to ask the coning if they could copy and paste the required amount. Is that ok?

Machaelle's Answer: It's an emergency response that is not the best way to go. I urge you to order a bottle of ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens and reapply so that your SLG can have the full effect and benefits. We ship orders internationally all the time.

Susan's Question: Dear Machaelle...I have stopped using the hormone replacement creme "Triest" from my Doctor and have been using the Female Reproduction Microbial Solution two times a day...but what do you do about the hot flashes? Also, my skin has also been adversely affected by this change... will the Integumentary Solution solve that issue?

Machaelle's Answer: We have a combination that especially addresses menopause that includes Female Reproduction and the Endocrine System Balancing Solution. It's going to be important for you to include Endocrine with what you're taking. The combination should make your hot flashes more reasonable, and help your skin. If you're still have skin issues, yes, include Integumentary Solution as well.
Also, see Health Watch 1 on Hormone Replacement Therapy. It includes guidelines specifically for assistance in getting off HRT that you probably need to consider.

wonderlandherbal's Question: Sorry Machaelle, that should read "coning." Auto-correct is over-vigilant at times!

Machaelle's Answer: That's okay — we caught it and fixed it!

wwtw's Question: Re: miasms. Can you confirm whether we need to include the BTT checklist when testing for a miasm? I’ve been puzzling over what seems like a contradiction for some time now. In your Q&A on 19 March 2011 you answered Katrin’s question by telling her to “Just ignore the checklist when working with a miasm”. But the instructions on p.216 of the new Flower Essences book state “You’ll need to pay special attention to the BTT checklist.” Does that mean we are to use the Essence Telegraph Test list, as mentioned on p.76 in the instructions for how to make a BTT checklist? I would appreciate the clarification.

Machaelle's Answer: The instructions in The Perelandra Essences is the most up-to-date information on all of the Perelandra Essence processes including miasms. With the more advanced approach that I took in The Perelandra Essences, all of the Essence processes were updated and improved.

gagnehall's Question: I'm really here today to listen and learn from what others have to share. Thank you. I'm in the process of gardening now and am referring to your book. I love it.

Machaelle's Answer: Terrific! Glad you joined us. And have fun with that garden.

Sheryl's Question: I have a long term chronic inflammation of the skin around my fingernails. It's red and puffy. Any suggestions? I'm doing MBP Lymphatic, Immune and Respiratory. My testing says that's enough, but I'm not seeing change. Thanks for your help, Machaelle!

Machaelle's Answer: Oh Sheryl, I can't resist saying this: You're not seeing a change because the skin around your fingernails is not part of your respiratory system! :D If you're taking Respiratory for something that is a part of your respiratory system, continue taking it. But for your chronic inflammation around your fingernails, you're going to need to include the Integumentary (Skin) System Balancing Solution. It's possible your test results were wonky because of the way you approached the question.

Greg's Question: Hi :) When I take the balancing formulas on a regular basis I feel much better! However, I find that I tend to eat things that are worse for me and I should be avoiding for health reasons (e.g., sugar and other unhealthy snacks). Is there an essence that I can also take that would help me not crave those naughty food temptations? Thanks :) and thank you for hosting these wonderful forums!!!

Machaelle's Answer: If you change your diet for just one month to the blood-type diet (Eat Right 4 Your Type), I feel certain you'll find after the month that you're not going to have these cravings. The blood type diet balances you out chemically.
Also, I think you'll find this Health Bulletin helpful: Food Cravings & Stress.

LCS's Question: Is the Perelandra Organizing Process still up to date?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, it is. But if you're working with the updated information in MAP or The Perelandra Essences, you'll need to adjust the options in those boxes on the chart. If you'd like some tips on how to adjust this, call the Question Hot Line.

R_barr22's Question: I am long time user of essences- use everyday. Having trouble with Microbial Balancing Solutions- seem complicated. Any tips to help me get started (I have the book)

Machaelle's Answer: I'm having difficulty understanding your question. I recommend that you call the Question Hot Line so that they can ask you questions back. It sounds like you have some things mixed up.

wonderlandherbal's Question: When needing to hold a coning concerning health, finances, and relationships can you ask everyone to join in, or is it better to hold separate conings for each situation? Also, do you think you might join Twitter? I think your tweets would be so informative and fill a twitter void! :-)

Machaelle's Answer: It's necessary to hold separate conings for each situation.
I'm not considering Twitter. Honest to God, I'm busy. I don't have time to chat. That's why I make it a point to block out time for this Question Forum four times a year.

mmmstar's Question: So happy to be here, gratitude and blessings to the Perelandra team once again:) question: how best to include Perelandra Essences and MBP in my energy medicine practice -- Any tips or cautions for us "wellness practitioners"?

Machaelle's Answer: I have a chapter in The Perelandra Essences on how to include the Perelandra Essences into a practice. And I also have information in the Microbial Balancing Program Manual about this. I feel both of these sources will give you the information you need.

Gypsy's Question: I have the soil-less garden info, but would like to speak to more people who have done this successfully, how can I find them?

Machaelle's Answer: We have all kinds of folks on Facebook who I feel certain would like to talk to other folks about Soil-less Gardens.
PerelandraLtd on Facebook

LakeConroeSpirit's Question: Is a calibration similar to an Attunment? An attunmnet according to my understanding, is when we attune ourselves to something we want in a meditation. For instance, I want to be closer to God, so I focus on that in my meditations.

Machaelle's Answer: Well, LCS, this is probably going to annoy the hell out of you. You've loaded in other questions that I'm not going to bother answering because from my perspective they are totally useless. But I'm addressing this one because you brought up Calibration. Again from my perspective, you're way too mental about everything, you're getting in your own way, and you can't see the obvious. I honestly have nothing to offer you. There is nothing I can say about your closeness to God if you're operating on the assumption that you need to get closer to God. To answer your specific question, a Calibration is not an attunement. If you wish to do a Calibration, just follow the steps as I've written them and don't change anything.

N2Wellness's Question: Hello appreciate the time you share... recently adopted a 4 y/o daschound...I am having a very challenging time getting him to allow me to have MAP put him in pen. He barks this a DDP? or animal session? TY

Machaelle's Answer: I'll bet you 10-to-1 odds that you are too tense and intense about all this and the dog is picking up on it and responding. Rather than focus on the dog, focus on yourself first. Ask someone to take the dachshund for a walk while you have a MAP session. Tell your team the problem and ask them to give you insight and to help you calm down. Let them know that for the time being, you're not going to be able to do regular MAP sessions, so they'll need to give you insight in some way through your normal daily routine. If you enroll in a good dog training class, oftentimes the focus of the class is on the owner not the dog, and that's where it should be. That might give you hints on how to more easily be around your dog. The bottom line here is to concentrate on how you are conducting yourself first, then watching how your dog adjusts and addressing anything that's left to address.

Colleen's Question: I am new at this process. What does the MAP team see when you ask a question about an issue you have in your body. Sinus infection, hurt somewhere etc. thank you

Machaelle's Answer: Your MAP team has you in a multi-level scan. When you point something out, that's the indication that you're ready to deal with it and they focus on what it is you're pointing out on all of your levels (PEMS - see bottom glossary). They address the situation on each of these levels simultaneously. That's what makes MAP special and so effective. You're in luck, you don't have to go to Tahiti or wash your laundry!

Gale's Question: Thanks to all of you, for all you do! Taking a bath, even warm not hot water, is difficult for me. Any other ways to get the benefits of ETS plus into all my pores?

Machaelle's Answer: . You're in luck. I discuss this in The Perelandra Essences and we have posted the entire chapter on ETS Plus on our web site HERE. See page 103 for an alternative to taking a bath that I think you're really going to appreciate.

Tulis's Question: Hello Machaelle - My mother died last fall. We didn't get along so at first it was a relief. Now I may be walking thru the fall-out. I am not certain the situation is connected to her death, but it could be. Anyway. It feels as though everything is being thrown at me, and I am not limber or flexible enough to catch or duck or engage. Specifically I have to deal with one of my siblings going off on me in a way that was abusive. I'd rather not, ya know? Then there are lesser items that are present - tinitis, not writing, job stupids, not being heard. It feels like I got too near the Kryptonite. Everything is incoming and not a lot is going out. With all the resources of Perelandra staring me in the face I am overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Jeannette told me to do ETS 5x day. I'm doing that. Help. And many thanks as always. Tulis

Machaelle's Answer: You know Tulis, I'm aware of your situation. Jeannette and I have talked about it. And this answer may be very disappointing to you, or maybe it's going to excite you — I don't know which. First, definitely keep up the 5 times a day with the ETS Plus. Second, go on a 2 week vacation. Get away from everybody. You need to step away and breathe, and remember who you are without all the crap coming down on your head. Take a couple of really sleazy books that have no redeeming value whatsoever, and I just watched the latest Muppet movie and I recommend that you see that as well. I am absolutely serious about this, you have got to step away. I think when you come back, you'll be able to stand your ground and do what you need to do to quickly get your abuser and the rest of your life back under control. Tulis, I'm suggesting Tahiti. I am not suggesting the local YWCA.

LakeConroeSpirit's Question: I want to start out by saying Thank you to Machaelle!! I have been using MAP since 1993 and have recently been using ALL of the other processes. I want to know what my souls purpose is, and have not done this as an SLG just yet. Can I just state that sentence in the SLG or do I need to state a direction and purpose with it? I am not sure of the direction, I might think it has something do do with health, but I am not sure! And I want to stay open to whatever my soul wants me to do!

Machaelle's Answer: First off, you're welcome! Now, as to your question — I have to be honest with you, I have never and would never ask this kind of question. I would not set it up as an SLG or anything else. Quite frankly, I've gotten to where I am in life primarily because I didn't ask this question. Your soul already knows what you're going for. Your issue is to stay out of the way. So I recommend as I did in Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon, that you not focus on your soul's purpose but on whether or not you should do the laundry today. Trust me. If you just concentrate on what's right in front of your nose, that will lead you in the direction you need to go. If you try to figure it out, you're going to get in your own way and stumble all over yourself.

PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels