I need to give proper credit to the essences, MAP and the Microbial Balancing Program. I just underwent treatment for cancer of the cervix discovered in late May/early June. The tumor was of a size that was not suitable for surgery, so after swearing I would never do chemotherapy, I agreed to radiation with adjunct chemo for a defined time period, followed by two cesium applications. For the cesium, you are put under and an apparatus is installed up to your cervix. It is filled with the same material that they make bombs with, and you lie flat on your back for three days before it is removed. Incidentally, you are packed with honey and gauze around this apparatus. Nature's one shining moment: honey is a pain killer and natural antiseptic. (Gives a whole new meaning to the term "sugarbottom.") I survived not only the disease, which disappeared, but the treatment — and with no side effects! I did not lose my hair as predicted. I did not throw up or even feel nauseated. I had no urinary or bowel difficulties and never missed any work. I travel on weekends to vend at Celtic festivals and do a lot of hard physical work loading and unloading, plus selling all day and sleeping in my trailer at night.

I was told to open a MAP session every time I had a treatment, especially the cesium applications, and the last time I was told not to close it until I had arrived at my destination, Indianapolis, to which I drove on a Thursday after getting out of the hospital on a Tuesday. I will concede that the cesium took the stuffing out of my energy, but it is slowly coming back. I got to my motel only to find out that they had lost my reservation. By the time that was straightened out and I found my new room, blocks away, I was shaking. After settling in and having dinner, then I was told to close the session.

I taught a class in Greensboro this summer to share my personal experiences using the Perelandra processes, and I had to decide whether to go ahead with it since I had become sick. I decided it would be even more of a testament to the efficacy of the essences since I was glowing with apparent good health and drove myself everyday to Roanoke for radiation. I also did it from Greensboro with no sweat! The class went well, and I hope I have that opportunity again.

I am no spring chicken and have survived two separate and different tumors, one in each breast in 96 and 99 and am about to get to work on what is probably a miasm. Bless you all for the good work.

— N.L., Le Bedford, Va