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Post: February 26, 2020

Don't panic. Stay informed. Act responsibly.

Resources to help you sensibly prepare.


We hope you've been following what's happening with the latest outbreak. For just one reliable source, we still suggest CIDRAP. Through their website, you can stay informed on any infectious disease of concern and make smart, responsible personal decisions.

Here are two links for easy-to-follow guidelines and checklists so you can prepared for whatever will transpire in your region.

King County in Washington State is a superb resource. There is a lot there. (Much of the information has also been translated into multiple languages.) We suggest you start by focusing on individual and family preparations.

King County Pandemic Flu Preparedness

(You may notice that much of King County's information was prepared almost 15 years ago. They were ahead of the curve in education and preparation all those years ago — to all of our benefit now!)

We also found this great, short (only 36 pages!) booklet with checklists and charts that you can print out and follow without much fuss.

Stay At Home Flu Kit

We encourage you to use good ol' common sense for yourself and your family. Since our last post, we have updated our practical tips to include steps for gearing up for emergencies and closures. We'll continue to update this and other related pages in the coming days and weeks.

Practical Tips for Staying Healthy and Gearing Up